Obama, State Dept., EU, media concoct phony tempest in a Jerusalem teacup

November 9, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

History and facts don’t matter.
American Thinker Blog

Netanyahu responds to Obama: “Jerusalem is not a settlement: Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel”

November 9, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

Netanyahu is a lonely voice speaking the truth in an increasingly insane world. “Netanyahu Sharply Insists on Building in Jerusalem,” by Ethan Bronner in the New York Times, November 9 (thanks to Weasel Zippers):

JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office sharply rejected international criticism of Israel’s most recently announced building plans in East Jerusalem, saying in a statement: “Jerusalem is not a settlement: Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel.”

The statement said that Israel had “never agreed to limit its construction in any way in Jerusalem where 800,000 inhabitants live.”

The comments came on the heels of President Obama’s criticism of the construction plans. Speaking during his visit to Indonesia, Mr. Obama said that the Israeli announcement — plans for 1,000 new units for a contested part of East Jerusalem — added to the difficulties of Israeli-Palestinian talks. “This kind of activity is never helpful when it comes to peace negotiations,” he said, “and I’m concerned that we’re not seeing each side make the extra effort involved to get a breakthrough.”

The statement from Mr. Netanyahu’s office addressed the talks by saying that “Israel sees no connection at all between the peace process and building plans in Jerusalem.”

It also noted that Israeli governments had built housing in Jerusalem for the past 40 years and that Egypt and Jordan had signed peace treaties with Israel during that time….

Jihad Watch

Biden mum on Israel’s East Jerusalem development

November 9, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

In an attempt to shore up support, the VP steers clear of E. Jerusalem housing issue in speech to Jewish groups.
American Thinker Blog

Israel announces East Jerusalem building plans as Netanyahu visits U.S.

November 8, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 


The Israeli government has announced that construction will proceed on more than 1,300 housing units in East Jerusalem. The announcement comes while Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is in the U.S. The U.S. has duly expressed its “disappointment.”

Our readers will recall how incensed the Obama administration became when, during Joe Biden’s visit to Israel, the Israeli Interior Minister unveiled plans to build 1,600 housing units in East Jerusalem. The timing of that announcement apparently was mistake, for which the Israelis apologized. President Obama nonetheless took deep offense and attempted to humiliate Netanyahu when he visited the White House.

The timing of the latest announcement, which comes in advance of a meeting with Secretary of State Clinton, surely was premeditated. Presumably, the timing was intended, at least in part, to demonstrate that Israel is not concerned about the prospect of additional attempts at bullying by Obama administration.

As I suggested last night in connection with Netanyahu’s statement to Biden about Iran, in the aftermath of the American voters’ rebuke to the Obama administration, the one-sided nature of Obama’s relationship with Netanyahu looks like it’s going to change.

Power Line

Bibi, Biden and construction in Jerusalem, again?

November 8, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

This sounds familiar:

Israel has approved more than 1,300 new housing units in occupied East Jerusalem, settlement watchdog Peace Now said on Monday, in what a spokeswoman described as "a big provocation."

"The are three new plans which have been published for public review," Hagit Ofran told Agence France-Presse, saying that most of the new building will be in the sprawling settlement neighbourhood of Har Homa, which is home to more than 7,000 people.

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Ben Smith’s Blog

Bosnian Muslims post tribute video to Nazi ally Hajj Amin al-Husseini, Mufti of Jerusalem

November 5, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

Pamela Geller recalls: “During World War II, the Mufti lived in Berlin, where he met Hitler and traveled in top Nazi circles (he even stayed in Hitler’s bunker toward the end of the war). Among his close friends was Adolf Eichmann, who is commonly thought to be the architect of the Holocaust. Journalist Maurice Pearlman, author of the 1947 book The Mufti of Jerusalem, said that the Mufti advised Eichmann on the best ways to persecute Jews. Hitler gave the Mufti a radio station, which al-Husseini used to preach Nazism and genocide in Arabic.”

