Meet The Speaker From K Street: John Boehner

November 8, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), widely expected to become the next Speaker of the House, has promised to create a more “open” and “transparent” Congress. To cultivate an image of independence, Boehner has projected a media profile revolving around his humble upbringing and his refusal to request earmarks.

However, Boehner’s media profile simply does not comport with his career-long record of corruption and influence peddling. Before his ascent to leadership, Boehner had been known for once handing out campaign contribution checks from tobacco lobbyists on the House floor. When Republicans controlled Congress, Boehner and Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO) were the point men for former Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) in communicating with corporate lobbyists. At one point, Boehner even convened a weekly meeting called the “Thursday Group” to huddle with K Street lobbyists.

As the Guardian’s Paul Harris noted yesterday, Boehner was caught lobbying the Environmental Protection Agency to drop a lawsuit against one of Boehner’s biggest contributors in the steel industry, and has attacked an array of regulations aimed at the specific businesses which contribute to his campaign committee. Moreover, the overwhelmingly positive and uncritical press accounts of Boehner’s career have ignored his cozy relationship with business lobbyists in just the past two years:

- Roll Call reported that lobbyists view Boehner as a “good investment,” and that Boehner assembled a “kitchen cabinet” of lobbyists to organize his fundraising operation, including representatives from Goldman Sachs, Phillip Morris, UnitedHealth, and FedEx. According to the article, Boehner leaned on these lobbyists to pressure their clients to increase their contributions to vulnerable Republican lawmakers. Boehner’s outreach helped his own campaign war chest swell to $ 3.2 million, while his leadership PAC had brought in $ 1.9 million by the end of March.

- In July of 2009, Boehner interrupted House proceedings so Republican lawmakers could attend his annual “Boehner Beach Party” fundraiser with corporate lobbyists. [Politico]

- In December of 2009, Boehner convened a meeting with 100 corporate lobbyists to plot strategy to defeat Wall Street reform. [Roll Call]

- In January of 2010, Boehner organized a House Republican retreat. In an interview with ThinkProgress, Boehner said he didn’t know if any corporate lobbyists would be there. However, ThinkProgress traveled to the retreat, and found lobbyists from Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and the health insurance industry not only in attendance, but helping to fund the event. [ThinkProgress]

- In March of 2010, Boehner addressed the American Bankers Association, telling corporate lobbyists to fight financial reform. “Don’t let those little punk staffers take advantage of you,” Boehner implored the bank lobbyists, encouraging them to stand up to Capitol Hill staffers. [MarketWatch]

- Last week, Boehner selected Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) to lead his Majority Transition Team to help set the rules and staffing selections for the new Republican Congress. Rather than select a lawmaker with a strong ethical history, Walden gained his new leadership stature by serving as the National Republican Campaign Committee liaison to the big business community for 2009 and 2010.

Boehner and his allies have pledged largely cosmetic attempts at reforming the ethics of Washington. For instance, he has indicated that he is open to cutting his own pay. This move may garner more good press and promote Boehner’s image. However, a more apt symbol of Boehner’s ethical standards occurred four years ago. In 2006, Boehner was caught living in a house owned by a lobbyist who had sought legislative favors from him.


Meet The Corporate Chairmen: Incoming Committee Chairs Have Deep Ties To Lobbyists And Big Business

November 4, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

One of the results of Tuesday’s Republican takeover of the House of Representatives is the future installation of new chairmen in the chamber’s various committees. While none of the upcoming chairmanships are set in stone — members have to run and be elected to chair committees — it is generally true that ranking members of these committees are the ones most likely to take over.

Today, the nonpartisan Center for Public Integrity (CPI) released a report titled “The Chairmen: New House Leaders Have Familiar Ties to Business, Revolving Door,” which takes a close look at the likely incoming chairmen of the various House committees. The CPI report finds that most of the likely incoming chairs “have deep ties to the business community or the industries they will soon oversee.” Here are some of the highlights of these possible chairmen with “deep ties” to lobbyists and big business:

- Likely House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense Chairman Rep. Bill Young (FL): Young’s top Political Action Committee (PAC) donations over the past two election cycles read like a list of the nation’s top defense contractors. He has received $ 32,500 from Raytheon, $ 25,000 from General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin, and $ 20,000 from Boeing and Honeywell International. Additionally, at least five of his staffers have gone on to work as lobbyists. Last year, he requested earmarks for “earmarks for companies that hired three of his former staffers as lobbyists. The same companies, along with senior executive staff, contributed about $ 145,000 to Young’s campaign that same year.”

