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Written by Tomomi Sasaki

Photo from March 11 earthquake in Japan shared by @mitsu_1024

Photo from March 11 earthquake in Japan shared by @mitsu_1024 (via

On Friday, March 11, 2011 at 2:46:23 p.m. local time, an 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck Japan, the largest in recorded history.

Here are some online resources that people are using to get in touch with each other:

Hashtags being used in the Japanese Twittersphere are #sendai and #jishin. #prayforjapan is being used to send prayers in the English Twittersphere.

Many people on Twitter are trying to stay calm and sharing advice, especially based on experience from the Great Hanshin Earthquake or the Chuetsu Earthquake.


【拡散希望】電気屋さんからの忠告!です。 ただ今地震で停電している地帯の方はブレーカーを全て落として下さい。通電されたら小さなブレーカーを一つづつ入れて下さい。漏電ブレーカーが落ちるようでしたら、無理に入れず、電気事業者等に連絡をとって下さい。漏電による火災を防ぎましょう。

Please RT! Advice from electrician: Please shut off the circuit breaker if you're in an area that had power cut off. When the power is back, turn on one by one using the small circuit breakers. If the short-circuit continues, don’t force it, just contact any electric shop for assistance. Try to avoid fire caused by leakage of electricity.


@take23asn 【タンスの下敷きになった人を助ける方法】タンスが頑丈なのは全面と上部、側面だけ。背の面は薄い板でできている。その薄い板を蹴破り、そこからすべての引き出しを抜き取る。そうすれば簡単にタンスを解体できる。

@take23asn “How to save people who got crushed under cabinet : The walls of cabinets which are solid are the front, the top and the side. The back is made with thin board. Kick and break the thin board so that you can pull out all the drawers and dismantle the cabinet easily.


【 緊急 】 手話が必要な方に教えて上げてください。「目で聴くテレビ」でNHKのニュースに手話をつけて放送中。このURLから「緊急災害放送」をクリックしてください。 #jishin #NHK

[Urgent] Please raise your hand for those who need sign language interpreter. Click the following link and check out NHK news “Listen with your eyes TV broadcast.”


FMわぃわぃは多言語で地震・災害情報を放送中。インターネットでも聴けます。 在日外国人の皆さんに伝えてください。 #saigai#eqjp #earthquake

FM wai-wai multilanguage channel (simulradio) broadcasts information on earthquake and disaster. You can listen through internet here. Please pass the message to foreigners in Japan.



Save iPhone battery 1) kill wifi 2) kill GPS 3) kill push notifications 4) kill Bluetooth 5) Turn down brightness 6) Shut down extraneous apps.

@Tranquil_Dragon in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture posted this screenshot:

@wanchan11 posted an image of the flooded Sendai Port:

Some videos from Tokyo:

Many thanks to the GV Japan Team for coming together during the quaking to collaborate on this article.

Global Voices in English

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By Cati Restrepo · Translated by Silvia Viñas
· View original post [es]

As previously reported on Global Voices, several Colombian videobloggers decided to make one video per day during 2010. While not all finished, it is important to recognize the effort made by of those who joined this global idea proposed by Juan Falla (@juanfallaesp) (as explained in a previous post on Global Voices).

Julián Mauricio (@Profetaloco), one of the videobloggers that took on the challenge and completed it, posted the result of the initiative on Twitter [es]:

3 colombianos decidieron terminar el reto #vlog365 ellos son @luisasantiaga @alejandroangel @profetaloco 1 video diario durante el 2011

3 Colombians decided to finish the challenge #vlog365 they are @luisasantiaga @alejandroangel @profetaloco 1 daily video during [2010]

He also shared his satisfaction for participating in the process [es]:

CUMPLI EL RETO #VLOG365 con muchas ganas de seguir haciendo videos hay @profetaloco pa rato ¡¡¡ 2010 año del videoblog en españoL ¡¡¡

I COMPLETED THE CHALLENGE #VLOG365 eager to make more videos, there will be @profetaloco for a while!!! 2010 is the year of the videoblog in Spanish!!!

