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Pakistan: Jailed Christian woman accused of blasphemy living in constant fear

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For even if she is cleared, she could easily then be murdered by Islamic supremacist vigilantes. “Jailed Pakistani Mother Living in Constant Fear, Husband Says,” from Compass Direct News, January 19:

LAHORE, Pakistan, January 19 (CDN) — A mother of five sentenced to death on “blasphemy” charges has lived in constant fear since the killing of Punjab Gov. Salman Taseer, her husband told Compass as he came out of Sheikhupura District Jail after meeting with her last week.

Ashiq Masih said his wife, Asia Noreen (alternatively spelled Aaysa, and also called Asia Bibi), is “very afraid.” Her conviction triggered a violent chain of events in Pakistan, including the Jan. 4 murder of Taseer by his bodyguard after the governor voiced support for her.

“She knows the Muslims have announced a prize on her head and would go to any lengths to kill her,” a visibly nervous Masih told Compass. “The governor’s murder in broad daylight has put her in a state of paranoia.”

He added that threats by Islamist extremists have dampened Noreen’s hope of getting justice from the Lahore High Court, where her appeal against the conviction has been filed but yet to be taken up….

Jihad Watch

Cheney/Obama Justice: 3 Detainees + 1 Jailed Whistleblower = 19,000 Rich Tax Cheats

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As a July 1, 2009 Wikileak cable released by Norway’s Aftenposten makes clear, the US and Switzerland included the acceptance of three Gitmo detainees and a settlement in a suit accusing UBS of harboring tax cheats-along with an effort to shut down a Swedish company’s business with Iran-in negotiations “resolving all issues between our countries.”

1. (S) Summary: Swiss Minister for Economics and Trade Doris Leuthard called CDA in to advise that the Swiss Federal Councilors had decided in a special session to shut down Swedish firm Colencos commercial activities in Iran. The Minister also reaffirmed the commitment of the Swiss government to accept several detainees from Guantanamo Bay for resettlement in Switzerland. Minister Leuthard made it clear that these two activities were linked to the achievement of a political settlement in the case of Swiss banking giant, UBS. The US court is scheduled to hear arguments in the civil case on July 13 and it is clear that the GOS hopes a settlement can be reached before the hearing date. End Summary.

2. (S) Minister Leuthard began the meeting by describing todays special session of the Federal Council which was focused on what steps the Swiss government could take to advance a political solution of the UBS case. The Council considered action on the Colenco case, long advocated by the USG and a major topic during the February meeting between Secretary Clinton and Foreign Minister Calmy Rey, was one proactive measure the Swiss government could take in this direction.


4. (S) Leuthard then turned the topic of discussion to Swiss willingness to accept several detainees from Guatanamo for resettlement and encouraged us to provide as much data as possible quickly so that the Swiss could move forward. CDA advised that more bio and medical data had been received today and was being delivered via a separate channel.

5. (S) At this point, Leuthard emphasized that these two actions were “elements showing that Switzerland is committed to resolving all issues between our countries.” To bring home the point, she reiterated that this resolve extended especially to finding a political solution to the UBS case.

One of the recipients of the cable was Deputy Assistant Attorney General Bruce Swartz.

Mind you, the Swiss minister in question has denied there’s a “direct link.” So maybe not a direct quid pro quo-just Switzerland “indirectly” doing us two big favors in exchange for our DOJ limiting how many of the rich tax cheats we pursue in Switzerland. But the favors may go both ways: among those reportedly involved in the UBS scandal were American politicians.

It’s bad enough that we traded 3 detainees (two were some of the Uighurs not even the US government claims had anything to do with terrorism, so we should have been able to settle them in the US) for a deal that ended up shielding most of the tax cheats first targeted in the UBS probe.

But not long after the negotiations, we sentenced jailed the whistleblower in the case, Bradley Birkenfeld, to 40 months in prison.I’m still wandering through the docket, but there’s a bunch of sealed documents in it starting the month before this Wikileak cable and continuing up to the point where the judge gave Birkenfeld more time in prison than prosecutors requested.

Birkenfeld’s imprisonment is considered one of the most egregious examples of the government prosecuting whistleblowers rather than the criminals they expose. Perhaps there’s more to Birkenfeld’s troubling imprisonment than it first appeared?

