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An Interesting 10th Amendment Case That Doesn’t Seem Like One

-By Warner Todd Huston Sometimes standing up for the Constitution seems a bit annoying, especially in the case of violent felon Mrs. Carol Bond. Fortunately, standing for the Constitution here doesn’t necessarily release a horrible woman into freedom, but it does help to spotlight some unconstitutional federal overreach. In this case, it also centers on […]

Florida lawmakers intervene in case of dying HIV-positive woman

Florida lawmakers, responding to reports on the Michigan Messenger, the Florida Independent and Bilerico, have intervened in the case of Betsie Gallardo and are asking the parole board to release her. Gallardo is an HIV-positive woman serving a five year prison sentence for battery of a law enforcement agent. While Jessica Bussert maintains Gallardo was […]

A productive Congress doesn’t weaken the case for filibuster reform

Two of the themes running through my writing recently appear to contradict: How, on the one hand, can I believe we’ve had the most productive congress in four decades, yet on the other, argue that the past two years show that we need major changes to reduce obstruction in the Senate? I don’t find it […]

The Case for Young Earth Creationism

Atrios: “The issue isn’t that so many people believe in creationism, it’s that they believe in Young Earth Creationism, and that basically scientists y’all MF lying and getting me pissed.” I sort of see this the other way. There’s absolutely nothing in the scientific record that can disprove the possibility that the world is 4,000 […]

A Possible Endorsement Test Case for the U.S. Supreme Court?

(Eugene Volokh) Yesterday, the Tenth Circuit voted 5–4 not to rehear the Utah roadside cross memorial case, American Atheists, Inc. v. Duncan. The result, and the forceful dissents from denial of rehearing en banc, make it likely that the Supreme Court will agree to hear the case, and perhaps overturn the Establishment Clause endorsement test. […]

Lindsay Lohan in Trouble Again, Suspect in Criminal Battery Case from the Betty Ford Clinic

As reported at TMZ … Lindsay Lohan cannot seem to keep herself out of trouble. This time she is a suspect in a battery case while she was at the Betty Ford Clinic. Are you serious? She can’t even behave herself while in rehab! It is reported that ”the victim desired prosecution.” When will this girl […]

Would-Be Jurors Stage ‘Mutiny’ in Marijuana Case Potential jurors staged a “mutiny” during a felony drug case, a Missoula County prosecutor says, and authorities worry the result will be viewed as a game-changer when it comes to future attempts at prosecuting drug cases in Montana. Bookmark/Search this post with: Recent quick hits

Pakistan: Protesting the (mis)handling of a Gang Rape Case

By Aparna Ray Sana Saleem at Mystified Justice, furious at the insensitive media handling of a recent gang rape case (that led the victim to withdraw her case against the rapist),  writes an open letter to Sharmila Farooqui – protesting the manner in which the Information Advisor handled the media briefing pertaining to the case. […]

The Case for Big Cities

From an excellent New York Times Magazine article on urban mathematics: West and Bettencourt refer to this phenomenon as “superlinear scaling,” which is a fancy way of describing the increased output of people living in big cities. When a superlinear equation is graphed, it looks like the start of a roller coaster, climbing into the […]

With Ethics Committee In Turmoil, Waters Lawyer Says Case Should Be Dropped

Rep. Jo Bonner (R-AL) last month ordered the Capitol Police to block the doors of the ethics committee offices for a week during a partisan dispute over the handling of the ethics case against Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), the Washington Post reported. A Capitol Police officer guarded the door of the ethics committee offices during […]

Radio Australia summarizes Asia Bibi blasphemy case

This radio broadcast is the best summary of the Asia Bibi case I have found. Click the link to listen to this segment on Windows Media Player. Radio Australia – Asia Bibi You hear from Ms. Bibi who describes the false charges of blasphemy, the Governor who wants to pardon her, the legislator who has tabled […]

Hasbara case study

In my Hasbara 2.0 lecture I stressed that Israel needs to use the language of human rights to argue its case, especially to a liberal audience. I was just pointed to a post at The Camel’s Nose that makes the same point beautifully: Today, Maen Rashid Areikat, Chief Representative of the PLO to the United […]

Lobbyist Pleading Guilty In Alabama Bingo Bribery Case

An Alabama lobbyist who the government alleged bribed Alabama legislators to support a bill that would benefit the gambling industry will plead guilty and has worked out a deal with federal prosecutors, according to court documents. Jarrod D. Massey will plead guilty to conspiracy to several counts (including federal programs bribery and aiding and abetting) […]

Non-Advice from the Government in Case of a Nuclear Attack

The latest campaign of the U.S. government focuses on what to do in case of a nuclear attack. The only problem is that, like many government programs, it does not offer much useful advice. According to government officials, the best thing one can do is stay put and find shelter. Sounds like the old “duck […]

Amicus Brief in Support of Cert. in Tobacco Master Settlement Case

(Todd Zywicki) I was pleased, along with Josh Wright and several other antitrust scholars, to submit an amicus brief in support of cert. in the Tobacco Master Settlement Case.  We argue that the state action exception to the antitrust laws should not be extended to cover a multistate government-created cartel such as this one.  We […]