- Likely Armed Services Committee Chairman Rep. Howard McKeon (CA): McKeon, whose committe would also deal with defense-related issues, is also a major recipient of defense industry PAC money. In the past two election cycles, he has received $ 40,000 from General Atomics, $ 34,000 from Lockheed Martin, and $ 32,500 from Northrop Grumman. He is a co-founder of Congress’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Caucus, which backs the construction of military vehicles that Northrop Grumman manufactures within his district. His former legislative assistant Hanz Heinrichs has “lobbied on behalf of Alcoa, Boeing, and Ashbury International Group.”

- Likely Financial Services Committee Chairman Rep. Spencer Bachus (AL): Bachus’s top PAC contributors are Bank of America and Wells Fargo, which have given him $ 45,000 and $ 35,000 respectively over the past four years. He has in the recent past made a specific request of financial lobbyists to give more to Republican candidates, saying Democrats “hammered” the financial industry with their financial regulatory reform legislation.

- Likely Transportation Committee Chairman John Mica (CA): Mica, the likely incoming chairman of the committee dealing with the country’s transportation infrastructure, has been a magnet over the past four years of PAC donations related to the industries the committee regulates. That includes $ 40,000 from BNSF Railway Company, $ 33,000 from Union Pacific Corporation, and $ 25,000 from CSX Corporation.

- Likely Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rep. Doc Hastings (WA): Hastings is in line to run the committee that “oversees federal land use and public water resources.” A number of industry PACs that would be overseen by the committee have contributed generously to the congressman. In the last two election cycles, Weyerhaeuser Company, a timber firm, has contributed $ 20,000. Bechtel Group, which is a major construction company and has interests in water systems, has contributed $ 17,000. American Crystal Sugar Company, an agricultural cooperative, has given the same amount. Martin Doern, Hastings’s former Legislative Director, is now a lobbyist for Portland General Electric.

- Likely Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Rep. Joe Barton (TX): Barton’s most famous act of corporate fealty is apologizing to oil giant BP for government effots to hold it accountable following the company’s oil spill in the Gulf Coast. Barton has received $ 37,500 from the PAC of oil giant Koch Industries since 2007. At least half a dozen of his former staffers have gone into lobbying work. In 2008, he secured “$ 2 million earmark for Carbon-Carbon Advanced Technologies, a company located inside his district. He secured the firm another $ 3.2 million in 2010.”

CPI notes that eight “of the 14 candidates for the committee chairs got the majority of their campaign funds since 2007 from special interest PACs.” It also goes on to note, interestingly, that “the top contenders are all men. Nearly all are white,” and when it comes to social demographics, “the likely Republican chairs don’t look much different than the Democratic counterparts they are replacing.”


Cato’s Mark Calabria “Warns” That QE2 Might Succeed In Helping the Fed Meet Its Mandate

November 3, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

While Paul Krugman has been warning that a second round of quantitative easing is unlikely to achieve its goal of raising inflation expectations, Cato’s Mark Calabria has a bizarre post in which he warns that QE2 might work:

The real impact, and the greatest risk, of QEII is that it changes expectations of inflation. It seems pretty clear that the Fed wants higher inflation than we have now. QEII sends the signal that the Fed will do everything possible to create that additional inflation. QEII also runs the real risk that the Fed ends up “monetizing the debt” – both reducing the political pressure to address our fiscal imbalances as well as undermining the dollar.

This is totally bizarre. The Fed’s target is to maintain an inflation rate of around 2 percent. For a while now, the inflation rate has been below 2 percent. One of the goals of monetary policy should be to raise the inflation rate to bring outcomes back in line with the targets. Was inflation ruinously high when Bill Clinton was President? Was it ruinously high when Ronald Reagan was President? And why shouldn’t the dollar fall when we’re importing so much more than we’re exporting?

Getting this stuff right is the key to restoring growth. With inflation expectations back at a healthy level, real interest rates will be more in line with where they ought to be. Firms and individuals will be encouraged to stop hoarding cash (or treasuries) and instead to invest in the real economy. Consumers will buy fewer foreign-made products and our products will be more appealing to foreigners. What’s the problem?