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Jailed Iranian journalist claims Israel, Iran like the status quo

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An interesting article at Al Arabiya:

Jailed Iranian Nader Karimi uncovered an “intimate” relationship between Iran and Israel and vowed to release a book about the information he has when he is set free.

Nader Karimi, an inmate of the Evin Prison in Tehran over charges of destabilizing the regime, said that the animosity between Iran and Israel does not exceed a verbal war that is meant to give the Muslim world the impression that Iran is Israel’s staunch enemy and the protector of Palestinians.

“Observers, journalists, and political analysts got caught in this verbal war and were not capable of delving into the depths of the relationship between the two countries,” Karimi wrote in an article he sent to AlArabiya.net.

Karimi added that the Iranian and Israeli governments have been using journalists to make their “charade” credible and to deceive the world into thinking that they are enemies.

Before writing about the nature of Iranian-Israeli relationships, Karimi decided to hold meetings with representatives of intelligence agencies in both countries.

“I went to Turkey and approached Israeli agents of Iranian origins,” he wrote. “I told them I am an opposition journalist who wants to oust the current regime and that was enough to gain their trust.”

According to what Karimi heard from Mossad agents, the fall of the current regime is not in Israel’s benefit for the time being.

“Israel prefers a weak and isolated regime in Iran because this makes it easier for them to wage those verbal wars that spread terror in the region.”

Karimi said that Iran’s preoccupation with huge armament projects is in fact an Israeli and American plan to which the regime has fallen prey.

Through his meetings with Mossad agents, Karimi found it unlikely that Israel will launch a military attack against Iran.

As for Iranian intelligence agents, Karimi pretended that he made a grave mistake by contacting Mossad agents and he wanted to confess in an attempt to gain an insight of the Iranian intelligence perspective.

After spending 20 hours throughout two weeks with Mossad agents, Karimi spent more than 200 hours interrogated and tortured at Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and National Security until he was finally forced to write confessions of crimes he had not committed.

“However, I have to admit that it was much easier to extract information from Iranian intelligence agents during interrogations than to get similar information from Israeli agents.”

One of the most important conclusions Karimi reached during his long interaction with Iranian intelligence agents is that it was in Iran’s interest to have Israel launch a war of words against it every now and then or even embark on violent actions in the Occupied Territories.

“Israeli actions make it easier for the Iranian government to flex its muscles and to incite Arab public opinion.”

In his article, Karimi pointed out that despite the declared war between Iran and Israel, there are trade relations between the two countries.

“Several goods, like fruits, are brought from Israel, and many Israeli companies have businesses in Iran. They are dealing with the economy of the country they call ‘the enemy’.”

Karimi added that the Iranian government has never made a list of Israeli commodities or companies that should be banned and that it is not expected to do so.

According to Karimi, since the Iran-Iraq war, Iran brokers have been buying expensive weapons and equipment with the help of Israeli brokers.

Some of what he says has a ring of truth to it, but he doesn’t address the elephant in the room: the Iranian nuclear program. If that didn’t exist, then the stuff he says might make sense, but in fact Iran is hellbent on becoming a regional superpower - and acquiring nuclear weapons is only one way to accomplish that.

The existence of the program skews his entire analysis, if he is telling thew truth to begin with.

Elder of Ziyon

Pakistan: Imam and son jailed for life under blasphemy law for alleged damage to poster containing Qur’anic verses

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Former Pakistani information minister Sherry Rehman is now living under death fatwa only for seeking to revise the law where the death penalty was concerned. Even that would not help these two, who found themselves accused amid local rivalries between Barelvi and Deobandi Muslim sects. Anything short of a repeal guarantees the laws will cause future harm.

“Court convicts imam and son for blasphemy,” from Agence France-Presse, January 11 (thanks to Altaqiyya):

MULTAN: A Pakistan court has jailed a Muslim prayer leader and his 20-year-old son for life on controversial blasphemy charges in the rural centre of the country, court officials said Tuesday.

The case follows the killing of Punjab provincial governor Salman Taseer by his bodyguard last Tuesday, after the outspoken politician called for reform of the law that was recently used to sentence a Christian woman to death.

Mohammad Shafi, 45, and his son Mohammad Aslam, 20, were arrested in April last year for removing a poster outside their grocery shop advertising an Islamic event in a nearby village which allegedly contained Quranic verses.

Judge Mohammad Ayub, heading an anti-terrorism court in the central Pakistani town of Muzaffargarh, handed down a life sentence to the pair on Monday, his assistant Faisal Karim told AFP by telephone.

