Win a New Mexico Turkey Hunt from Union Sportsmen’s Alliance

November 7, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 
Photo credit: Union Sportsmen Alliance  

Our friends at the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) have come up with another tremendous giveaway that any hunting enthusiast would love to win— a two-day guided wild turkey hunt in one of the premier hunting destinations in Northeastern New Mexico.

USA and Chevrolet are teaming up with the National Wild Turkey Federation for the hunting giveaway that will take place in the 2011 Spring Turkey season on a 160,000 acre ranch. Thirty-one additional union members will win fantastic secondary prizes, including gift certificates and hunting gear.

The grand prize package, worth $ 4,000, will include airfare, ground transportation, accommodations and meals for the winner and a non-hunting guest along with the hunt. In addition, outdoor outfitter Cabela’s and Ol’ Tom Technical Wear are topping off the package with a $ 250 gift certificate and a complete turkey gear package worth $ 250.

As USA Executive Director Fred Myers says:

Many USA members know the excitement of calling in a strutting gobbler but few get to experience a professionally-guided turkey hunt along the West’s historic Santa Fe Trail.

There is no cost to enter, and the promotion is available to all eligible AFL-CIO members.  USA members must also register to win by December 15, 2010.

Click here to register to win. Click here to learn more about the USA.


New Republic Profile of Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson

November 6, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

(Todd Zywicki)

Sounds like he is running for President.

The Volokh Conspiracy

A Dire Midterm Result for the U.S. and the World: La Jornada, Mexico

November 4, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

Continuing with our global roundup of reaction to the U.S. midterm elections, this editorial from Mexico’s La Jornada expresses grave concern about the consequences of resurgent U.S. conservatism.

Yesterday’s La Jornada editorial says in part:

What happened yesterday in the United States is the triumphal return of political and social conservatism, vanquished in 2008 in such an overwhelming fashion that it seemed to have been a rout of lasting consequences. The inevitable conclusion is that the vacillations and inconsistencies of Obama himself over the first two years of his term, as well as the stubborn resistance organized against him on the ground by the so-called Tea Party, culminated in a severe failure of the progressive movement, proponents of the welfare state, the secular sector, women, ethnic and sexual minorities, migrants, workers and in general, groups that are less favored economically and socially.

A bleak but unavoidable prospect is that for the next two years, with a president trapped in foreign policy by his own ideological inertia, with corporate powers that have obstructed his agenda for change and predominantly Republican lower house, the broad informal coalition that brought Obama to power in 2008 will dissolve in discouragement.

READ ON AT WORLDMEETS.US, your most trusted translator and aggregator of foreign news and views about our nation.

The Moderate Voice

More U.S. citizens murdered in Mexico than deaths in Iraq in 2010

November 4, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

Following the murders of four American citizens over the weekend in the Mexican border town of Ciudad Juárez, the number of U.S. citizens killed in Mexico has actually surpassed the number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq.

57 members of the U.S. Armed Forces have died in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2010 – only 20 due to hostile actions. At least 58 American citizens have been murdered in Mexico this year. Two weeks ago, Liberty & Security Journal reported that Texas National Guard soldier José Gil Hernández Ramírez, 21, of El Paso, was also killed.


Side Effects: Bad News for New Mexico Residents Who Like Their Current Health Plan

November 3, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 
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Once again, the promise that Americans can keep the health coverage they like under Obamacare has been broken. National Health Insurance, Aetna, John Alden, and Principle have reported that they “ href=””>need to make adjustments in their business to accommodate the nation’s new federal health care law.”

The href=””>National Health Insurance Co. (NHIC), a Dallas-based insurer, recently announced that it would no longer offer insurance plans in the individual and small group markets in New Mexico. According to NHIC President href=””>Charles Harris, “After careful consideration…National Health Insurance Company has determined it will not be able to meet the requirements set forth by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” id=”more-45970″>

NHIC is not the only insurer that is leaving the state’s individual and small groups market, which reduces competition and leaves New Mexico residents with fewer options for obtaining coverage. Aetna, John Alden and Principal also said they are pulling out of the market. In a letter from Assurant Health, spokeswoman Julia Hix wrote, “Time Insurance [Co.] and John Alden Life Insurance [Co.] will no longer offer new business sales in the New Mexico individual medical expense market.”

Principal Insurance Co. has yet to announce the insurance plans it will keep or drop. The insurer plans to give href=””>180 days notice of its “intent to discontinue and non-renew coverage.” Principal Insurance has indicated plans to coordinate with UnitedHealth in transferring 3,600 customers who will lose coverage.

Many New Mexican residents who had coverage and liked their health plan will now have to switch plans, in direct violation of one of President Barack Obama’s repeated promises during the health care reform debate. While the total tally of those who will end up losing coverage is unknown, it will likely worsen as Obamacare is further implemented.