REPORT: Meet The 2010 GOP Freshman Class

November 3, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

Following last night’s election, over 100 freshmen Republicans will take their seats in the 112th Congress. These GOPers come from disparate backgrounds, but they are united by their adherence to the extreme wing of conservative ideology.

A new ThinkProgress investigation has found that the incoming GOP freshman class is rife with legislators who not only oppose climate change legislation, but deny that manmade global warming even exists. They are pushing not just to end birthright citizenship, but also demand that the United States reduce the number of legal immigrants.

Here is a snapshot of the GOP Class of 2010’s extremism:


- 50% deny the existence of manmade climate change
- 86% are opposed to any climate change legislation that increased government revenue


- 39% have already declared their intention to end the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of birthright citizenship
- 32% want to reduce legal immigration


- 91% have sworn to never allow an income tax increase on any individual or business – regardless of deficits or war
- 79% have pledged to permanently repeal the estate tax
- 48% are pushing for a balanced budget amendment

This is where individual incoming GOP freshmen stand on each issue:


GW: Global warming denier CC: No climate change legislation
BC: End birthright citizenship RI: Reduce legal immigration
TP: No tax increase pledge ET: Repeal estate tax
BB: Balanced budget amendment
Martha Roby (AL-02) CC TP ET Mo Brooks (AL-05) GW CC TP ET
Joe Miller* (AK-SEN) GW CC TP ET BB Paul Gosar (AZ-01) CC BC RI TP
Ben Quayle (AZ-03) GW CC BC TP ET David Schweikert (AZ-05) CC BC RI TP ET BB
Ruth McClung* (AZ-07) GW CC ET BB Jesse Kelly* (AZ-08) GW CC BC RI TP ET BB
Rick Crawford (AR-01) CC TP ET Tim Griffin (AR-02) CC BC RI TP ET
Steve Womack (AR-03) CC BC RI TP John Boozman (AR-SEN) GW CC BC RI TP ET BB
David Harmer* (CA-11) GW CC TP ET Jeff Denham (CA-19) GW CC TP
Andy Vidak (CA-20) GW TP ET Scott Tipton (CO-03) CC TP ET
Cory Gardner (CO-04) GW CC TP BB Steve Southerland (FL-02) CC BC RI TP ET BB
Rich Nugent (FL-05) CC BC RI TP ET BB Daniel Webster (FL-08) CC BC RI TP ET
Dennis Ross (FL-12) CC BC RI TP ET BB Allen West (FL-22) GW BC RI ET
Sandy Adams (FL-24) CC BC RI TP ET BB David Rivera (FL-25) CC TP ET
Marco Rubio (FL-SEN) GW CC TP ET BB Rob Woodall (GA-07) BC RI
Austin Scott (GA-08) CC BC RI TP ET Raul Labrador (ID-01) CC RI TP ET BB
Joe Walsh* (IL-08) GW CC TP BB Robert Dold (IL-10) GW CC TP
Adam Kinzinger (IL-11) CC TP Randy Hultgren (IL-14) GW CC TP ET BB
Bobby Schilling (IL-17) GW CC BC TP ET BB Mark Kirk (IL-SEN) CC
Marlin Stutzman (IN-03) CC TP ET BB Todd Rokita (IN-04) GW CC TP ET
Larry Bucshon (IN-08) GW CC TP ET BB Todd Young (IN-09) GW CC TP BB
Dan Coats (IN-SEN) GW CC TP ET BB Tim Huelskamp (KS-01) GW CC BC RI TP ET
Kevin Yoder (KS-03) ET Mike Pompeo (KS-04) CC TP ET
Jerry Moran (KS-SEN) GW CC BC RI TP Rand Paul (KY-SEN) GW CC BC TP ET BB
Jeff Landry (LA-03) CC TP BB Andy Harris (MD-01) CC BC RI TP ET BB
Dan Benishek (MI-01) CC BC RI TP ET BB Bill Huizenga (MI-02) GW CC TP ET
Justin Amash (MI-03) CC TP ET BB Tim Walberg (MI-07) GW CC BC RI TP ET BB
Chip Cravaack (MN-08) GW TP ET BB
Vicky Hartzler (MO-04) GW CC BC TP ET Billy Long (MO-07) CC ET
Roy Blunt (MO-SEN) GW CC BC RI TP ET Alan Nunnelee (MS-01) CC BC RI TP ET BB
Steven Palazzo (MS-04) CC BC RI TP ET BB Renee Ellmers (NC-02) TP ET BB
Rick Berg (ND-AL) CC TP ET John Hoeven (ND-SEN) GW
Frank Guinta (NH-01) CC TP ET BB Charlie Bass (NH-02) GW CC BC TP
Kelly Ayotte (NH-SEN) GW CC TP ET BB Jon Runyan (NJ-03) CC ET BB
Joe Heck (NV-03) CC BC RI TP ET Steve Pearce (NM-02) GW CC BC TP ET
Mike Grimm (NY-13) GW CC TP ET BB Nan Hayworth (NY-19) GW CC TP ET BB
Chris Gibson (NY-20) CC TP Richard Hanna (NY-24) ET
Anne Marie Buerkle* (NY-25) GW CC TP ET BB Tom Reed (NY-29) CC TP ET
Steve Chabot (OH-01) GW CC TP ET BB Bill Johnson (OH-06) CC TP ET
Steve Stivers (OH-15) GW CC TP ET Jim Renacci (OH-16) CC TP ET BB
Bob Gibbs (OH-18) GW CC BC RI TP ET BB Rob Portman (OH-SEN) TP
James Lankford (OK-05) GW CC BC TP ET Mike Kelly (PA-03) CC TP ET
Pat Meehan (PA-07) CC TP ET Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-08) CC TP ET
Tom Marino (PA-10) CC BC RI TPET BB Lou Barletta (PA-11) CC BC RI TPET
Pat Toomey (PA-SEN) GW TPET Tim Scott (SC-01) CC TPET BB
Jeff Duncan (SC-03) BC RI TP Trey Gowdy (SC-04) GW CC TP ET BB
Mick Mulvaney (SC-05) GW CC TP ET BB Kristi Noem (SD-AL) GW CC TP ET
Chuck Fleischman (TN-03) BC RI TP ET Scott DesJarlais (TN-04) CC BC RI TP ET BB
Diane Black (TN-06) GW CC BC RI TP ET Stephen Fincher (TN-08) CC TP ET
Bill Flores (TX-17) CC BC RI TP ET BB Francisco Canseco (TX-23) CC TP
Blake Farenthold (TX-27) GW BB Mike Lee (UT-SEN) CC BC TP ET BB
Scott Rigell (VA-02) GW CC BC RI TP Robert Hurt (VA-05) GW CC TP ET
Morgan Griffith (VA-09) GW CC TP ET Keith Fimian* (VA-11) GW CC TP ET BB
John Koster* (WA-02) GW CC BC RI TP ET BB Jamie Herrera (WA-03) CC TP ET
Dick Muri* (WA-09) GW TP BB Dino Rossi* (WA-SEN) GW TP ET BB
Sean Duffy (WI-07) CC TP ET Reid Ribble (WI-08) CC TP ET
Ron Johnson (WI-SEN) GW CC TP ET BB David McKinley (WV-01) GW CC BC RI TP ET BB