The prosecution alleged organisers of the event, which commemorated the anniversary of the Prophet Mohammad’s birth, said the pair had “pulled the poster down, tore it and trampled it under their feet,” Karim said.

“The judge sentenced them to life imprisonment on charges of blasphemy and ordered them to pay a fine of 200,000 rupees ($ 2,350) each,” he said.

Liberal politicians and human rights activists in Pakistan say the blasphemy law, which carries the death penalty for the worst offences, is sometimes used to settle personal scores and encourages extremism.

Defence counsel Arif Gurmani vowed to challenge the verdict in the high court because “it has been given in haste” and was the result of inter-faith rivalries, he said.

“Both are Muslims. The case is the result of differences between Deobandi and Barelvi sects of Sunni Muslims,” he said….

Jihad Watch

American Jailed for Blasphemy Hate Crime

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The details so far have not been made public by the government, so it’s impossible to tell whether Oklahoman Jesse Quinn Harrison really did transmit threats against Tulsa’s Islamic Peace Academy-or whether he is being held unjustly for exercising his First Amendment rights. The facts of the case that have emerged are these, according to the Tulsa World:

Jesse Quinn Harrison, 33, was charged Tuesday with one count each of transmitting a threatening letter and malicious intimidation or harassment - what Oklahoma statutes call a hate crime.

According to the charges, Harrison is accused of sending a nine-page letter to the Islamic Peace Academy in Tulsa “with the intent to intimidate.”

He also made a video that shows him “smearing pork on the Quran and an Islamic religious figure and grilling those items,” according to the charge.

The charge states that the video was made to “produce violence directed to others because of their religious beliefs.”

The video, which doesn’t show its creator’s face, intersperses images of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States with the grilling of a Quran, a picture of an Islamic figure and two pork chops. Once the items are grilled, they are stacked on a bun and given to a dog.

The Merle Haggard songs “The Fightin’ Side of Me” and “Okie from Muskogee” play in the background.

At the end of the video, a memorial to Michele Heidenberger, a flight attendant who died when terrorists crashed her plane into the Pentagon, is shown on the screen.

The video and a brief anti-Islamic message were posted by Harrison’s account on several additional Facebook pages, including those of the White House and the FBI.

On a Dec. 15 Facebook entry, Harrison threatens to “march on the Tulsa Islamic Mosque” on New Year’s Eve.

Now, I have no idea what was in the letter to the Islamic Peace Academy. If it did contain threats of violence that violated the law, then it was certainly appropriate for the Tulsa police to pick him up. At my suggestion, Robert Spencer tried to contact Mr. Harrison via Facebook (Harrison’s page there is still active), to inquire about the details of the case. Spencer told Harrison that if he had indeed made a threat of violence, Spencer would not help him-but asked for the text of the letter, which Oklahoma authorities aren’t releasing. Harrison has not answered as of this writing.

I suspect that the letter was intemperate, but didn’t contain any real threats of violence. Why do I say that? Because of the way the prosecutors characterized Harrison’s online video, as intended to “produce violence directed to others because of their religious beliefs.” Watch the video for yourself.

It in no way suggests that Muslims or Islamic property should be attacked. Instead, it depicts a book and a picture of Muhammad (although it may be his son-in-law, the Shi’ite hero Ali Ibn Abi Talib) being grilled on a barbecue with a pork chop, then fed to a dog, to the tune of obstreperous, patriotic country music. Goofy, yes. Tasteless? Definitely. Constitutionally protected free speech? Absolutely.

The only way a video like Harrison’s would be illegal would be if it violated blasphemy laws-of the sort on the books in heavily subsidized U.S. ally Pakistan, where Christian Asia Bibi sits on death row, and Salmaan Taseer, the moderate governor of Punjab, one of that country’s largest states, lies dead for having suggested that the blasphemy laws be reformed. As the New York Times reported today, his murder seems to be the fruit of a conspiracy:

A follower of Dawat-e-Islami, a religious party based in Karachi, [the assassin] Mr. Qadri had joined the Special Forces branch of the Punjab police in 2002. At that time, he was declared a security risk because of his extreme religious views and sectarian activities during a routine check by his superior, according to a senior Pakistani police official.

In 2008, Mr. Qadri nonetheless managed to join the Elite Force of Punjab police, and had been assigned to guard the governor, raising alarming questions about the vetting and screening of security personnel, former police officials and associates of the former governor said.

