San Diego TSA Airport Screeners Out of Control … Passenger Arrested For Refusing TSA Screening, Parade Him Thru Airport in Underwear

November 21, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

TSA, the Audacity of Grope, San Diego Edition Part Deux:

The TSA is nothing more than a microcosm of Barack Obama and his Administration … a bunch of unqualified screw ups given power and abusing it. WTF AMERICA … THIS IS STILL AMERICA, ISN’T IT? The TSA and this government have totally lost focus on what airport security is supposed to do. IDIOTS, YOU FOOLS ARE TO CATCH TERRORISTS, NOT ARREST INNOCENT AMERICANS!!!

This time the TSA has overreacted and arrested  Sam Wolanyk, a San Diego resident, this weekend after he refused to complete the TSA screening process. Wolanyk then suffered the indignity at the hands of the TSA by being paraded through the airport in his underwear. Is this how the Obama/Napolitano TSA saves face for their screw up in letting the “underwear” bomber on a place last Christmas?

The TSA is out of control and some thing must be done before the Thanksgiving Day travel rush. If this continues, there is going to be mayhem this week. As stated at the Left Coast Rebel, from the airport that brought us, “Don’t Touch my Junk” comes the sequel … “Don’t Show us, We’d Rather Feel For Ourselves”.

In what can only be described as TSA handlers gone wild, the San Diego Harbor Police arrested an area resident for refusal to complete the screening/security process yesterday. This is the same airport that created the TSA security catch phrase“don’t touch my junk.” John Tyner of San Diego started the airport screening firestorm last week as Americans head into the busiest travel week of the year in the United States.

This time the defendant, Sam Wolanyk says he was asked to pass through the 3-D x-ray machine. When Wolanyk refused, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) personnel told him he would have to be patted down before he could pass through and board his airplane.

Wolanyk said he knew what was coming and took off his pants and shirt, leaving him in Calvin Klein bike undergarments.

Was this really necessary for the TSA would look to further humiliate air passenger by parading him through two separate airport terminals in his underwear.

Once Harbor Police arrested Wolanyk, he was handcuffed and paraded through two separate airport terminals in his underwear to the Harbor Police office located inside a different terminal at the airport than Wolanyk had originally gone through during his TSA security process.

It gets even worse from the Banana Republican created by Barack Obama … the TSA confiscated the camera of the woman who filmed fiasco and arrested her.

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Scared Monkeys

Lawyers Group With Close Ties To RNC Features Parade Of Vote Fraud Fearmongers

October 15, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

The list of speakers who have appeared at seminars of the Republican National Lawyers Association, a group with close ties to the RNC that has been “very dominant” in ginning up voter fraud fears in the past several elections, reads like a who’s who of voter fraud fearmongers.

Take the National Election Law Seminar, held this August in Grand Rapids, Mich. Speakers included J. Christian Adams, who’s become a star in the voter fraud speaking circuit since resigning from the DOJ and alleging racial bias in the department’s handling of a New Black Panthers case. One of the conservative members of the Civil Rights Commission, Ashley Taylor, spoke about the New Black Panthers case, which the commission is investigating. Eric Eversole, another vocal critic of the administration who’s alleged that the Obama DOJ is purposely disenfranchising military voters by granting waivers to the MOVE Act, also spoke.

In Wisconsin, where tea party groups have put up racially charged billboards and offered cash incentives to people thwarting attempted voter fraud, the local chapter of the RNLA hosted the Wall Street Journal‘s John Fund. Fund has been one of the most vocal prophets of voter fraud doom, using his column to publicize many of the memes that have caught on among the right wing in recent years.

Fund, according to the event’s Facebook listing, was scheduled to speak alongside the chief counsel for Wisconsin’s Republican Party.

Likewise, the speakers at the national seminar appeared along with speakers with titled positions in the Republican Party: Scott Ward, the president of the Republican State Leadership Committee; Mike Adams, general counsel to the Republican Governors Association; Jessica Furst, general counsel to the National Republican Congressional Committee.


North Korea’s Leader-in-Waiting gets a Parade

October 10, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

Via the AP:  NKorea’s Kim, heir apparent son at lavish parade.

Plus, photos!

Kim Jong Un

Outside the Beltway

In Parade, Eliot Spitzer Plays Rehab with Fellow CNNer David Gergen, Who Compares Him to MLK

October 2, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

Parade magazine, the nationally distributed Sunday newspaper supplement, offers an interview with disgraced former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, whose new CNN talk show starts Monday night. The questioner is CNN senior political analyst David Gergen. Isn’t this a bit too cozy, even as Parade acknowledged their CNN connection? When asked about his high-priced prostitute scandal, Spitzer pushed back:
GERGEN: Critics have argued that your selection is bad for TV news, that it rewards vice over virtue. [Bingo.]
SPITZER: There are precious few who are pure. I say that not to in any way justify myself or diminish my sense of remorse but rather to say ‘Okay, I have acknowledged by lapses. If you think I can still offer something, I’ll be happy to try.’
Worse yet, Gergen ended the interview comparing Spitzer to Martin Luther King Jr. (who cheated on his wife as well):
GERGEN: Martin Luther King biographer Taylor Branch once told me that King took great chances in his public life because he wanted to atone for the inner issues he was struggling with.
SPITZER: That’s interesting — he felt compelled to push hard in order to seek the redemption he believed was necessary. That’s the great tension: we are better at understanding morality than we are at living it. - Exposing Liberal Media Bias

Parade of possible 2012 GOP presidential hopefuls to N.H.