*- These races are currently too close to call.


ABC: Boehner ‘May Actually Meet With a Man Who’s Dressed Up in a Nazi Uniform’

October 30, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

 On Saturday’s Good Morning America, ABC correspondent David Kerley not only made sure to assert that House Republican Leader John Boehner may meet with a controversial Republican congressional candidate who has a history of dressing in a Nazi uniform as part of World War II reenactments, but he sloppily worded his statement on the matter as if the candidate were wearing his Nazi uniform during the campaign or perhaps would be wearing it during an alleged meeting with Boehner. Even though some viewers may not have heard about Ohio Republican congressional candidate Rich Iott’s controversial hobby, Kerley mentioned him without any elaboration as he introduced a soundbite of Boehner speaking at a rally. Kerley:

The top Republican in the House will be in Ohio basically telling voters – and he may actually meet with a man who's dressed up in a Nazi uniform and is running for Congress there – he'll be telling voters it's time to get out. He could be the next Speaker of the House, John Boehner. That's the way he was introduced last night in Ohio…

read more - Exposing Liberal Media Bias

Kettle, meet pot

October 30, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

Robert Reich’s conspiracy mongering about the tea party.
American Thinker Blog

Meet Canada’s John Kerry (Guest Voice)

October 30, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

Meet Canada’s John Kerry
by G. Wander

A prophesising orator that would be better suited to early 19th century politics, Michael Ignatieff is your grand dad’s politician. Unfortunately for those of us now living in the 21st century where a sound bite and 140 characters are the norm, we find ourselves often scratching our head and wondering just exactly when Mr. Ignatieff intends to get to the point.