At a market in Islamabad on Tuesday, Mr. Qadri pumped more than 20 rounds into Mr. Taseer’s back, Pakistani media reported, and yet was not fired on by any other member of the security detail, raising still more questions about whether any of the others knew of his plans in advance.

Mr. Qadri immediately surrendered, called himself a “slave of the Prophet,” and indicated that he had killed Mr. Taseer for his campaign against the blasphemy law.

Jihadwatch reported today that Taseer’s murder has been greeted by orthodox Muslim clerics with widespread approval.

If Oklahoma’s standard of evidence for “intent to intimidate” (how it characterized Harrison’s letter) is as arbitrary as its criterion for “produc[ing] violence directed to others because of their religious beliefs,” then the whole case against Harrison is a crock-a chilling American instance of the kind of prosecution that happens all the time in Europe, where when Westerners criticize Muslims, the latter call the cops.

I encourage readers to contact Tim Harris, District Attorney for the Country of Tulsa and ask him to release the text of Harrison’s letter to the press-just to let us know whether he made a real, illegal threat against the safety of Muslim citizens, or whether anti-blasphemy laws are now in effect in Oklahoma. It would be really helpful to know that.

Jihad Watch

UK: Jailed jihadist Abu Hamza’s daughter arrested for trying to smuggle sim card to him under her burqa

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AbuHamza.jpgTo whom might he have been gabbing?

One wonders to whom he was talking, and what they were discussing. “Abu Hamza’s daughter-in-law arrested ‘trying to smuggle sim card into Belmarsh Prison under her burka,’” from the Daily Mail, December 22 (thanks to David):

The daughter-in-law of hate preacher Abu Hamza has been arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle a mobile phone sim card into his jail under her burka.

Chayme Hamza, 26, was apprehended by guards during a routine search when she went to visit the firebrand cleric in Belmarsh high security prison in south-east London last Friday.

Police were called and she was arrested on suspicion of bringing a prohibited article into a prison.

The sim card was found in a pocket in clothing under her burka, according to The Sun.

Hamza’s eldest son Mohamed Kamel Mostafa - Chayme’s husband and a convicted terrorist - was arrested over the same incident the next day….

The arrests have raised fears that Hamza has had access to a mobile phone while he awaits extradition to the U.S on terror charges.

The 52-year-old was jailed for seven years in February 2006 for inciting murder and race hate. He is challenging attempts to extradite him….

Jihad Watch

Iran:Goudarzi, jailed human rights activist was released

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By Hamid Tehrani

Aftab News [fa] ,an Iranian site, reported Kouhyar Goudarzi, jailed blogger and human rights activist was released last week, after being in prison for one year.

Global Voices in English

Iran: Christians jailed for three months over evangelizing activities

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“Christian Zionists,” doncha know: a double whammy in the Islamic Republic. “Iran: Christians jailed for three months over evangelizing activities,” from AsiaNews, December 18 (thanks to C. Cantoni): Tehran (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Nine Christians have been held in prison in Iran for three months without charges. On the day…
Jihad Watch

Unions Recruit Jailed Legislator to Their Cause

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Christian Schneider, a senior fellow at the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, writes of today's strange happenings in the Badger state:

The state public employee unions are trying to ram through their contracts before the new Governor and Legislature take over in January.  This is an unprecedented move - generally, they're taken up months from now - but they know if they can get them through before the whole state government flips to red, they can get about $ 154 million in benefits Gov.-Elect Walker had promised to cut.

The vote is expected to be close, and the unions need every vote.  So they go pick up a disgraced legislator named Jeff Wood, who is SITTING IN PRISON and drive him down to the Capitol.  Wood is in jail on three separate OWI arrests within the span of a year, and lost his seat in the last election.  So the fiscal fate of the state rests in the hands of a lame duck legislator who gets a day off from jail to vote the unions better benefits.

You can read more from Chris here.

Brian Bolduc

The Corner

Pakistan: Ismaili Muslim jailed under blasphemy law for throwing away the business card of a salesman named “Muhammad”

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As far as phony charges go, it’s like they’re not even trying anymore. But this man still sits in jail.

