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Dec 10

WikiLeaks Reveals American Contractors’ Involvement In Afghan Pedophile Ring

This is horrific.

Many of DynCorp’s employees are ex-Green Berets and veterans of other elite units, and the company was commissioned by the US government to provide training for the Afghani police. According to most reports, over 95 percent of its $ 2 billion annual revenue comes from US taxpayers.

And in Kunduz province, according to the leaked cable, that money was flowing to drug dealers and pimps. Pimps of children, to be more precise. (The exact type of drug was never specified.)

Since this is Afghanistan, you probably already knew this wasn’t a kegger. Instead, this DynCorp soiree was a bacha bazi (“boy-play”) party, much like the ones uncovered earlier this year by Frontline.

For those that can’t or won’t click the link, bacha bazi is a pre-Islamic Afghan tradition that was banned by the Taliban. Bacha boys are eight- to15-years-old. They put on make-up, tie bells to their feet and slip into scanty women’s clothing, and then, to the whine of a harmonium and wailing vocals, they dance seductively to smoky roomfuls of leering older men.

After the show is over, their services are auctioned off to the highest bidder, who will sometimes purchase a boy outright. And by services, we mean anal sex: The State Department has called bacha bazi a “widespread, culturally accepted form of male rape.” (While it may be culturally accepted, it violates both Sharia law and Afghan civil code.)

After this incident occurred, a horrified Afghan minister went to the U.S. State Department — to keep reporters from finding out.

But according to the leaked document, Atmar, the Afghani interior minister, was terrified this story would catch a reporter’s ear.

He urged the US State Department to shut down a reporter he heard was snooping around, and was horrified that a rumored videotape of the party might surface. He predicted that any story about the party would “endanger lives.” He said that his government had arrested two Afghan police and nine Afghan civilians on charges of “purchasing a service from a child” in connection with the party, but that he was worried about the image of their “foreign mentors,” by which he apparently meant DynCorp. American diplomats told him to chill. They apparently had a better handle on our media than Atmar, because when a report of the party finally did emerge, it was neutered to the point of near-falsehood.

You can read the cable here. More at The Guardian here.

Outside the Beltway

Nov 10

The Evidence That Shows Hezbollah’s Involvement In The Murder Of Rafik Hariri

Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) features an entensive report on Who killed Lebanon’s Rafik Hariri?, noting in particular how one man laid the groundwork for uncovering Hezbollah’s involvement in the murder, after the UN’s own failure to investigate properly:

It wasn’t until late 2007 that the awkwardly titled UN International Independent Investigation Commission actually got around to some serious investigating.

By then, nearly three years had passed since the spectacular public murder of Lebanon’s former prime minister Rafik Hariri.

According to the report, after the UN was unable to get any solid leads, it was Capt. Wissam Eid who alone assembled the evidence that showed Hezbollah’s involvement
. He got the phone records of all of the cellphones registered with the cell towers in the area of the explosion, deleting those of those who were killed, in Hariri’s entourage and those with alibis-resulting in a list of the ‘red’ phones used by the actual hit team. He then traced which cellphone towers the red phones had used prior to the assassination and was able to determine that the people using them had been tracking Hariri.

Eid also discovered that each person with a red phone had a secondary phone, used to contact network of phones that had existed for at least a year-this was called the ‘blue’ network

The big break came when an electronics specialist working for Hezbollah-Abd al Majid al Ghamloush-used one of the blue phones. That slip led Eid to 2 brothers, Hussein and Mouin Khreis. Not only were both of them Hezbollah operatives-one of them had been at the site of the explosion.

Capt. Eid was able to continue identifying phones associated with the hit team and uncovered a third network-the ‘yellows’-which constituted a longer-term surveillance team.

All this led to the discovery that everything he uncovered connected to land lines inside Hezbollah’s Great Prophet Hospital in South Beirut, where Hezbollah is believed to have a command center. Furthermore, it was possible to identify a network of ‘pink phones’ that communicated with both the hospital and the other networks.

The pink phones themselves were issued by the Lebanese government-and when the record for these phones was obtained from the ministry of communications, it was found that in a long column of 6 digit numbers there were 4 which were highlighted, and beside them in Arabic was the word “Hezbollah”.

It was at this point that Eid was contacted by Hezbollah, which claimed that some of the phones he was investigating were being used by Hezbollah as part of a counter-espionage operation against Mossad spy agency-and that he needed to back off.