In the venerable halls of Harvard he may have been comfortable hearing himself talk, but in the lesser honoured halls of the House of Commons his voice is often one of a person who is being diplomatic at the turn of every sentence.

It has been a long 18-months since Mr. Ignatieff took the helm of Canada’s Liberal party and many in Canada have yet to fully understand how the man that Maclean’s once named, “Canada’s Sexiest Cerebral Man” plans to lead this country through the early stages of this new century. Aside from the obvious Liberal party rhetoric on the environment, where they have proven themselves to be much more talk than action - we haven’t seen any unique platform points or an agenda that does not seem as though it was created by committee in a caucus meeting.

There have also been some fairly significant missteps. A proposed coalition that was buried before the dust settled in the prairies and support for the Iraq war while a professor at Harvard. In more recent weeks and months we’ve seen Mr. Ignatieff at once support a private member’s bill and within the same breath deride that very bill and send the MP to the back-benches for having proposed it. It is in these flip-flopping actions and in his lack of brevity when explaining his decisions that we see a resemblance to another very intellectual politician that had all the makings of a fine leader, but, lacked the understanding of the world within which he was running - that man was John Kerry.

The similarities almost end there, if it weren’t for the fact that Mr. Ignatieff has yet to run and lose an election to a well-oiled right wing machine.

We’ve seen attack ads being run by the Conservative party over the last few years, in fact, they started to run the day after Mr. Ignatieff formally won the leadership in May 2009. Some modern strategists would say that this would be a good time to address the attacks without addressing them. That positioning yourself as the new guy who is such a threat that the sitting government is willing to run attack ads when you have yet to receive the keys to your office could be seen to the public as providing you credibility in an instant. Instead, Mr. Ignatieff decided to let the ads air without a response. Letting them do exactly what the Conservatives had hoped; to fill the vacuum that existed. Little was known of Mr. Ignatieff in Canada among the citizenry outside of the handful of scholars and intellectuals who had followed his work over the nearly 30 years he was living outside Canada.

Without having run in an election, Mr. Ignatieff had already been swift-boated.

In recent months, he has taken an approach that seems disingenuous. With a bus tour across the country, hosting barbeques and doing his best to seem salt of the earth. Unfortunately for him, it’s a little too late to come across as the everyday politician, especially since nothing on his resume is ‘everyday’ at all. Canadians are not afraid of elitists; in some shape or form most of us consider ourselves to be part of the elite as it is. Canadians as a whole tend to regard themselves as above other nations when it comes to discourse and our knowledge when it comes to matter of government and politics.

The issue we have is with ineffectual leaders who bend more to their advisors and do not listen to their instincts.

Stephen Harper has portrayed himself as a counter-point to Ignatieff, as the hockey loving super-dad who gets his point across bluntly and quickly at the expense of eloquence. His own governing style is one that most Canadians find off-putting and to be deceitful and not in the spirit of good governance. Even with that being the case, he has managed to hold on to his job as Prime Minister with a minority government longer than any other Prime Minister in history has done in his situation. It is not because he is serving up long-winded platitudes and arguments, but because he is making decisions and sticking to them, and even when he does change his mind he convinces the public it was because of thoughtful consternation and not due to poor judgment in the first place.

Mr. Ignatieff nearly pulled the plug on the government in September of 2009 when the recession in the United States was in full swing and the opportunity to unseat the Conservatives seemed within grasp. Instead, he once again bent over to the polls and did not listen to his instincts. With the polls showing that Canadians did not want another election he decided to retreat, further tarnishing his image as someone who epitomizes the Liberal Party of the 21st century as the party of all talk and no action. Is there any coincidence that when the Conservatives had a chance to name their recovery plan, it was named Canada’s “Action” Plan?

That may have been the last chance that Mr. Ignatieff will have at winning an election, even if a minority. Polls always show that Canadians do not want an election. We almost certainly don’t want an election if we don’t have a choice in leaders that we can support; yet, when an election is called we perk up and start to realize there is an opportunity for a fresh new start.

