(Video) Why we lose: Lawrence O’Donnell vs. Glenn Greenwald

November 9, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

The “professional left” as repped by Greenwald couldn’t seem to agree with a liberal … sorry, Socialist … and D.C. knowledge bank like Lawrence O’Donnell about the meaning of the midterms, or about how to win back, and defend, a Democratic majority in Washington. It’s a debate I suspect you’ll see repeated a lot between […]
The Reid Report

George W. Bush Is No Sharon Angle or Christine O’Donnell

November 8, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

He is NOT restricting his interviews about his new book to only Fox News and Republican p.r. man talk show host Sean Hannity.

The Moderate Voice

Chris Christie: Nominating Christine O’Donnell Was A Mistake

November 7, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie didn’t hold back on Meet The Press when he expressed his belief that the Delaware GOP blew it when they nominated Christine O’Donnell:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says the Senate race in Delaware was “a missed opportunity” for his fellow Republicans to pick up the seat long held by Democrat Joe Biden.

Tea party favorite Christine O’Donnell won the GOP nomination in an upset over moderate Rep. Mike Castle. But she lost the general election Tuesday to Democrat Chris Coons.

Christie says he was proud to have endorsed Castle.


Christie is, of course, correct. The Delaware GOP nominated someone who had no chance of winning, and the people who donated to Christine O’Donnell’s campaign may as well have thrown their money down a rat hole. The fact that there are still people like Jim DeMint who don’t recognize this fact tells us just how far gone the GOP actually is.

Outside the Beltway

MSNBC Host Lawrence O’Donnell Admitts, “I am a Socialist” … Really, Who Would Have Thunk It?

November 6, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

Following the 2012 Midterm elections and the “shellacking” they received, the LEFT is losing their minds. It would appear that they noe feel there is no need to hide the truth … MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell admitted  … “I am a socialist”.

The truth shall set you free Lawrence, however, as the Gateway Pundit stated, so you are a socialist, “now tell us some thing we don’t know”.


More VIDEO can be seen at The Blaze.

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Scared Monkeys

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Proudly Proclaims: ‘I Am a Socialist’

November 6, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

This morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program, Lawrence O’Donnell proudly declared the obvious:  he’s a socialist.

After hearing the news today about the suspension of Keith Olbermann from the same network, I can’t say anyone’s all that surprised.

O’Donnell’s proclamation was made when “The Last Word” anchor got into a lively exchange with Salon.com contributor Glenn Greenwald.

“Unlike you, I am not a progressive.  I am not a liberal who’s so afraid of the word that I had to change my name to progressive.  Liberals amuse me.  I am a Socialist.  I live to the extreme left –  the extreme left – of you mere liberals.”

You have to give the guy credit for standing behind his views, and doing so openly.  You have to respect him for that, at least.

The exchange was part of a discussion amongst the guest panel on the program, during which they debated over the reasons why Democrats lost their elections this past Tuesday.  It was actually a very engaging and interesting dialogue.  O’Donnell’s points in particular were revealing of exactly why voters need to be more skeptical about the real views of political candidates.

The discussion heats up when Greenwald takes issue with O’Donnell’s election night coverage, in which, in Greenwald’s view, O’Donnell portrayed liberalism as having failed.  But as Greenwald and O’Donnell get into a rather uncomfortable finger-pointing spat over O’Donnell’s election night coverage, it progresses into some interesting talk about strategy.  Greenwald speculates that Democrats lost because they failed to project themselves openly as true progressives with liberal values.  O’Donnell argued to the contrary.  Citing the statistical breakdown of the electorate in America, O’Donnell – to his credit – points out that when 41% of the American electorate  is conservative, you can’t run on a liberal platform.  He explains that liberals have to tone it down and run more like Blue Dog Democrats in conservative districts, if Democrats expect to win.

“I don’t pretend that my views, which would ban all guns in America, make Medicare available to all in America, have any chance of happening in the federal government, OK.  You can sit there and pretend that liberals should run more liberal in conservative districts.”

While I can’t fault O’Donnell for being honest about his views, that part of the exchange was more than illuminating.  It essentially confirmed, with so much clarity, what so many conservatives have said all along.  There are no Democrats anymore – that party was hijacked by liberals long ago.  Most have simply been parading as conservative Democrats to appease the electorate.  And this is in part why the two sides of the political spectrum seem so at odds with one another.