What can one expect of a law that is inherently abusive, except more abuse? The Islamic supremacist spirit underlying Pakistan’s blasphemy laws aims to establish Islam’s dominance and create a climate of fear to maintain it, all the more so that non-Muslims (and those Muslim minorities regarded as such) “feel themselves subdued” (Qur’an 9:29). Cases such as this, and that of Asia Bibi, are then not so much “abuses,” but a predictable outgrowth of the mentality underlying the original law.

Since the law is fundamentally unjust in that it exists to deny freedom of speech and conscience, attempts to “reform” it would be but a fig leaf, and a public relations move to create the illusion of due process and meaningful judicial review. The simple fact remains that there is no “right” way to apply a law that is plainly wrong.

“Pakistan’s blasphemy law claims another innocent victim,” by Jibran Khan for Asia News, December 13 (thanks to Lloyd):

Lahore (AsiaNews) - As protests and appeals for the freedom of Asia Bibi mount, the controversial blasphemy law has claimed another victim from a religious minority, this time of the Ismaili Muslim sect that is headed by the Aga Khan. The episode proves, if proof were ever needed, how the blasphemy law harms Pakistani civil society of [sic]. The incident took place in Hyderabad, the second city of the province of Sindh. Naushad Walyani, a doctor, is in prison for a seemingly trivial gesture. A pharmaceutical salesman, Muhammed Faizan, visited him on December 9 to sell certain products. The doctor ”after taking the business card of the sales representative threw it in the trash” writes a local newspaper. Clearly annoyed by the gesture, Faizan returned later with some colleagues to “teach the doctor a lesson”. A violent quarrel broke out between the two.

The agent threatened to report the doctor for blasphemy for not respecting the sacred name engraved on the business card. According to local media reports, on December 10 Faizal’s colleagues attacked the doctor, who, following a complaint to police under the Blasphemy Act was arrested and is now awaiting trial. His apology and the assurance that he “had no intention of insulting the Prophet by throwing the card in the trash’ has served no purpose. The complaint was supported by local religious leaders.

In the meantime, the debate on the need to change or abolish the blasphemy law continues. In London and New York Pakistani Christians held demonstrations in front of the national consulate and United Nations Headquarters. The protesters demanded the release of Asia Bibi, who was sentenced to death for blasphemy. They handed over a memorandum demanding the immediate release of women and protested against the decision of Lahore High Court to prevent the President Asif Ali Zardari from pardoning her before the appeal proceedings. The High Court however, has not yet set a hearing date to review the ruling. The blasphemy law continues to be used as a sword of Damocles over the heads of Christians and other religious minorities who know they can be accused at any time, and that the law and the police are not on their side….

Jihad Watch

Atheist living under Palestinian Authority jailed for “defaming Islam”

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Of course, even that is almost never enough: “days after his arrest, shocked residents called for him to be killed as a warning to others.”

And regardless of the outcome of this case, there also remains the issue of his apostasy from Islam. If “shocked residents” want him dead just for his postings on the Internet, his life would be as much or more in jeopardy since Muhammad himself commanded that apostates be killed.

An update on this story. “Palestinian atheist jailed for weeks apologizes,” by Diaa Hadid for the Associated Press, December 6 (thanks to all who sent this in):

JERUSALEM - A Palestinian atheist jailed for more than a month for sharing his anti-Islam views on the Internet has apologized for offending Muslims, and a Palestinian military spokesman said he expected “positive” developments in the case.

Rights groups have criticized his arrest as a demonstration of the limits on free speech under the Western-backed Palestinian Authority, which has trawled Internet sites like Facebook as part of a crackdown on dissent and unpopular views.

And they’re supposed to be the “moderate” guys.

The 26-year-old blogger, Walid Husayin — who had called the Muslim God a “primitive Bedouin” and Islam a religion of “irrationality and ignorance” — apologized in a letter to his family and to all Palestinians and sought forgiveness for what he called his “stupidity.”

“I apologize for the offence I have caused against the monotheistic faiths, particularly Islam,” the letter read.

Palestinian military police arrested Husayin on Oct. 31 after he posted comments deemed offensive to Islam on his Facebook page and blog. Defaming Islam is a crime in the West Bank.

A friend said Husayin posted the apology on his blog on Nov. 29, most likely with the hope that it would lead to his release. He spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

He posted the apology from a Palestinian military lockup in the northern West Bank town of Qalqilya, his hometown. It was not known whether prison authorities were aware or if the letter was part of an agreement for his release.