It is not for Mr. Ignatieff to wait it out and hope we realize just how smart he is and how capable, the onus is on him to get out there and campaign properly and show us he can handle the job because if he waits too long, the Conservatives might just find a way to fix all the problems they’ve created in the last few years.

They say that to win, you should campaign in poetry and govern in prose. This is something that should be a natural lesson for a man who has written over 15 novels and though he may be lauded by the critics for his prose, it is time Mr. Ignatieff realizes that he will only win a potential next election with poetry.

G. Wander is trained in the science of politics and the art of sales, having received his B.A. in Political Science as well as having done his previous studies in Business Administration. He worked on various campaigns for Members of Canadian Parliament and volunteered on countless others. He is currently a screenwriter and novelist with various novels in development. He is a self-professed socialist-idealist in his heart, with capitalist-facist tendencies in his head. In other words, perfectly balanced.

The Moderate Voice

Meet Dustin M Dominiak The Creep Who Wrote Gawker Story About Christine O’Donnell

October 29, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

I don’t care what your political affiliation is, what Dustin Dominiak did in Gawker is disgusting.  Dustin wrote an article for Gawker talking about a supposed tryst he had with Delaware Senatorial candidate Christine O’ Donnell on Halloween three years ago (sorry I refuse to link to the Gawker article). Like most sleazy cowards  Dominiak wrote the article anonymously but he was “outed” tonight by website “The Smoking Gun.”

The creep was identified because he borrowed his buddies Boy Scout uniform for his Halloween costume which you could see in the pictures that accompanied the article (the man’s face was cut out but not Ms O’ Donnell’s.

First the Smoking Gun used the uniform to identify Dustin’s friend. The name tag was blacked out in the picture, but not blacked out well enough.  The friend and owner of the uniform Brad Kurisko, 28, is a district executive with a Boy Scouts council in the Philadelphia area.

At first Kurisko admitted that it was his uniform but would not identify who borrowed it.

While Kurisko refused to out “Anonymous,” some online activity this evening may point to the author’s identity. Shortly after his last phone conversation with a TSG reporter, a single name disappeared from Kurisko’s list of Facebook friends.

The man with whom electronic ties were abruptly cut is Dustin Dominiak, a 28-year-old buddy who attended Albion College with Kurisko. Records show that Dominiak has previously shared a Philadelphia address with Kurisko. One online posting reports that Dominiak, a Michigan native, has worked as an auditor at the Federal Reserve in Philadelphia. Dominiak is pictured at left.

Soon after Dominiak’s name vanished from Kurisko’s list of friends, Dominiak’s entire Facebook page (which listed 356 friends) was suddenly deactivated. Perhaps this was Dominiak’s attempt to achieve a greater degree of anonymity.

So when Smoking Gun called again Kurisko gave the scumbag up. Yes he said,  Dominiak is the man pictured with O’Donnell in the Gawker photos. He said that while Dominiak had borrowed his Boy Scouts uniform, he was unaware of the existence of photos of his roommate with O’Donnell.

Here’s a little more Dustin M Dominiak

Dustin M Dominiak is 28 years old. He lives in Albion, Michigan. Other places in which he has lived are Dowagiac, Michigan; Bensalem, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He attended the Albion College and he works as a Financial Analyst. One of his favorite TV shows is Eastbound & Down. His favorite sport is Football. On the internet, Dustin goes by the alias the_buckle_man400001.

I hope Dustin M Dominiak got lots of money from Gawker for his decent into sleaziness, because over the next few days, I am sure lots more will come out regarding Dominiak’s life.  There are probably other creepy incidents in his past, because only a creep “tells.”


Boehner Endorses More Medicare Spending: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss?

October 28, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

By Daniel J. Mitchell

While flipping through the radio on my way to pick my son up from school yesterday afternoon, I was dumbfounded to hear Congressman John Boehner talk about repealing Obama’s Medicare cuts on Sean Hannity’s show.

I wasn’t shocked that Boehner was referring to non-existent cuts (Medicare spending is projected to jump from $ 519 billion in 2010 to $ 677 billion in 2015 according to the Congressional Budget Office). I’ve been dealing with Washington’s dishonest definition of “spending cuts” for decades, so I’m hardly fazed by that type of routine inaccuracy.

