Top Fat Loss Secret

Although Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is a relatively new weight loss product to enter the market, it’s been steadily gaining reputation as one of the few programs that genuinely help you shed off extra pounds and maintain a slim trim and healthy body.

Written by Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst, Top Secret Fat Loss Secret runs into 48 content-packed pages and is based on an entirely different approach in order to win the battle against the ever-increasing ‘bulge.’ According to the website, Dr. Suzanne discovered that ‘plaque’ gradually builds up in our colon over the years. She goes on to explain that this ‘plaque’ is actually a combined result of harmful chemicals, pesticides and preservatives found in large portions of the food we eat.

And the end result?

This harmful plaque ultimately succeeds in blocking off your body’s ability to properly absorb vital nutrients, leading to 2 major reactions:

1. Your body starves no matter how much food you consume – so by not feeling full, you continue to eat, which only results in weight gain

2. Your body ‘thinks’ its starving, so your hypothalamus makes an effort to reduce your metabolism to burn food much slower in order to store fat…thereby resulting in even MORE weight gain

Simply put, Dr. Suzanne believes that by eliminating these parasites that wreak havoc on your body once and for all, you will begin to dramatically lose weight WITHOUT having to make drastic changes to your diet or exercise program.

Now…onto the program itself…

Top Secret Fat Loss Secret offers you two plans – the Pro Elite And Hardcore Plan.

The former allows you to discover the real truth behind why you’re overweight and shows you how to *permanently* get rid of puffy bulges, extra fat and spare tires.

On the other hand, the latter focuses on teaching you how to destroy the curse of fat and obesity that’s preventing you from enjoying life, and how to transform yourself into the most fabulous shape you never even imagined possible for you!

One glance at the major chapters of this weight loss eBook, and we immediately knew that Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is indeed a good investment, especially for long-term weight loss goals.

Dr. Suzanne starts out by providing the reader with a useful education in weight loss. We strongly felt that this was a major plus point we found lacking in several other weight loss guides out there.

The book also contains a ton of golden nuggets on losing weight – with an emphasis on how you can lose weight – fast. All of the tips and hints are good, valuable pointers that are sure to produce successful results if implemented regularly.

One of our favorite sections no doubt, is the ‘Metabolic Type Plan,’ which explains in detail, how to work out what types of food your body likes to burn, so you can easily adjust your eating habits to lose more fat. This is great stuff that many folks out there don’t know much about…yet is something that’s crucial to your weight loss.

And you can read all about it by downloading your very own copy of Top Secret Fat Loss Secret.

That’s not all though. Dr. Suzanne goes on to talk about ‘Colon Parasites’ – the nasty little critters that cause us to crave sugary foods and also creates metabolic issues, which is definitely not healthy. She also recommends plenty of natural remedies and supplements that can be used to give yourself an effective liver and colon cleanse.

All in all, we found that Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is a revolutionary new method that not only helps you to successfully lose weight, but also helps in cleansing your body and freeing it from all kinds of nasty parasites that cause havoc to your health.

So if you’re fed up with the same ‘ol weight loss programs and are looking to try a new method in order to get rid of that unwanted ‘extra baggage,’ then we highly recommend Top Secret Fat Loss Secret as a worthwhile long-term investment.