The explanation on this video reads: “This video is a small contribution, and small thanks from Bosniaks to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husayni (Let Allah s.w.t be pleased with him) for his spiritual and military leadership against the enemies of the Bosniaks, the faith of Islam and the Homeland.”

And yet the Left and its Islamic supremacist allies would have you believe that the anti-jihadists are the ones dallying with Nazism. Yeah, surrre. The real convergence and harmony of views is between Nazis and Islamic supremacists, as this illustrates yet again.

(Video thanks to Newstime.)

Jihad Watch

Israelis, Australian almost lynched in Jerusalem

November 5, 2010 · Posted in Uncategorized · Comment 

You know how Arabs are frightened for their lives when they accidentally drive through Jewish neighborhoods in Israel?


Three students from the central city of Givatayim and their Australian friend will never forget their nightly drive to Jerusalem’s city center. The three, who picked up the young woman from the Hebrew University’s Mount Scopus campus, almost paid with their lives after taking a wrong turn.

“There were four of us in the car, and we planned to sit in a quiet pub on Ben-Yehuda Street and talk,” the driver, Assaf Ben-Ari, told Ynet on Friday morning. “There were no signs, and since we don’t live in the area we didn’t know how to turn back. We took a right turn on one of the curves and found ourselves on a one-way road in an unfamiliar area.”

…The group had no choice and continued driving according to the instructions, and found themselves in the heart of the neighborhood of Issawiya. They decided to turn back, but were shocked to discover that the road had been blocked.

“I don’t know how they managed, but only two minutes later they set up a barrier which included a barbed-wire fence, chairs, and iron pipes. We were in shock. We suddenly heard an explosion sound in the back, and saw the boy and the adult who we spoke to throwing bricks at us.”

The car’s rear windowpane was smashed, and young men began coming out of the neighborhood houses and throwing stones at the vehicle….Meanwhile, “the entire neighborhood woke up and dozens of young men gathered next to us and waited for us with sticks and stones. I considered escaping from the vehicle or even hiding until the police arrived, but I knew we wouldn’t stand a chance if they found us outside the car. Several minutes later we were surrounded, and I realized that I must drive my car into the barrier if I want to get out of here alive.”

At that moment, he began driving fast while being hit with stones and iron pipes from all directions. “I pressed the gas pedal with all my might, and simply drove into the barrier at 110 kilometers an hour. The barbed-wire fence was caught under the wheels and dragged along. There were sparks in the air.”

After crossing the first barrier, the group was shocked to discover a second trap. “Several meters ahead they placed a row of taxis attached to each other in order to prevent us from passing. Luckily, we managed to get through a small gap between the pavement and the wall, a moment before another taxi arrived to close us in.”

At the same time, three Border Guard jeeps arrived in the area and ensured that there were no injuries. According to the police, “The fighters dispersed the rioters and the matter has been handed over to the minority department.”

“It was like entering a nightmare. They had a look of murder in their eyes,” the driver said after the incident. “Had we stayed there one more minute we wouldn’t be alive anymore. It wasn’t just an attempt to stone us, but an intentional desire to lynch us only several meters way from the university.”

We have to understand how an oppressed minority would want to trap and terrorize four civilians who accidentally wandered into their neighborhood. I’m sure that British gentiles are equally frightened to drive through Golders’ Green and Brooklyn Hispanics are terrified to drive through Flatbush.

(h/t Elder of Lobby)

Elder of Ziyon

Jimmy visits Jerusalem and exposes more hypocrisy

October 22, 2010 · Posted in Uncategorized · Comment 

London’s Al Quds quotes Jimmy Carter as calling for Israel to withdraw from “East Jerusalem”, saying it must become the capital of a Palestinian Arab state.

AFP quotes him as saying, “We will continue to work on a peaceful solution where the Israelis will withdraw from east Jerusalem and let this be the capital of a Palestinian state.”