But I was amazed that the presumptive future Speaker of the House went on a supposedly conservative talk radio show and said that increasing Medicare spending would be on the agenda of a GOP-controlled Congress. (I wondered if I somehow misinterpreted what was being said, but David Frum heard the same thing)

To be fair, Boehner also said that he wanted to repeal ObamaCare, so it would be unfair to claim that the interview was all Bush-style, big-government conservatism. But it is not a positive sign that Boehner is talking about more spending before he’s even had a chance to pick out the drapes for his new office.

Boehner Endorses More Medicare Spending: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss? is a post from Cato @ Liberty - Cato Institute Blog

Cato @ Liberty

Meet Part of Conservative Tidal Wave Trying to Represent Illinois in Congress

October 27, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

This morning I met three different Illinois Republican Congressional candidates Bob Dold (IL-10), Adam Kinzinger (IL-11) and Bobby Schilling (IL-17) via a conference call hosted by Congressman Peter Roskam (IL-6).

Bobby Schilling is running in the 17th congressional district. Shilling is a small business owner, with his wife he created and runs Saint Giuseppe’s Heavenly Pizza in Moline. His stances are both fiscally and socially conservative.  He supports cutting taxes and spending and is pro-life. Shilling is going to Washington to help fix the government and then leave.  He has created a “contract with the 17th district” with a self-imposed term-limit promising to leave office after 4 terms (which he signed and posted on his site)

Shilling’s opponent Phil Hare is one of the most clueless people in congress. Hare was made famous this past April when he told a constituent  “I don’t worry about the Constitution to be honest.”(he also falsely calls himself a veteran and made threats to the real veteran who asked him about it)

Two additional things in support of Bobby Shilling is the fact that the progressive bullys at the  SEIU has endorsed his opponent and Michele Bachmann has endorsed Shilling.

Right now polls have Shilling ahead by 7%. Caution, while Shilling has all of the right political positions, I have never been to Saint Giuseppe’s Heavenly Pizza so I cannot verify the quality of his pizza (but it has been open for 13 years a good sign).

Adam Kinzinger is the candidate in the 11th Congressional District, an Air Force Captian Kinzinger has served in the Air Force Special Ops, Air Combat Command, Air Mobility Command, and Air National Guard and understands the need for a strong national defense. I was most impressed by Kinzinger’s leadership qualities during the call. When I asked him how he will handle things if GOP leadership tries to push legislation that was fiscally irresponsible, his answer was that he is not going to Washington to become part of the leadership, he was going to do a job and that included reestablishing fiscal responsibility. Kinzinger said that he would fight any legislation that was not fiscally responsible whether it was coming from GOP leadership or the other side of the aisle.

In fact Kinzinger is on both social and fiscal issues, he is pro-life as well as being for tax cuts and tax reform along with cutting spending  He opposes Obamacare and Cap and Trade and is  a strong supporter of Israel, while is opponent, Debbie Halvorson, is  a supporter of the Anti-Israel J Street. Ms Halvorson is so frighted of Kinzinger’s candidacy, that her campaign ran a Astroturf protest accusing the veteran of being a Nazi.

As of today all of the major prognosticators see this as the Captian’s race to lose rating the district either leaning or likely GOP, but as with every other election, it will take a strong turnout of his supporters to guarantee a victory.

Bob Dold who is running in the 10th congressional district, is a small businessman with just the right experience for Congress, you see is company is called  Rose Pest Solutions, a small business founded in 1860.  It is the oldest pest management company in the United States.Now if anyone has the experience to “shake up congress, its a man who knows all about controlling pests. Bob Dold is a mixed bag, he is very conservative on fiscal issues, but liberal on social issues. He is pro-choice, but opposes government funding of abortion and believes in parental notification.

His competitor for the seat,  Dan Seal is a fiscal liberal and more of a social liberal than Dold. Additionally Dold is a “drill here drill now” type of guy while Seal is a “global warming moonbat”

During the conference call Dold introduced a commercial where he receives an endorsement from one of Seals “relatives.”

While polls show Dold behind, he is surging as the DNCC is dumping money into the district to support Mr.Seal his opponent. The Democrats spent $ 632,000 on TV ads in the 10th District race last week, more than double what it had spent in the race previously

If you live in or near these districts take a look at these candidates, as with your help they will be opposing the Progressive Agenda that is driving our country into bankruptcy.


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