September 21, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

(CNN) - Add Tim Pawlenty to the list of big name Republicans headed to New Hampshire to help out John Stephen, the state’s GOP gubernatorial nominee.

A Republican source tells CNN that the Minnesota governor will team up with Stephen at a campaign event on September 30. Pawlenty’s visit will follow similar trips to the Granite state by Mitt Romney and Haley Barbour. Romney will help Stephen raise money on Saturday, after the former Massachusetts governor and 2008 GOP White House hopeful gives the keynote address at the state party convention. On Monday, Barbour, the Mississippi governor and chairman of the Republican Governors Association, also teams up with Stephen.

What do all three men have in common? All three are considering bids for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.

Stephen, a former state official, is challenging three-term Democratic Gov. John Lynch.

Follow Paul Steinhauser on Twitter: @PsteinhauserCNN

CNN Political Ticker

Face The Music Democrats, Your Parade Is Trampled

September 15, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

I am scheduled for a colonoscopy Thursday morning which means I am fasting and purging today what Democrats are doing in their pants.

The nomination of Tea Party Republicans has sent shock waves through Democrats and many centralists. The apologists are protesting not to worry. Come November the public cannot be that stupid.

(See Joe Gandelman’s roundup here.)

I’m not that sure. Politics are local, certainly in closed primaries of small states where the Tea Party success is strongest. If their victories in Delaware, New Hampshire, Alaska, Utah, Colorado and Kentucky were on a presidential electoral college stage, they wouldn’t mean much.

But Tea Party victories in the primaries combined with strong conservative Republicans in the largest states such as Texas, California, Florida and Pennsylvania, the groundswell for taking over both houses of Congress becomes imminent.

If they sweep the boards in the November midterm elections, the stage is set for the grand prize in 2012: The President of the United States. Think Sarah Palin as the most viable standard bearer at this point in time.

We are experiencing a perfect political storm stacked in favor of a nation gone conservative for a variety of wrong reasons and a few good ones.

The foremost problem of concern is the dreadful state of the economy which politicians from both parties are exploiting to the hilt by stoking the fears of the electorate. Angry citizens are showing their wrath by throwing out the perceived rascals. Voters are a lot like sports fans, asking “What have you done for me lately.” Right or wrong, incumbents and establishment candidates are the easiest to blame.

As many as two thirds of voters will not bother.

I don’t consider myself the typical Democratic voter. I will vote come hell or high water. But I refuse to vote the party line if some klutz is on the ticket.

As a Californian, I reside in a gerrymandered district that favors Republicans. As most voters, my mind is set in wet cement two months in advance whom I plan to vote for.

The choices are gawd awful.

My congressman is Rep. Dan Issa, the Republican who stands a chance of becoming chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee. He promises to conduct a political witch hunt once his committee controls subpoena power. His Democratic challenger stands as much chance of winning as a candidate did running against Saddam Hussein. I will vote for Issa.

For U.S. Senate, I will hold my nose and vote for Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer. It is a case of which poison, Frick or Frack. In a toss-up like that, I must vote the party line. Carly Fiorina lacks the panache although I concede she is an expert at cutting jobs. It took her successor at Hewlit-Packard to restore order in the company of which she was essentially fired.

For governor, I am willing to take a chance on Meg Whitman. The old Democratic warhorse Jerry Brown no longer cuts it. Whitman will learn quickly the Democratic controlled California legislature is not as manipulative as the EBay board of directors and the electorate more unruly than her former shareholders. Lots of luck getting a budget passed when it takes a two-thirds majority.

This is what I mean by politics is local, even in the most populous of our 50 states.

The question that bugs me is whether the Tea Party Republicans can govern. Or whether they really want to.

It is one thing to promise cutting taxes, reducing spending, privatizing Social Security, repealing the health care reform act, diluting the financial reform regulations and getting the government off our backs except for in our bedrooms.

It is another thing to actually rescue the economy and restore jobs, credit and those evasive standards we call freedom which so often make fools of ourselves.

I view this conservative surge as a temporary reaction in a political pendulum that forever is tilting left to right, right to left and usually ending up somewhere close to center.

From a political observer, this next session of Congress will be fun to watch. The Senate, in particular.

Just think of all those Democratic purists who called for reform of Senate procedures to abolish Rule 12 and the filibuster. The tables have turned, guys and gals.

Suddenly, the filibuster is the last gasp of a minority — even when it may be a majority – holding on for dear life and killing every piece of legislation the Tea Party Republicans and their conservative brethren have to offer.

We’ve heard that song sung for the past two years and all it produced was legislative cacophony.

Unless we have a new pack of one-term legislators in Congress, I would suggest this new breed better add a 10-letter word to their vocabulary.


Excuse, me. Nature calls.

(istockpile cartoon)

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