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Misunderstanders of Islam “call on our brothers to come to Somalia and to help us expand the East Africa jihad”

It’s funny how none of the Vast Majority of Peaceful Muslims seems interested in going to Mogadishu to explain to al-Shabaab how they’re getting Islam and jihad all wrong, wrong, wrong. Honest Ibe? Brave Ahmed? Boy Reza? Anyone? Anyone? “Somalia: Al Shabaab calls for continuation of ‘East Africa jihad,’” from Garowe Online, December 25: Somali […]

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2010 from SCARED MONKEYS … Joy To the World, the Lord Has Come

A very special MERRY CHRISTMAS wish from Scared Monkeys …   O’ Come All Ye Faithful – Celtic Woman As record numbers flocked to Bethlehem, even with the fear of threats, nothing could deter those who ventured to the Holy Land to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. We would like to wish […]

Renardo Sidney Fight: Teammates Come To Sidney’s Defense, Say He Didn’t Start … – SB Nation

New York Daily News Renardo Sidney Fight: Teammates Come To Sidney's Defense, Say He Didn't Start …SB NationConsidering the tumultuous career Renardo Sidney has had at Mississippi State, it's easy to see why the blame fell squarely on his shoulders after he was caught by ESPN cameras fighting with teammate Elgin Bailey in the stands […]

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Victoria Rigel plays two recorders at one time to achieve a beautiful rendition of this Christmas hymn. Yours truly provided the guitar accompaniment. Warren Throckmorton

When the I.V.A.W. Jackwagons come to your home town…

A soldier came home to Springfield, Illinois, to find that his local paper was writing about the IVAW.  The Illinois Times wrote a somewhat favorable article on vets against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Problem is, they didn’t do much research.  Here are the key graphs: …Iraq War veterans Aaron Hughes of Chicago, Scott […]

Sixers come up short in Boston – Philadelphia Inquirer Sixers come up short in BostonPhiladelphia InquirerBOSTON – The 76ers needed to beat a lot of things on Wednesday night: the explosive energy inside a sold-out TD Garden, the emotional impact of their embarrassing loss a night earlier, and, of course, the Boston Celtics themselves. …Celtics beat Sixers 84-80 for 14th straight winAtlanta Journal […]

I Said This Day Would Never Come

SOMEWHERE NEAR DETROIT, FAR FROM D.C. AND MY TWEETDECK ISN’T WORKING, SO CHALK ANY OUTDATEDNESS UP TO THAT — My track record of predictions is pretty stone-cold awful. And yet I never learn my lesson, probably because that would make for joie-de-vivre-starved blogging. But if there’s one thing I really didn’t expect, it’s the now-inevitable […]

9/11 health bill vote may come Wednesday

Washington (CNN) – A health care bill meant to provide free medical treatment to those suffering from the health effects of working in and near ground zero following the 2001 attacks may come up for a Senate vote on Wednesday. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-New York, said it appeared the bill will come up for a […]

The Poisoned Fruits of Appeasement Come Home to Roost

By Barry Rubin The U.S. weakness in countering Iran and other radical forces in the Middle East is beginning to bear poisoned fruits. Jordan is already moving toward getting on Iran’s good side; Lebanon has been captured by the Iran-Syria camp; Turkey has moved into its orbit, becoming an ally of Iran and Syria, while […]

There’s Always Tomorrow For Dreams To Come True … Heart Warming Christmas Stories

 And now for some great Christmas stories when so many are trying to take the “Christ” out of the season … Whether tough times or not, people continue their generosity. Try as many might to make the Christmas season generic and secular, they will never end the spirit of the Christmas season. There’s Always Tomorrow […]

Magic make needed upgrades, but additional moves may come –

Kansas City Star Magic make needed upgrades, but additional moves may comeSI.comThe Magic may have to make an additional move to bring in reinforcements for center Dwight Howard. After committing to two blockbuster trades involving eight players that change the dynamic of the Orlando Magic, a pair of questions come to mind: Are …No Obama, […]

It’s come to this: NFL may add musical soundtrack to games

Game over. Hot Air » Top Picks

Where Do Talking Points Come From?

Bernstein wants to know “how the partisan press functions”: My guess is that most constraints [on partisan commentators] are real, but not especially heavy-handed or, in most cases, top-down. They work the way a lot of things work in our… The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

With Greenbacks Come Kickbacks

Andrew Exum outlines “five concrete ways in which policy makers, legislators and intelligence officials in Washington, DC can help the war effort in Afghanistan.” His first one is “cut funding for the war”: This may seem a bit counterintuitive, to… The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

European-Style Union, Socialist Protests Will Come to U.S. Soon

The disturbing protests that are spreading across Europe are setting the table for similar showdowns across America in the coming months and years.  Public employee unions and their socialist allies will take to the streets of Washington, D.C. and state capitals as the federal and state governments finally deal with out of control spending. It’s […]