This post was co-authored by Derek Pyburn.

The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

In New Mexico: CNN projects Republican Gov. win

November 2, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

(CNN) – Republican Susana Martinez has defeated Democratic Lt. Gov. Diane Denish in the race for New Mexico governor, CNN projects. Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson is term-limited. Martinez becomes the nation’s first female Hispanic Governor. Projections are based on CNN analysis of exit poll data.

CNN Political Ticker

Obama ‘Bit Off More than He Could Chew’: La Jornada, Mexico

November 2, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

Where did it all go wrong for President Obama and the Democrats? Or did it? According to columnist Jorge Camil of Mexico’s La Jornada, Obama has taken on too many battles in too short a time, all while confronting Republican and right-wing media opposition that has sought his defeat from the day he was elected.

For La Jornada in our neighbor to the south, Jorge Camil writes in part:

As Obama struggled with the economic crisis, against the banks and the generals who were reluctant to abandon Iraq, the recalcitrant Right had, from his first day in office, mounted a battle to the death to prevent his reelection. Bill O’Reilly, advisor to Felipe Calderon Dick Morris, Bush’s chief strategist Karl Rove, and Sarah Palin, now a political commentator (all oracles of Fox News), decided that Obama would be a one-term president. We will see the results of that war with the legislative elections on November 2. (All forecasts suggest that many Democratic candidates will be defeated).

As the saying goes, you shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew. And in Obama’s case, the president decided all at once to end the economic crisis (hasn’t happened yet), fight the lords of Wall Street (who are winning the game), defeat the Taliban (a task that the great powers have failed to achieve), punish British Petroleum and pass a health care reform law, which sapped his popularity only halfway through his term. As a consequence, the man that seemed so invincible on the day of his election is now struggling to win the midterm elections. He needs a win to carry out his program and lend credibility to his government in in order to launch his re-election bid in 2011.

It’s true that in many ways, the Right has helped undermine Obama’s popularity. But none more than those who began to imply sotto voce that the United States wasn’t ready for an African-American leader. Others started to repeat a hackneyed argument that did considerably damage to him during his campaign: the thesis is that his successful experience as a community leader in the slums of Chicago failed to prepare him for assuming the U.S. presidency. That argument is particularly compelling now that U.S. supremacy is being challenged by the emergence of China and the Asian powers. All predictions say sustained economic growth over the next ten years will be in Asia.

READ ON AT WORLDMEETS.US, your most trusted translator and aggregator of foreign news and views about our nation.

The Moderate Voice

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson To Launch Presidential Bid In February?

November 2, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

Gary Johnson isn’t your typical Republican.

He supported Ron Paul in 2008, and has spent a good part of the 2010 election season speaking out in favor of California’s Prop 19, which would legalize marijuana. At the same time, he had a fairly successful eight years as Governor of New Mexico, and is one of that small set of Republican politicians who has been fairly consistent in governing as the fiscal conservative he campaigned as.

That’s why I find this possibility very interesting:

Gary Johnson, former New Mexico governor, is hinting he will announce a 2012 presidential bid early next year — in February, to be exact.

Although Johnson refused to directly discuss his widely anticipated run, he did suggest in a meeting with The Daily Caller that should he run, he would announce his candidacy in February.

Johnson would be an incredible long shot, of course, but his candidacy would give voice to a libertarian-oriented wing of the GOP that, until now, only had a few Representatives like Ron Paul, Dana Rohrbacher, and Tom McClintock to count as one of it’s own. He’s one of the few potential Republican candidates for 2012 that actually interests me, so hopefully he’ll be able to make some kind of an impact.

Outside the Beltway

DEA: Drug War In Mexico Not About Drugs

November 1, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

Mark Kleiman fisks a new Drug Enforcement Administration and the International Association of Chiefs of Police report. Yglesias and Chait build off his analysis. Here's Matt: 

 If drugs were legal, it’d be like cigarettes or beer—sold on the retail level by regular retailers, and produced and wholesaled by large multinational corporations that lobby for light taxation and engage in large scale advertising to grow market share. Like all vendors of addictive substances, whether legal or illegal, they’d depend for their profits largely on growing the population of addicts and this would have bad public health consequences. But like most businessmen, they’d shy away from settling disputes via armed battles.

Is anyone really fooled by denying this? I’m not eager to see fully commercialized heroin sold at the corner store, but turning drug distribution into a serious criminal act has very clearly served to create a largish economic sector full of serious criminals.

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The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

Republicans Lead in New Mexico

October 31, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

A new Albuquerque Journal poll in New Mexico shows Susana Martinez (R) leading Diane Denish (D) in the race for governor by ten points, 52% to 42%.

Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire

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