He has yet to be charged, Palestinian military spokesman Ahmed Mubayad said Monday. He hinted at the possibility Husayin could be released in the coming days by saying “there’ll be something positive,” but did not mention the apology letter.

Husayin’s earlier entries attacking Islam on an Arabic-language blog have been taken down, though his remarks in an English-language post are still online.

On Sunday, New York-based Human Rights Watch criticized Husayin’s detention as a violation of freedom of expression and called for his release.

Palestinian Authority spokesman Ghassan Khatib declined to comment on Monday, saying he was still waiting for complete information on the case.

Husayin’s arrest rattled his religiously conservative town, Qalqilya, where he had been known as a quiet man who worked in his father’s barber shop and prayed with his family at the mosque on Fridays.

Husayin’s writing appeared aimed at provoking Muslims. He made Facebook profiles claiming he was God, called the Prophet Muhammad a philanderer and penned spoof verses of the Muslim holy book, the Qur’an.

Days after his arrest, shocked residents called for him to be killed as a warning to others.

Jihad Watch

Army veteran and double amputee jailed for stalking Fred Phelps

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Topeka Kansas’ Westboro Baptist, a so called church whose congregation consists of two extended families, is an execrable organization.

Because of America’s toleration of homosexuality, its pastor, the Reverend Fred Phelps, believes that God wants to punish America.

Yes, these are the hyenas who protest at veterans’ funerals holding signs that say “God Loves Dead Soldiers.”

Ryan Newell, a decorated veteran and double amputee, is accused of stalking Phelps and his being held in a Wichita jail. He also is facing aggravated battery and weapons charges, as the Wichita Eagle reports:

The weapons charges accuse Newell of unlawfully carrying and concealing or possessing with “intent to use” an M4 rifle, .45-caliber Glock handgun and .38-caliber Smith and Wesson handgun. Besides the weapons, Newell also had more than 90 rounds of ammunition in his vehicle, sources said.

I am grateful for his service to our nation. But what Newell is accused of is in no way acceptable.

As for Phelps, he may be a disbarred attorney, but I’m sure he knows the law inside and out, backwards and forwards.

Let God deal with this trash.

The Eagle has video of Newell’s first court appearance.

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Parents Jailed, Children Confiscated Over Spanking

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A major impediment to the advancement of statism is the family, which exposes children to values that may not conform to Big Government’s agenda. The progressives running Sweden address this problem by pushing parents out of the business of parenting. Since spanking not only upholds parental authority but instills discipline, undermining the goal of reengineering the human race as a sty full of whiny, flabby, state-dependent perpetual children, it is forbidden:

A Swedish district court has sentenced a couple to nine months each in prison and fined them the equivalent of US $ 10,650 after they admitted to spanking three of their four children as a normal part of their parenting methods. …

There is no indication of abuse by the parents in the released documents, with the court noting that the parents “had a loving and caring relationship with their children.” …

The children have been remanded to state-sponsored foster care since early this summer, and Mike Donnelly, Director of International Relations for the US-based Home School Legal Defence Association (HSLDA), told LifeSiteNews.com that it is “extremely unlikely” that the children will ever be returned to their family home. …

“Parenting has been outsourced, or simply directly taken over by the state in Sweden,” Donnelly said. …

Ninety percent of Swedish children are in publicly funded day care from extremely early ages, as young as a year or 18 months, he said. It is the position of the state that parents are overruled by the state in areas of child rearing, he said.

As in Nazi Germany, homeschooling is also forbidden in Sweden’s socialist utopia. If the wealth you create isn’t yours but the government’s, why shouldn’t the same be true of your children?

On a tip from Mats.


Stupid IRS Tricks-Tax Refunds Given To Jailed Convicts With No Income

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Here’s another example of government waste that makes you want to go in a room close all the windows and doors so no one hears you and just scream bloody murder. According to a new report released by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration-TIGTA (see below) Nearly 50,000 prisoners claimed more than $ 130 million in refunds without bothering to report wage information. I always thought you had to pay witholding to get a refund…

In addition, TIGTA found that the majority of tax returns the IRS identifies as being filed by prisoners are not being sent to screening to assess fraud potential. Our review identified 253,929 (88 percent) of the 287,918 tax returns filed by a prisoner as of March 24, 2010, were not selected for screening. Of those tax returns not screened, 48,887 individuals had no wage information reported to the IRS by employers. These 48,887 prisoners claimed refunds totaling more than $ 130 million including Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) claims of $ 78.5 million. Some of these refunds may have been stopped by other compliance activities. For example, TIGTA determined that the IRS prevented the issuance of nearly $ 18.1 million in EITC claims for 4,532 of the 48,887 prisoner tax returns.