This is his video from December 18, 2010 [es] with a panoramic view of Cali, Colombia:

Luisa Santiaga (@Luisasantiaga), who recorded her daily video from Cartagena, explains the challenge in her last video of the year [es].

Though her website, Cartagena 365, Luisa thanks those who followed her work [es] and writes about her intention to continue making videos:

Gracias por acompañarme y darme todo su apoyo durante todo este 2010.¡Espero su compañia  durante el 2011, por que Cartagena365 no se termina! Así que tendrán más de Luisa Santiaga por mucho tiempo jeje.

Thank you for joining me and giving me your support during 2010. I hope to have your company during 2011, because Cartagena364 is not over! So yo will have more of Luisa Santiaga for a long time hehe.

Alejandro Angel (@AlejandroAngel) remembered his first video of the year 2010:

Año nuevo vida nueva… hace 365 días… #video

Like Luisa Santiaga (@LuisaSantiaga), he chose one of his videos to talk about the videoblogging initiative Project 365 [es], which he joined through the site Alejandro Angel - Proyecto 365 [es].

Undoubtedly, variety prevailed in the work of these videobloggers: drumbs from the Colombian Caribbean [es] and floods caused by strong rains [es] (Luisasantiaga), the preview to a concert [es] and the words of a recent high school graduate [es] (Profetaloco), together with rain in the city of Barranquilla [es] and the musical notes of an accordion [es] or of singers in Isla de Taganga [es] (AlejandroAngel) are some of the videos these bloggers shared throughout the year.

Global Voices in English

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Ordinary people see the irony in it even if the elite do not.
American Thinker Blog

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McQ sent this one. This is an amazing film recently found of a submarine rescuing all 12 members of a B29 crew that crashed 70 miles off the coast of Japan in WWII. It is an interview with one of the crewmembers as he sees the film.

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It’s come to this.

We got more e-mail tips today about this clip than we did about the new unemployment numbers. With good reason: It’s a 20-megaton schlock warhead, the most devastatingly campy weapon yet devised by man. Our horrible economy will recover someday; after this, our culture never will. In fact, it’s so lethally cheesy that it has [...]

View the video »

Hot Air » Top Picks

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Actor Morgan Freeman says a North Carolina Republican and his campaign manager are "lying" in claiming that he narrated a campaign ad for them.

B.J. Lawson touted the narration, by a voice sounding like Freeman’s, and his campaign manager told Byron Tau today that Freeman had narrated the ad. 

But Freeman spokesman Stan Rosenfeld sends over a sharp denial from the actor:

These people are lying. I have never recorded any campaign ads for B.J. Lawson and I do not support his candidacy. And, no one who represents me ever has ever authorized the use of my name, voice or any other likeness in support of Mr. Lawson or his candidacy.

Campaign manager Martin Avila didn’t immediately respond to a question about Freeman’s statement. Avila earlier told us that the campaign went to Freeman through an intermediary, and never had contact with him directly.

The campaign of incumbent David Price, whom Lawson is challenge to represent the district around Chapel Hill, jumped on Freeman’s statement.

"Lawson has lied to his supporters and to the community he wants to represent," Price said in a statement calling on Lawson to pull down the ads. “This is an unfortunate and desperate attempt to fool voters in the last hours of a campaign. By using Mr. Freeman’s good name, BJ Lawson has ruined his own, and he should be ashamed. Now the voters will decide whom they trust.”

The apparent use of a Freeman impersonator in a campaign ad also raised eyebrows in Wisconsin this year, though it’s unclear if the cases are related.

UPDATE: The B.J. Lawson for Congress campaign replied to the unfolding controversy over the use of a likeness of Morgan Freeman in a campaign ad.

“We have a contract saying it’s Morgan Freeman,” Lawson campaign manager Martin Avila  told POLITICO.