That veiled warning was followed by a failed attempt to kill Lt.-Col Shehadeh, Eid’s boss.
On January 25, 2008, Eid himself was murdered in an explosion.

The Washington Post notes that the CBC has been warned by a U.N. attorney that he would inform the Canadian authorities that the news agency had obtained privileged U.N. documents. Considering the fact that the UN at one point lost track of Eid’s findings and that they failed to anticipate the danger he was in, it is understandable why the UN would not want details to leak out.

The other question of course is to what degree Syria and Iran are involved in the murder of Hariri-Hezbollah does not blow its nose, let alone its enemies, without the approval of its backers. But at this point, considering how the UN has allowed the trail to grow cold, it is unlikely that any linkage will be made.

More at Memeorandum

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Daled Amos

Nov 10

Iran’s involvement in a Nazi website

Last week, Barry Rubin had a scoop:

Is Iran’s government sponsoring an Internet site that extols the German Nazis, their history and achievements, including the antisemitism that the current Iranian regime also supports? Or is it merely permitting one to operate in its highly censored communications’ system?

Here are the facts. There is a discussion group site entitled IranNazi that has an Iranian internet URL. It is written in Persian and seems to have begun on August 24. All the material on the site is pro-Nazi and features pictures of Adolph Hitler, the swastika, and goose-stepping German soldiers. There is an English-language part as well.

This site pretends to be an association for the research of Nazism and to be “completely historical and scientific.”

کاملا پژوهشی و علمی تاریخی است

It includes such topics as claims that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the well-known antisemitic forgery is true; insistence that the mass murder of Jews by the Nazis never happened and is in fact a lie; makes the prediction that Israel will collapse in five years; and highlights cartoons and satire ridiculing the Holocaust. All four of these positions are also taken by the Iranian government and official media.

The main page includes the following message:

این تارنما طبق قوانین جمهوری اسلامی ایران و تحت نظارت کارگروه رسانه های دیجیتال وزارت فرهنگ و ارشاد جمهوری اسلامی فعالیت می کند .

In English it means: “This website is under Islamic Republic of Iran laws and it is under the supervision of the working committee on Digital Media of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.”

Iran does not have freedom of speech and certainly not freedom of the Internet. Given the tight censorship in Iran and the fact that all sites are closely monitored, permission to publish-especially to claim government sponsorship-is evidence of state backing.

So is this, then, a state-backed site, showing just how far the regime has gone in boosting Nazism historically and antisemitism or a private initiative by some Iranian immigrants in the United States who are supporters of the Iranian regime? Is the statement on the site, which has not been suppressed by the government, accurate? It isn’t completely clear.

A very well-informed and highly credible Iranian notes that the fact that it isn’t blocked “is a significant indication that the government at least does not have problem with it.” The deputy minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance is Muhammad Ali Ramin, who was President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s advisor on Holocaust issue and founder of Holocaust Institute in Tehran and the president of the conference of Holocaust; A Global Perspective, which denied that the mass murder of Jews never took place.

I was skeptical. I did a little digging; the server of the group is physically in Arizona and the other websites on the same Iranian host were the usual assortment of random Internet sites: one selling videos, one apparently selling perfume. The site seemed to be just another site set up by some Jew-hater.

Al-Arabiya, however, seems to be taking it as seriously as Rubin did, as the site was specifically allowed by Iran:

Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic guidance lifted the block it had imposed on a pro-Nazi and anti-Jewish website, amid concerns by both conservatives and reformists.

While it blocks around five million political, cultural, religious, and “indecent” websites, the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance permitted the operation of a website called, also called the Center for Historical Studies on World War I and Nazism.” The website is run by a group called the Center for Nazi Iranian Studies.

The re-opening of the website was met with objections in Iranian political circles, which was shown in the reactions of both the pro-government website Tabnak and the pro-reformist Rooz Online.

Tabnak demanded that the Iranian government provides an explanation for allowing the website to operate while Rooz Online accused deputy minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance is Muhammad Ali Ramin of being behind lifting the ban on the website.

Rooz reported that Ramin had connections with neo-Nazis when he lived in Europe and that he is known for his support for Nazi ideas.