In other words, the IRS had the technology to easily look at those returns. But there is more, you see, five years ago the IRS was warned by the TIGTA that prisoner returns were a problem.
In Fiscal Year 2005, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration conducted an audit to determine the effectiveness of IRS procedures for detecting potentially fraudulent prisoner refund tax returns. Our review concluded that there may be other fraudulent prisoner tax returns of which the IRS is not aware. The total number of tax returns screened is based on two factors: 1) the likelihood that fraud is present and 2) the availability of resources to work the cases. Each refund tax return is given a “data mining score” based on certain criteria. The higher the score, the greater the chance the refund could be fraudulent. The Criminal Investigation Division also used other criteria to screen tax returns. The number of tax returns screened is based on these criteria and the resources available. If a tax return filed by a prisoner does not meet these criteria, it will not be reviewed to determine if it is fraudulent. The IRS continues to identify tax returns filed by prisoners during tax return processing. However, the IRS has established selection criteria that result in the majority of these tax returns never being sent to screening to assess fraud potential.
OK, maybe its me, but one would think that it makes sense that when the IRS decides which tax returns should be looked at more closely jailed criminals should be near the top of the list (right behind politicians).  This the third time in recent years the TIGTA has pointed out that prisoner fraud is a growing and expensive problem (the 2005 report that the prisoner tax refund problem had been reported as early as 1995 under a different inspector general). As we look at where to find government waste, it seems that the TIGTA recommendations should be implemented as soon as possible.



Abbas represents jailed terrorist leader at his daughter’s wedding

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Palestine Press Agency reports that Mahmoud Abbas gave away Marwan Barghouti’s daughter at a huge wedding ceremony in Ramallah.

The guests included a Who’s Who of Fatah leadership, including Ahmed Qurei (“Abu Ala”,) Tawfiq Tirawi, Mohammed Dahlan, Azzam al-Ahmad, Issa Qaraqe, as well as Arab member of the Knesset Ahmed Tibi.

Abbas told the audience that he was “honored to represent my brother Marwan Barghouti” in giving his daughter away.

Barghouti was a senior member of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terrorist groups responsible for many attacks against civilians on both sides of the Green Line.

Here are some of the terror attacks he oversaw:

Jun 12, 2001 - The murder of a Greek Orthodox monk on the road to Ma’ale Adumim.
Jan 17, 2002 - The shooting attack during a bat mitzva celebration at a banquet hall in Hadera. Six Israelis were killed in this attack, 26 were injured.
Jan 22, 2002 - The shooting spree on Jaffa Street in Jerusalem. Two Israelis were killed, 37 wounded.
Feb 25, 2002 - The shooting attack in the Jerusalem residential neighborhood of Neve Ya’acov. One Israeli policewoman was killed, 9 Israelis were wounded.
Feb 27, 2002 - The murder of an Israeli at a coffee factory in the Atarot industrial zone of Jerusalem.
Feb 27, 2002 - The suicide attack perpetrated by Daryan Abu Aysha at the Maccabim checkpoint in which two policeman were injured.
Mar 5, 2002 - The shooting spree at the Tel Aviv Seafood restaurant. Three Israelis were killed, 31 wounded.
Mar 8, 2002 - A suicide terrorist was killed in Daheat el Barid as he was on his way to carry out an attack in Jerusalem.
Mar 27, 2002 - The interception of an ambulance and the confiscation of an explosive belt which was being smuggled from Samaria into Barghouti’s terrorist infrastructure in Ramallah.
Marwan Barghouti was also directly responsible for operating the terrorist cell of Raed Karmi in Tulkaram which carried out a series of deadly terrorist attacks.

Although Barghouti pretended to be only a political figure, the IDF gathered much evidence linking him to the attacks and to the terror infrastructure of Fatah.

Here is a 2001 letter requesting money to pay “fighting brethren” that Barghouti notated before handing it to Arafat (bottom signature is Barghouti’s, left side is Arafat’s handwritten approval)

But Mahmoud Abbas is a man of peace, so his praise and friendship for a convicted terrorist is not important at all. To mention it would just distract from his wondrous moderation that we hear so much about.

Elder of Ziyon