Earlier on, at the start of the segment, Joe Scarborough opened up with Lawrence O’Donnell, sitting beside him.  Scarborough is discussing some of the strong comments from some of the Republican leadership in the wake of Tuesday’s House victory.  He tries to dampen the anxiety of incensed Democrats:

“People just need to relax….So when [he] hears people setting their hair on fire over something that a Republican says, or something that a Democrat said, you just want to say, kids, relax…there’s a constitution that requires – REQUIRES….will you please explain to everybody –  whether Boehner loves Obama is irrelevant, there’s a Constitution that requires them to pass budgets, pass appropriation bills…we will be fine.”

And immediately after reassuring the American public by reminding us that we have a constitution to control our government, on a network news station, he turns to and introduces …. Lawrence O’Donnell, American Socialist.

Now *that’s* reassuring.

You can get the clip here and full-length exchange on video here.

Big Journalism

Glenn Greenwald v. Lawrence O’Donnell On Why Democrats Lost

November 5, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

The final half hour of today’s Morning Joe included this intense debate between Glenn Greenwald and Lawrence O’Donnell over why the Democrats lost on Tuesday:

In the end, I think O’Donnell clearly had the better side of the argument here. Greenwald couldn’t seem to accept the fact that without the Blue Dog Democrats, there would not have been any Democratic majority in Congress and thus no health care reform, no stimulus, no financial industry reform. Greenwald strikes me as the liberal version of something that you see on the right as well. It’s the same mentality that led people to support Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, for example, even though it was clear that there was no possibility that she could win the election. Letting the perfect be the enemy of the good is, it seems, a common mistake in politics regardless of one’s political beliefs.

Outside the Beltway

A Terrible Loss by Christine O’Donnell (R)

November 3, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

It was a real disappointment … “the witch” masquerading as a ‘market consultant’ (yes, those witches are truly cunning disguising themselves as experts about the produce and fish sections of grocery stores) Christine O’Donnell (R), lost to New Castle County Executive Chris Coons (D). The Witch 44% thereabouts, and “The Castle” way way more. There’s something truly fairytale about this witch-castle tug of war.

I mean, it would have been LEGENDARY, think of it: the first witch ever elected to the venerable Senate of the United States of America, a perfect poetic justice for Salem and surrounds. We have waited 400 years for this. And just look what happened. Everything lost.

Tonight, all brooms are a little less feeling like flying, and we hear all black cats across the nation are demanding a recat, I mean a recount.

Ok, Ok, Christine wasnt a REAL witch, just a pretend one. It is true. How do we know?

A real witch would have WON.

Seriously now.


The Moderate Voice

Christine O’Donnell Loses Delaware Senate Seat

November 2, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

The media have called the seat for Democrat Chris Coons.

Big Government

Coons campaign: Those damned, cheering O’Donnell thugs are scaring voters away!; Update: CT Dems ring turnout alarm, too

November 2, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

I’m sure corruptocrat AG Eric Holder has already dispatched his Democrat voter protection force down to Delaware. Smiling, cheering Republicans are scaaaaary!

Via The Hill:

Delaware’s state Democratic Party is claiming that supporters of Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell are creating problems at some polling locations in the state.

This, as the campaign of Democrat Chris Coons e-mails supporters expressing concerns over turnout levels in the Democratic bastion of New Castle County.

In an e-mail to supporters early Tuesday afternoon, Coons campaign manager Christy Gleason wrote that the campaign was observing “lower turnout in New Castle and Kent counties than we’re comfortable with.”

New Castle County is the northernmost county in the state, as well as the region where Coons was banking on running up his vote total to offset highly energized Republicans in Kent and Sussex counties, less populous areas of the state.

Meanwhile, the state’s commissioner of elections, Elaine Manlove, confirmed to The Ballot Box that after receiving several complaints from voters at polling stations Tuesday, she contacted the O’Donnell campaign and asked that it direct its supporters to tone down their efforts…

…Manlove said since she contacted the O’Donnell campaign, complaints to the state’s board of elections have dried up.

How much you wanna bet none of the purported intimidationists looked like this goon spotted in Philly today.


Via Stratasphere, Connecticut Dems are worried, too:

Low supporter turnout for Richard Blumenthal has forced the campaign to send out an alert Tuesday afternoon urging supporters to get out to the polls.

“Voter turnout appears to be heavy in areas that benefit our opponent,” The campaign email read”.” It is critical that we maximize our efforts to get our supporters to the polls. We need your help”

Michelle Malkin

O’Donnell outdraws Biden 5-1 in Delaware rallies in final days

November 2, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

Enthusiasm gap.

Which rally would Delaware voters most like to attend?   The one that features the candidate reviled by the media as everything from a witch to a whore, or the one that features the Vice President of the United States, who represented Delaware in the Senate for more than 30 years?  Let’s go to the tape, […]

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