Ramin is also the founder of the Holocaust Institute in Tehran and was the president of a conference called Holocaust: A Global Perspective, which denied the extermination of Jews by the German Third Reich.

The website published a statement about the previous ban imposed on it after its administrators were accused of insulting religious minorities. After the re-launch, they called on visitors to use the word “Zionist” instead of “Jew.”

The website has several chat rooms that are categorized according to the topics users want to discuss like Third Reich, Second World War, principles of Nazism, and the ideas of Adolf Hitler.

It is indeed significant that the Iranian regime specifically unbanned this site while it continues to censore millions of others.

Elder of Ziyon

Oct 10

The Media Got it Wrong on Iran’s Involvement in Iraq

Picture 3

With the release last week of another cache of classified documents via Wikileaks, we’ve learned a few things about the war in Iraq. One of the highlights, if it can be called that, is just how heavily involved Iran was in a proxy war against the US forces in Iraq. The NY Times covered it in a front page story Saturday:

During the administration of President George W. Bush, critics charged that the White House had exaggerated Iran’s role to deflect criticism of its handling of the war and build support for a tough policy toward Iran, including the possibility of military action.

But the field reports disclosed by WikiLeaks, which were never intended to be made public, underscore the seriousness with which Iran’s role has been seen by the American military…

Citing the testimony of detainees, a captured militant’s diary and numerous uncovered weapons caches, among other intelligence, the field reports recount Iran’s role in providing Iraqi militia fighters with rockets, magnetic bombs that can be attached to the underside of cars, “explosively formed penetrators,” or E.F.P.’s, which are the most lethal type of roadside bomb in Iraq, and other weapons. Those include powerful .50-caliber rifles and the Misagh-1, an Iranian replica of a portable Chinese surface-to-air missile, which, according to the reports, was fired at American helicopters and downed one in east Baghdad in July 2007.

In short, the new leak is replete with evidence of Iran’s role - but notice the first sentence above. It says that “critics charged that the White House had exaggerated Iran’s role.” Who were these critics, the ones who got it so wrong? They were legion, but some of the most high profile critics could be found in the media’s ranks, including at the editorial board of the NY Times.

To fully appreciate this story, you need a bit of context. Starting in mid-2006, EFP attacks on coalition forces started to rise. By the end of the year, the NY Times reported that in all of Iraq excluding Anbar, EFPs were responsible for 30% of coalition deaths. It is widely understood these EFPs are being supplied by Iran, yet in December 2006 Time magazine publishes a piece highlighting Iran’s positive response to the Baker-Hamilton plan and claiming that Iran is really and truly concerned about stability in Iraq:

Iran is…increasingly concerned about the need to stabilize Iraq, say TIME’s sources, in contrast to U.S. charges that Tehran is fueling instability there. The sources indicate that Iranian officials essentially agree with the Baker-Hamilton conclusion that while Iran gains an advantage from having the U.S. mired in Iraq, its long-term interests are not served by Iraqi chaos and territorial disintegration. “Iran would love to see the situation stabilized in Iraq,” says a source. “That is a very important concern for Iran. But Iran doesn’t want to see the U.S. declare victory, in case the Americans would like to attack Iran next.”

Less than two weeks after Time publishes this Iranian call for stabilization, American forces raid the compound of a Shia leader in Iraq and discover he is harboring the #3 man in Iran’s revolutionary guard. The Washington Post reported what this Iranian General had on him at the time:

detailed weapons lists, documents pertaining to shipments of weapons into Iraq, organizational charts, telephone records and maps, among other sensitive intelligence information. Officials were particularly concerned by the fact that the Iranians had information about importing modern, specially shaped explosive charges into Iraq, weapons that have been used in roadside bombs to target U.S. military armored vehicles.

President Bush went public with the scope of Iran’s activity in Iraq on January 10, 2007. That very night, soldiers in Iraq raided an Iranian consular office in Irbil and detained five individuals, all of them Iranian agents tied to the Revolutionary Guard. Meanwhile, on MSNBC, Chris Matthews was hounding Tony Snow with the suggestion that President Bush was starting a “drumbeat” for an “extra-constitutional” war against Iran:

My concern is we‘re going to see a ginning-up situation whereby we follow in hot pursuit any efforts by the Iranians to interfere with Iraq. We take a couple shots at them, they react. Then we bomb the hell out of them and hit their nuclear installations without any action by Congress. That‘s the scenario I fear, an extra-constitutional war is what I‘m worried about. [Emphasis added]

