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Far left thugs get out and get a little bloody

Former Massachusetts Republican Congressional candidate Marty Lamb was assaulted and knocked to the ground by a union thug yesterday at a tea party rally.
VA Right reported:

DaTech Guy has more on this rally and latest assault by a leftist thug. He says the union members were signing in (so they could get paid?).

So what are the odds that our corrupt far left media will ignore this latest violent assault on a tea party protester?

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Austin American-Statesman
Andy Roddick Knocked Out in 4th Round at Australian Open
Fox News
| AP MELBOURNE, Australia — Andy Roddick's Grand Slam drought continues after the American was beaten 6-3, 6-4, 6-4 by Stanislas Wawrinka in the fourth round of the Australian Open on Sunday. Roddick, who was the last American in either the men's or
Wawrinka beats Roddick at Australian
Tennis-Wawrinka rams Roddick to set up Swiss derbyYahoo! Eurosport UK
Wawrinka sends Roddick –eTaiwan News –
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Washington (CNN) – A growing number of outfits are planning to boycott this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, the annual gathering of right-leaning activists in Washington known as CPAC, in part because organizers are welcoming a pro-gay Republican group into the fold.

And one of the groups pushing the CPAC boycott, the American Principles Project, took fresh aim at the conference Tuesday for inviting Indiana Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels, who angered many social conservatives last year by calling for a “truce” on social issues while the country works through its economic problems.

“Governor Daniels’ selection is an affront to the millions of conservatives who believe that social issues such as abortion and traditional marriage are non-negotiable,” APP’s executive director Andy Blom said in a statement.

Blom told CNN he sees Daniels having a difficult time winning the GOP nomination, or the general election, without the help of social conservatives.

“He has flown his white flag and he has surrendered,” Blom said. “The foot soldiers in the conservative movement have for so long been pro-lifers. You can’t win a national election by throwing these people away. We aren’t going to stand for it.”

Other potential presidential contenders committed to speak at CPAC are Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Sen. John Thune, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Texas Rep. Ron Paul.

Daniels has sent strong signals that he intends to run but has pledged not to make a decision until after Indiana’s legislative session concludes in April.

But while his fiscally conservative record has made him attractive to the economic wing in the party, other conservatives were baffled last June when he told the National Review that the next president “would have to call a truce on the so-called social issues.”

Daniels has not backed away from that assertion, however, ominously comparing that the country’s debt problem to the threat of an invading army massing at the border.

Aides to Daniels did not respond to a request for comment about APP’s statement, nor did a CPAC representative.

CPAC, meanwhile, has continued to take heat from conservative groups upset over the inclusion of GOProud, the pro-gay Republican group, and the management style of American Conservative Union president David Keene, who runs the event.

Among the influential conservative groups planning to skip this year’s event: The Heritage Foundation, Tony Perkins’ Family Research Council, Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center, and Concerned Women for America.

Blom said he believes those groups will hold something of a rival conference later this year built around the annual Values Voter Summit.

CNN Political Ticker

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(CNN) – RNC Chairman Michael Steele announced last night he would seek re-election, surprising some detractors and others from inside the party who were hinting he would be done at the end of the year.

Instead, Steele will fight on – after an onslaught of jabs from the left and right media, and new media in general, during his tenure at the helm of the party.

“Yeah, I have stumbled along the way, but I have always accounted to you for shortcomings,” Steele told RNC members during a call last night. “I have made no excuses, I have told no lies, and I have no agenda. I have tried to be honest, sometimes to a bloody fault.”

While Steele may win points for his honesty, it was his regular media appearances, which took on a ‘what will he say this time’ quality, that truly ingratiated him into the news world. His presence as party leader is also what made some in the GOP squirm as Steele’s various ‘stumbles’ became national media stories.

It started in only his third month in March 2009, when he took some shots at radio titan Rush Limbaugh – an almost unthinkable activity by a GOP head. During a CNN interview, he said Limbaugh’s rhetoric was “ugly” and “incendiary,” and the pushback he received from Limbaugh forced him to walk back the statement only a few days later.