Since 1948, the entire world has demanded that Israel not establish its capital in even the western part of Jerusalem. Israelis have been told that the eternal Jewish capital and the center of Jewish hopes and dreams for some 3000 years cannot be the capital of the Jewish state, rather it must be in the new city of Tel Aviv. The Green Line, which everyone now remembers as an “internationally recognized border,” was not considered a legal boundary by anyone, and as a result Israel’s declaring Jerusalem as its capital was considered somehow illegitimate.

Even today, practically no country recognizes even the western part of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Instead, the world is demanding that Jerusalem become the capital of a Palestinian Arab state.

Arab interest in Jerusalem was practically nil before the anti-semitic Mufti in the 1920s started politicizing the issue, and then it faded from Muslim and Arab consciousness for the 19 years of Jordanian rule when the Palestinian Arab national cause was all but mute.

Arab interest in Jerusalem is directly proportional to Jewish political rule over the city. It is not inherent; it is derivative. It was never set up as a positive goal but rather a negative one - they didn’t want to establish Jerusalem as an Arab capital, but to deprive Jews of establishing it as theirs.

Nowhere was this clearer than in 1949, when almost the entire Arab world appealed to the UN to make Jerusalem an international city - and expel all Jews who moved there since 1947:

Yes, Arabs wanted to give away the entire city, including Muslim holy places, holy places to the UN in 1949 - for the sole purpose of depriving Jews of controlling even the western part of the city!

Is this how a nation acts towards their capital?

Fast forward back to today. Idiots like Carter insist that a Palestinian Arab state cannot possibly exist without Jerusalem as their capital.

The simple question is - why?

If Tel Aviv must be Israel’s capital according to the entire world, why can Ramallah not be the Palestinian Arab capital?

The fact is that the only reason that people say that Jerusalem must be the Palestinian Arab capital is because the Palestinian Arabs insist upon it, despite the absence of any historical ties to the city as a political or cultural center for the Arab world. Their insistence - wholly predicated on taking away Jewish sovereignty - is regarded as somehow more valuable and authentic than the rich Jewish historical, religious and cultural ties to the city.

The question of Jerusalem exposes the hypocrisy of the world.

Elder of Ziyon

Fatah says western Jerusalem is also “occupied”

October 22, 2010 · Posted in Uncategorized · Comment 

Ma’an has an op-ed from Muhammad Shtayyeh, a member of the Fatah Central Committee, complaining about the OECD Tourism conference being held in Jerusalem this week.

First, holding this conference in illegally-annexed and Israeli-occupied Jerusalem would appear to lend legitimacy to Israel’s universally unrecognized claims to the city. Second, the conference, including the attention and revenue Israel will garner from it, will serve to reward Israel, despite its continuing occupation and colonization of Palestine, including East Jerusalem.

…Our original request to move the meeting to another host country, or even to Tel Aviv, was rejected. Instead, the OECD decided to hold the meeting only in “West” Jerusalem, the area of Jerusalem more commonly viewed as part of Israel. Crucially, however, Israel does not differentiate between East and West Jerusalem, but covets all of Jerusalem as its “eternal and undivided capital.” Palestinians could only wonder what areas of occupied Jerusalem Israel would showcase during the meeting, given that most holy sites are located in occupied East Jerusalem, in particular in and around the Old City.

The OECD said that the meeting would not be in any area that could be construed as disputed or occupied - but the “moderates” from Fatah say otherwise.

Elder of Ziyon

60 Minutes Reports On Silwan, East Jerusalem

October 18, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

Our guest blogger is Joseph Dana, a writer and filmmaker living in Jerusalem.

Silwan is a dangerous neighborhood. Not only because of the simmering political tensions between the Palestinians and the Jewish settlers occupying houses in the city, but also because the neighborhood is one of the centers of the drug trade. But of all the cities and villages in the West Bank, the Palestinians of Silwan have a reputation as being on the forefront of resistance to Israel’s steady takeover of Palestinian land. In fact, they often proclaim that the third intifada will begin in Silwan regardless of what is happening in the rest of the West Bank.