Notice there’s no real concern about Iran’s actions in Iraq, just about what the US might do in response. Keeping with the focus on the US as the real problem, the next day Juan Cole wrote a story for Salon about the Irbil raid headlined “Did the US just provoke Iran?“:

For months, rumors of war between the United States and Iran have been building. Many fear that President Bush is spoiling for a fight, and they’ve begun to interpret various developments in the region as the run-up to an attack on Tehran…President Bush’s speech on Wednesday night only stoked such speculation…he rattled sabers at Iran with some ferocity, accusing it of arming insurgents in Iraq and threatening it with international isolation…

if Bush were to escalate the regional conflict and try to involve Iran, the assault on the Iranian consulate in Irbil suggests the ways in which he would justify his actions. He and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have begun speaking, without presenting any evidence, of Iranian aid to groups killing U.S. troops in Iraq — hence the reference to “networks” in his Wednesday speech. [emphasis added]

The suggestion is clear. This is Bush belligerence sans evidence.

One week after Cole’s analysis appeared on Salon, a group of 12 Iranians belonging to Quds Force, a division of the Revolutionary Guard, raided a US compound in Karbala and kidnapped 5 soldiers. This is, perhaps not coincidentally, the same number detained by the US in the Irbil raid. All five of the kidnapped men are later found dead. Apparently, undeterred, Juan Cole writes a follow up for Salon titled “The Danger of Bush’s Anti-Iran Fatwa.”  Again, the focus is on Washington, not Tehran:

Maybe the spark for a wider conflict is just what the increasingly desperate President Bush seeks. His fixation on Iranian activities in Iraq cannot be explained by his cover story, which is that Tehran is supplying weapons to forces that kill U.S. troops. To date, no hard evidence that the Iranian government is sending high-powered weaponry into Iraq has been made public, and no credible proof may be forthcoming. In general, one should take such claims with a large grain of salt …

The Bush administration may also be casting about for some issue that will galvanize the American public and give it a pretext to expand its presence in Iraq despite how badly the war has gone. Any leaders of a failing war effort are always tempted by a strategy of escalation. Announcing open hunting season on all Iranian visitors to Iraq is like playing Frisbee with nitroglycerin. Bush has gone looking for trouble and is likely to find it.

Two days after Cole’s attack on the Bush administration’s motives, the NY Times published an editorial that reads like a slightly more nuanced follow up. It’s titled “Bullying Iran:”

We have no doubt about Iran’s malign intent, just as we have no doubt that Mr. Bush’s serial failures in Iraq have made it far easier for Tehran to sow chaos there and spread its influence in the wider region. But more threats and posturing are unlikely to get Iran to back down. If Mr. Bush isn’t careful, he could end up talking himself into another disastrous war, and if Congress is not clear in opposing him this time, he could drag the country along.

The drumbeat began during Mr. Bush’s recent speech on Iraq, when he vowed to “seek out and destroy” Iranian and Syrian networks he said were arming and training anti-American forces…

Mr. Bush’s bullying may play well to his ever shrinking base. But his disastrous war in Iraq has done so much damage to America’s credibility — and so strained its resources — that it no longer frightens America’s enemies. The only ones really frightened are Americans and America’s friends.

Again, its impossible to mistake the tone for anything but a suggestion that Bush is an irresponsible cowboy. I think it’s probably safe to conclude that the Iranian mullahs applauded that editorial, even as they continued sending bombs, rifles and money across the border to kill our soldiers.

The Bush administration noticed the narrative that was being constructed at the time. Press Secretary Tony Snow told the AP in February:

I don’t think there’s a change of tone on our part,” Snow said. “I think that there have been attempts, with all due respect, in the press to try to whip this up — is the administration going after Iran.”

“This is providing — presenting evidence to the effect that there’s been the shipment of weaponry, lethal weaponry into Iraq, some of it of Iranian providence,” Snow added. “And this is something that we think if the president of Iran wants to put a stop to it, we wish him luck and hope he’ll do it real soon.”

And to be fair, not everyone in the MSM followed the US as villain story line. One excellent exception, which looks even better in light of recent evidence, is this 2007 interview Diane Sawyer did with President Ahmedinejad:

But the fact remains that many in the media seemed eager to either downplay what Iran was doing in Iraq or even suggest the story was an intentional US provocation. As we now know, that wasn’t the case. Iran was involved in a serious effort to oppose the US in Iraq and this fact was neither invented, nor exaggerated.

