Red State Uprising: The cure for Republican pseudo-socialists

September 20, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

Erick Erickson is one of the leading, outside-the-Beltway conservative activists reclaiming the Right and rattling the old GOP guard. He’s out with a terrific new book today from Regnery:

Red State Uprising: How to Take Back America

With attention focused on the fight between Washington elites and the new generation of technology-empowered conservative activists demanding real choices and not more Soros Republican echoes, the timing couldn’t be better.

From Erickson’s foreword:

The Republicans gave us progressivism (read up on Robert LaFollette and Teddy Roosevelt). The Republicans gave us the Environmental Protection Agency. Heck, Republicans gave us Earl Warren, Nelson Rockefeller, Dede Scozzafava, Charlie Crist, and the list goes on and on and on.

The Democrats, by contrast, have given us over to European socialism, degenerated our moral society, destroyed the nuclear family, never met a race they didn’t bait, and mushroomed the GOP’s spending programs.

For too long the Republican Party has decided to be the Democrat-lite party, and the American voters in 2008 decided just to go with the real thing. Turns out, there is a difference between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party. While both may be terrible, the Democrats are worse.

Therein lies the terrible conundrum for voters. We’re not choosing the lesser of two evils. We are choosing between the assorted evils of two lessers. The problem is compounded by a very simple fact: there are no betters than these two lessers. No third party is or will ever be viable. The deck is stacked against them.

Contrary to what we may say and the polemical frustration conservatives too often are forced to express about the Republican Party, there remain very real differences between the two parties—life and death differences that cannot be underestimated or ignored.

It is easy to say both parties are appalling. They are. It becomes very difficult to figure out what to do about it. There is, however, a starting point. As bad as you or I may think the Republican Party has been at times, at least it will not sell us down the river to our nation’s enemies. At least it will more often than not support businesses and individuals against the government. At least it will support you working for yourself over you working to give money to someone else.

Despite the real differences, too often Republican leaders prefer to find ever-shrinking common ground with the Left rather than make a stand on opposing ground fighting for free people and free markets against the leviathan of government. With the rise of the tea party movement, conservatives must unite to clean up the Republican Party.

If they don’t, voters will keep rejecting Republican pseudo-socialists in favor of authentic socialists.

With the starting point being to clean house within the GOP, the next question is how. To figure out how, we must examine the past as the path to the present. Both parties have used the tax code, spending, and power to reward their bases, enact their preferred social policies, and expand their own preferred government programs.

Politicians of both parties have gone to Washington not to reduce its size, but expand what it can do for preferred interest groups. Some conservatives have become devoid of ideas other than the acquisition of power. The GOP started making shortcut calculations like big business = good, instead of entrepreneurs = good. There is a difference; but
too many have grown too complacent to see it.

Enough is enough…

Read the whole thing — and tell all the pseudo-socialist Republicans you know to do the same!

Michelle Malkin

The Making of a Political Uprising

September 16, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

Michael Scherer: “Not since Barry Goldwater thumbed his nose at country-club Republicans in 1964 has a rebel movement created such a crisis of legitimacy among the GOP establishment. And like that rebel movement, this one may spur an evolutionary change in the party that could last a generation.”

“At a time of historic economic insecurity, the Tea Party movement has
stolen the hearts of conservatives. It now has a chance to send as many
as seven new Senators to Capitol Hill with their dreams of a radically
smaller government, unfettered financial markets, defanged regulation
and shrinking federal entitlements.”
Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire

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