Recently, a thirty five year father of three living in Silwan was shot by a private settler security guard. Days of rioting and clashes between Palestinians and Israeli border police followed. I was in Silwan during these riots and at times it felt as though the third intifada was already underway.

Silwan is located in East Jerusalem’s holy basin, which encompasses the north, east and south of the Old City. Over the past five years, the Israeli government has been encouraging Jewish settlers to settle in the holy basin in order to disconnect East Jerusalem from the rest of Palestine, effectively making an equitable two state solution impossible. From Sheikh Jarrah in the north to Silwan in the south, settlers have been taking over and changing the ethnic make up of what would, according to the 2003 Road Map, become the Palestinian capital.

The method of Israeli acquisition of Palestinian land and property in East Jerusalem varies. In Sheikh Jarrah, Israeli courts have sided with settler organizations attempting to prove that certain houses in the neighborhood were owned by Jewish families before 1948 and thus should be returned to Jewish families today. This, of course, raises the questions about homes belonging to Palestinian families in 1948 in places like Jaffa, Lod, and West Jerusalem. But that question has been left unanswered. Due to the historical depth of Silwan, settler organizations lead by a group named ELAD, which is listed as a 501 c3 charity in the United States, have invested millions of dollars to create archaeological parks which attempt to strengthen the Jewish claim to the land through archaeology.

CBS’ 60 Minutes recently visited Silwan to interview settler leaders, visit their archaeological parks and discuss the situation with Palestinians. Their report began with a tour of ruins with an ELAD representative named Doron Spielman. Spielman’s last position was as an IDF spokesman, and he has recently been featured in the acclaimed documentary Budrus, which describes one West Bank village’s non-violent struggle against the Israeli separation barrier. In the film, Spielman unabashedly defends the arbitrary placement of the separation wall on Palestinian farmland. In the 60 Minutes segment, he defends the paramount importance of Jewish history in Jerusalem above everything, including the rights of Palestinians who have been living in Silwan for generations.

The segment explores the fever pitch at which Israel is working to excavate biblical ruins in order to provide justification for removal of Palestinians from East Jerusalem. The logic on display is clear: The more archaeological ruins that are found in Silwan, the greater rationale for kicking Palestinians out of the neighborhood by demolishing their homes. Shockingly, the 60 Minutes producers do not attempt to water down the story, instead allowing the settlers and their representatives to appear as they are: Zealots hellbent on making permanent Israel’s control over Palestinian East Jerusalem.

Even the secular mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barket, comes across as a politician unwilling to address the suffering of his Palestinian constituents. At one point in the segment, Barket is discussing his plan to demolish twenty two Palestinian houses in order to make room for a garden which will form an important part of the archaeological theme park which he envisions for Silwan. His rationale for demolition is that the houses are considered “illegal” by the Israeli government. What is not explained, however, is that these houses are considered illegal because it is virtually impossible for Palestinians of East Jerusalem to obtain building permits. In a truly Kafkaesque system, Palestinian life is stifled by a myriad of bureaucratic measures which do not allow for any growth.

What is on display in the 60 Minutes segment on Silwan is the complete lack of regard that Israeli officials have for the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem. From the settler leaders of ELAD to the mayor of Jerusalem, the message of intolerance towards the rights of East Jerusalem Palestinians is clear and unavoidable. At this point, the resistance to Israeli occupation in Silwan is unarmed and largely non-violent. However, the aggressive polices of the Israeli government are pushing Silwan toward a violent outcome. Of course, armed resistance would play right into the hands of the settlers and their supporters, enabling them to cast Palestinians as terrorists who simply oppose the existence of Jews in Jerusalem. The 60 Minutes piece clearly shows that this is not the case.

Wonk Room

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