Avila said that the campaign was approached by a campaign supporter named Ben Mathis of MEI Political and Mathis Entertainment earlier this summer who offered to cut an ad with Morgan Freeman. The campaign declined the offer at the time, but was re-approached several days ago and agreed. They cut the ad with Mathis for $ 4.500.

Avila said that Mathis had an impressive portfolio of work, and other political spots featuring Hollywood celebrities.

“We’re pulling our ads, obviously, if Morgan Freeman says its not him” said Avila, adding “This is obviously not what we want to talk about” with one day looming until the general election.

The ad is after the jump.

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Ben Smith’s Blog

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sharron angle

An audiotape has just emerged on the website of the Las Vegas Sun, capturing Sharron Angle, the Tea Party/Republican candidate, in private conversation with a third-party spoiler candidate Scott Ashjian:

Some choice quotes:

The Republicans have lost their standards, they’ve lost their principles…..Really that’s why the machine in the Republican Party is fighting against me…..They have never really gone along with lower taxes and less government…

I believe you (Ashjian) can do some real harm, not to Harry Reid but to me…I’m not sure you can win and I’m not sure I can win if you’re hurting my chance and that’s the part that scares me…

(The Republicans in D.C.) don’t want me back there…because they know I’ll shake this mess up….…..I shook it up in Carson City, they hated me there…41-Angle was not a compliment……..When I go back, there may be five or six of us….maybe Joe Miller (Alaska), Ken Buck (Colorado), Christine O’Donnell (Delaware).

angleDuh — what’s not to like? If this is an attempt by the Sun to counteract its rival’s recent endorsement of Angle — and it is:

I can just hear it now [writes reporter Jon Rawlston]: The woman who calls the majority leader “Let’s Make a Deal Harry Reid” becomes “Let’s Make a Deal Sharron Angle.”

– then it’s likely to backfire, big-time.  For the tape shows that Angle is exactly what she says she is. As Ben Smith just noted on Politico:

The recording is worth listening to in full despite its poor quality. It suggests that — at least for the purposes of this conversation with a Tea Party figure — behind the facade of a real grassroots outsider who hates the organized Republican Party is … a real grassroots outsider who hates the organized Republican Party.

“The Republicans have lost their standard, they’ve lost their principle,” she tells Ashjian. “Really that’s why the machine in the Republican Party is fighting against me…. They have never really gone along with lower taxes and less government regulation.”

In opposing her, local Republicans are “coming out and showing their colors” she said. “That’s kind of good.”

Angle’s words may not have an immediate political impact, but they show what a profound challenge she and a handful of other Senate candidates pose to the Republican leadership, should they win. Angle’s view of herself is clearly of an insurgent, a subversive force within the GOP.

That’s fine with us.

Meanwhile, let’s this straight once and for all: an undercover audio is now a good thing as far as the MSM is concerned?

Thanks for clarifying the ground rules, fellas.

Big Government

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**Written by Doug Powers

Every US president since William Howard Taft has served as the honorary president of the Boys Scouts of America. President Obama accepted his role as honorary president in March of last year. So as you know, when the 100th anniversary of the Boys Scouts came along late last month, Obama decided to… go on The View instead. Hey, when you’re down 14 points with women, an American institution like the Boy Scouts will just have to wait.

However, Obama did record a message that was broadcast to the 43,000 Boy Scouts in attendance at the National Jamboree in Virginia.

This is footage from just one sliver of the crowd, but it doesn’t appear that Obama’s pre-recorded message was warmly received that day:

President Obama got a much more welcoming reception from The View women, don’t you think?

But on the bright side, Joy Behar became the first daytime female talk show host to hermetically seal her panties while still wearing them, and more than a few Boy Scouts got a chance to earn their Boo-Bird badges, so it turned out to be a “win-win” for all parties involved.

(h/t Weasel Zippers)

**Written by Doug Powers)

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

Michelle Malkin

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