In March of this year, Steele took heat from a story broken by the right-leaning website The Daily Caller, about excessive spending by the party – most notably, an RNC trip to a “bondage-themed nightclub.” This led to relentless ‘coverage’ of Steele by “The Daily Show,” making fun of the experience and the leader.

There were smaller controversies too, like the launch of – which led to chuckles from the blogging world about everything from an animated Steele guiding readers to his personal blog, titled (briefly) “What Up?”

But likely the seminal moment of the Steele Era was his declaration in July that Afghanistan was “a war of Obama’s choosing” and that “this is not something the United States had actively prosecuted or wanted to engage in.” It was caught an amateur video recording at a small fundraiser in Connecticut – and it set off a national firestorm. Sen. John McCain ripped Steele, Rep. Darrell Issa said he was “not my leader” and prominent conservative pundits Liz Cheney and Bill Kristol called for his resignation. Others defended Steele – in a way, it came down to a “professional right” versus new GOP situation.

And with the Tea Party wave and considerable outside help, Steele was the RNC’s leader when it scored major pick-ups in the House and Senate, flipping the House red and ushering in an entirely new set of first-time members of Congress.

He survived the extreme media scrutiny and inter-party rumblings. But gaining re-election in January will be a challenge. He will have at least five challengers, including one of his former advisers Reince Priebus and a former competitor for the job Saul Anuzis. Former RNC Political Director Gentry Collins is also running.

But while Steele has his occasional gaffe, his party did have a good year. And no one can deny the media attention he attracts. It’s now up to the GOP to decide whether Steele is worth another go.

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“Saturday Night Live” skewers WikiLeaks with their parody, “WikiLeaks:TMZ.” Julian Assange wants to take down Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and has a top secret video, “that has to be seen to be believed.” Assange makes no apologies: “There you have it America, truth courtesy of Julian Assange. Do I suck a little bit? I do. You try me for treason, you can’t because I’m from Australia. But nice try dummies.”

“SNL Weekend Update” host Seth Meyers on the WikiLeak document dump: “This week American diplomacy accidentally hit reply all.”

Today’s Must See Moment — Fast forward to 1:50 when WikiLeaks:TMZ catches up with Hillary Clinton. Then let us know which SNL cast member did the best impression in our Late Night Poll.

Take today’s Late Night Poll after the jump.

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President Bush: I want you all to know that American today, American today is on bended knee, in prayer for the people whose lives were lost here, for the workers who work here, for the families who mourn. The nation stands with the good people of New York City and New Jersey and Connecticut as we mourn the loss of thousands of our citizens

Rescue Worker: I can’t hear you!

President Bush: I can hear you! I can hear you! The rest of the world hears you! And the people — and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!

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Earning applause from the audience inside Manhattan’s Ed Sullivan Theater for Wednesday’s Late Show, Donald Trump gave David Letterman his take on placing a new mosque near Ground Zero: “I think it’s very insensitive to build it there. I think it’s not appropriate, a I think it’s insensitive and it shouldn’t be built there.” Letterman frowned, prompting Trump to point out to the audience: “I don’t know if he agrees.”

Letterman eventually asked “what about the notion” of when the “pilgrims came over…looking for religious expression? And as far as I’ve always known, that’s a fundamental building block of what makes this country great.” Trump agreed, but “it’s caused such a storm that the people doing it would make so much good will” if they moved it to a different location.

When Trump repeated his point, to more applause, about how “it’s very insensitive to build it there and I think they should go someplace else,” a befuddled Letterman wondered: “Describe for me what insensitivity is manifested if it’s built there?” And Letterman fretted: “Does this suggest that we are in fact officially at war with Muslims?”

To which, Trump observed: “Well, somebody knocked down the World Trade Center.”

Letterman also sputtered: “I don’t believe, not having read the Koran, I don’t believe that part of that belief, that pursuit is here in your face, take a look at this, what do you think? What are you going to do?” Trump, on to promote a new season of The Apprentice on NBC, retorted: “Well, somebody’s blowing us up. Somebody’s blowing up buildings, and somebody’s doing lots of bad stuff.”

