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Malloy keeps Rell appointee at DMAS

Gov.-elect Dan Malloy is reappointing Patricia Rehmer as commissioner of the state Department of Public Health and Addiction Services. Rehmer was appointed commissioner by Gov. M. Jodi Rell in Nov., 2009. Before that, she served as the department’s deputy commissioner. “Commissioner Rehmer has been a leader in the fields of mental health and addiction services [...]

Malloy names McCluskey to board of pardons and paroles

Gov.-elect Dannel Malloy has once again turned to the legislature to fill a key appointment. This morning he named state Rep. David McCluskey to the board of pardons and paroles. “David has been a committed public servant for a long time, and I appreciate his willingness to continue that service as a member of the [...]

Malloy appoints Colleen Flanagan as his spokeswoman, Arielle Reich as his director of intergovernmental affairs

Gov.-elect Dan Malloy made two additional appointments today, tapping transition team press aide Colleen Flanagan as his director of communications and Arielle Reich as his director of intergovernmental affairs/special assistant to the governor. Flanagan was a familiar presence in Connecticut news stories during the 2010 election cycle, when she was the sharp-tongued spokeswoman for the [...]

Dr. Jewel Mullen To Be Named CT’s New State Health Director By Gov. Malloy; Appointment On Tuesday

Dr. Jewel Marie Mullen, an acclaimed doctor in Massachusetts, will be named as Connecticut’s new state health director, officials said Friday. Mullen’s appointment will be announced Tuesday, according to the incoming Malloy administration. Mullen currently works for the Boston-based state Department of Public Health in Massachusetts, serving as the director of the Bureau of Community Health and [...]

Both Co-Chairs At Judiciary Committee To Work For Malloy; Family Institute Views Changes As Early Christmas Present

The legislature’s judiciary committee will undergo drastic changes next year as both longtime co-chairmen are taking jobs in the new Malloy administration. Rep. Michael P. Lawlor and State Sen. Andrew McDonald - the leaders in the thick of the battle on controversial issues like same-sex civil unions, gay marriage, and the death penalty - will both step [...]

Sen. Andrew McDonald Named Legal Counsel For Malloy; Roy Occhiogrosso To Handle Communications, Strategy

Two of Democrat Dan Malloy’s closest confidantes - state Sen. Andrew McDonald and political strategist Roy Occhiogrosso - will be joining the new administration. McDonald will step down as a state senator in order to become legal counsel for Malloy in a repeat of the days when he served as corporation counsel for the city [...]

Malloy Names Retired Major, Reuben Bradford, To Lead CT State Police; Current Director Of Security For NFL Football

Former state police major Reuben Bradford has been nominated to lead the state police as the first African American to become the state’s commissioner of public safety. Bradford will not join the department until after the Super Bowl because he has obligations in his current job as the senior director of security for the National Football League. [...]

Jon Pelto vs. Roy Occhiogrosso; Pelto Now Says He’s Saying Exact Same Thing Malloy Campaign Said 5 Years Ago

Two longtime Democratic activists - Jonathan Pelto and Roy Occhiogrosso - had a bit of a dust-up this week over the appointment of a prominent Republican to t  he new administration’s transition team. Governor-elect Dannel Malloy chose well-known Republican Ross Garber, a highly respected attorney, to be a member of the transition committee’s personnel committee. [...]

Governor Malloy Will Sign Executive Order That Would Prevent Erasure of E-Mails From The Rell Adminstration

Governor-elect Dan Malloy said Monday he will sign an executive order that will prevent the erasure of millions of e-mails that have been sent during the Rell administration. Malloy made his comments in response to a Government Watch column in article in Sunday’s Hartford Courant by staff writer Jon Lender that said that officials in the administration [...]

Busy Transition Season In First 30 Days For Malloy; Holds First Meeting For Team; Jon Pelto Criticizes Malloy For Placing Two Rowland Supporters On Transition Team

In the first 30 days since his election, Governor-elect Dan Malloy has been particularly busy - bouncing around the country in an effort to gain as much knowledge as possible before becoming governor. He traveled to Colorado to learn from other governors about the tricks of transitions, budgets, and being the state’s top elected official. He has [...]

Governor-Elect Dannel Malloy On The UConn Health Center; Seeking $100 Million In Federal Money To Upgrade Center

The Hartford Courant’s Rick Green weighs in on the request by the University of Connecticut Health Center for $ 100 million in federal money to revamp the center. Capitol Watch

Malloy At Meeting For New Governors In Washington, D.C.

Governor-elect Dannel Malloy is in Washington, D.C., attending meetings for new governors at the famed Blair House - across the street from the White House. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden delivered remarks to the governors at lunch. The following is part of the pool report from the event by Laura Meckler of The [...]

Malloy On State Budget: “It’s A Mess, It’s Ugly”

Governor-elect Dannel Malloy traveled to Washington, D.C. this week to meet with other new governors, the state’s Congressional delegation, and administration officials, as well as hearing speeches by President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. Kim Geiger, from the Tribune Company’s Washington bureau, filed the following dispatch: Governor-elect Dannel P. Malloy was among about two dozen newly [...]

State Rep. Steve Fontana As Next Insurance Commissioner? No Decisions Made Yet By Governor - Elect Dan Malloy

Will state Rep. Steve Fontana become the state’s next insurance commissioner? Fontana, a veteran Democratic lawmaker from North Haven, is now in the running after losing his re-election bid in an upset that stunned many at the state Capitol. Fontana had been among those seeking to become the next House majority leader, and insiders said [...]

Nov. 2 Election Results Are Certified: Malloy Still Wins

The final tally of the state’s closest gubernatorial election in 56 years entered the historical record Wednesday - with the official certification of Democrat Dan Malloy’s 6,404-vote victory over Republican Tom Foley out of more than 1.1 million votes cast on Nov. 2. “By certifying these election results, we are officially putting into the record [...]