The Late Show Web site has a video of a portion of the Ground Zero mosque discussion.

Audio: MP3 clip

From the Wednesday, September 1 Late Show with David Letterman:

DAVID LETTERMAN: Now, tell me everything I need to know — everything a reasonable person should understand about the rebuilding that’s taking place at the former site of the twin towers, and the construction of, possible construction of a mosque down there. What do you know about it? What do you understand about it? And what are smart people, what should we be thinking of.

DONALD TRUMP: Well, the rebuilding is going very slowly. It should have gone faster. I’ve always said what we should do is rebuild the World Trade Center exactly as it was. You know, it was never a very popular building architecturally until it went down and when it went down we all felt so terrible and all of a sudden people started loving it. I came out and said we should rebuild it in exactly the same form, but a little bit taller and a lot stronger and a lot of people loved that idea, but that’s not what they’re doing.

As far as the mosque is concerned, I think it’s very insensitive to build it there. I think it’s not appropriate, a I think it’s insensitive and it shouldn’t be built there. (Applause) [pause as Letterman frowns] I don’t know if he agrees

LETTERMAN: Well, I don’t know — I’m so ignorant about stuff. What about the notion — I can remember, I can’t remember but, remember when the pilgrims came over? Folks, remember when the pilgrims were here? And the puritans, and they came seeking religious freedom, and freedom from religious persecution, looking for religious expression. And as far as I’ve always known, that’s a fundamental building block of what makes this country great.

TRUMP: I agree. And, you know, it’s called very simply freedom of religion. And I would agree with that 100 percent. In this case, it’s caused such a storm that the people doing it would make so much good will if they said, “hey, listen, we want to make everybody happy, including ourselves. We’re going to pick a site that’s a little further away.” Everybody would be happy and I think it would be such incredible good will. I would say if they wanted to do it from a PR standpoint it would be the greatest thing they could do. But I don’t see it happening. I see the developer, he’s pretty tough, and he wants to build it there. He’s get no money. He’s got a lot of problems. But I think the mosque is a real big issue in this city and in this country and I think it’s very insensitive to build it there and I think they should go someplace else. (Applause)

LETTERMAN: Insensitive, and describe for me what insensitivity is manifested if it’s built there.

TRUMP: Well, I just think there’s such ire. There’s such — I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I mean, I goy that site because I have a big building down there, 40 Wall Street, and the level of animosity and hatred and all of the things that this mosque is engendering, it’s very inappropriate. And I’m like you, I believe freedom of religion, but at the same time, sometimes you have to make a turn. It shouldn’t be forced upon them. If they did it of their own volition it would be such a popular thing for them.

LETTERMAN: If they did what?

TRUMP: If they moved it to a different site.

LETTERMAN: The notion — does this suggest that we are in fact officially at war with Muslims? Is that what this suggests?

TRUMP: Well, somebody knocked down the World Trade Center.

LETTERMAN: Yes. No denying that, and they were Muslims, but they weren’t, it’s not, how do I want to express this? We’re not at — we’re at war with those people and they happen to be Muslims. We’re not at war with Muslims. (Applause)

TRUMP: Well, I would say that’s right, David, I would say that’s right. And whether you like it or not, there’s a lot of people in this country that are just absolutely — you see the people who died in the World Trade Center, when you see their mothers and their fathers and their wives standing there just weeping and crying because of the mosque, I just think it would be a great thing if they would move it, if they would voluntarily say, “you know, we’re going to move this.” I think they would engender, I mean, it would be so good for them.

LETTERMAN: Yes, but I don’t believe, not having read the Koran, I don’t believe that part of that belief, that pursuit is here in your face, take a look at this, what do you think? What are you going to do?

TRUMP: Well, somebody’s blowing us up. I mean, somebody’s blowing up buildings, and somebody’s doing lots of bad stuff, David. And, you know, we’re at war, which as you know because you and I had this discussion two times ago when I was on the show. We should have never been in Iraq in the first place…. – Exposing Liberal Media Bias

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