[For a much more detailed account of Iran's proxy war with the US in Iraq, please visit my detailed and carefully sourced Timeline of events covering 2003 to mid 2007.]

Big Journalism

Oct 10

GOP Challenger Denies Involvement With Biker Gang

Republican congressional challenger Allen West — the latest Republican House candidate to be embroiled in a personal scandal — denied on Saturday that he has ever been affiliated with a controversial motorcycle club that has ties to criminal activity.

In an interview with Hotline On Call West said flatly that the issue is a nonstarter because the club does “not accept blacks, Jews or gays” in their membership. (West is black.) He has, however, written a column for a magazine that appears to endorse — if not promote — the Outlaws biker club.

West also said he will not be attending a rally for the magazine Saturday evening despite being listed on advertisements as a featured speaker.

The Republican is challenging Rep. Ron Klein (D) in FL 22 for the second time and is a favorite of the Tea Party. He has been a fundraising dynamo, outraising Klein in the third quarter by a $ 1.7M to $ 783K margin. He also has $ 1.6M in the bank to Klein’s $ 270K, a difference that is particularly worrisome for Democrats.

But this latest scandal could seriously hurt his chances. On Friday, NBC news reported that West was tied to The Outlaws, a motorcycle club associated with criminal activity. NBC produced an email from West supporter that warned him that a “criminal organization members in leather riding up [I]-95 is not the picture Allen wants.”

West, NBC reported, replied by emailing: “Please no more references to ‘criminal’. I was never more amazed at how members of the Outlaws guarded me during an interview.”

In an interview Saturday, West denounced the report as a “liberal character assassination attack.”

“This most recent desperate insidious attack where Lisa Myers [of NBC News] did her piece where they are trying to associate me as a member of the Outlaw motorcycle club,” he said. “If she did her research, she’d know that the Outlaws do not accept blacks, Jews or gays.”

The DCCC has cried foul because West has written a column for “Wheels On The Road,” a South Florida biker magazine that includes demeaning photos of women. The magazine also appears to endorse the Outlaws; the publisher, “Miami Mike,” wrote about going to an Outlaw party in the September issue this year.

“There is no connection between the Outlaws motorcycle club and the magazine,” West said. “There certainly is no connection with myself and the club.”

With regard to his column, West said it goes out to other blogs and magazines in addition to “Wheels On The Road.”

“I was asked to do that [column] by the editor because he wanted the South Florida biker community to learn more about politics,” West said.

West is skipping a rally for the magazine Saturday night. He was listed as a speaker on fliers for the event.

“I’m not going because its been a long day and I’m just going to be here with my wife and kids,” he said.

West is the latest Republican challenger to face a personal scandal. In the past few weeks, Tom Ganley (R) has seen his chances against Rep. Betty Sutton (D-OH) fade because of allegations of sexual misconduct. Similarly, Rich Iott (R), who is challenging Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D), is struggling to recover from pictures of him in a Nazi uniform.

Hotline On Call

Oct 10

Adler doesn’t actually deny democrat involvement in pushing for phony tea party candidate

In a debate last night between former Jon Corzine crony and now Pelosi puppet Rep. John Adler and republican nominee John Runyan, the topic of the phony tea party candidate was brought up.
Last week, news broke of democrats spearheading the effort of placing unknown Peter DeStefano, as the tea-party candidate on the ballot. All in the effort to rob votes away from Runyan. Tea party organizations from across the 3rd Congressional District in New Jersey deny having any knowledge of DeStafano and unanimously claim this man is not a member of any of their organizations.

Liberty Pundits Blog

Sep 10

Cover-up: Democratic Congresswoman Continues to Deny Involvement With Palin-as-Hitler Protest

Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson just can’t get her story straight.

When news of her campaign’s connections with a rally that featured posters depicting Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Halvorson’s GOP challenger Adam Kinzinger with Adolph Hitler moustaches surfaced on Thurs. Sept. 16th, her campaign went into immediate denial mode.


Campaign spokesman Anthony DeAngelo told the Southland Star that the Halvorson campaign did not stage any protest outside an Americans For Prosperity event in Joliet, IL on the night in question.  ”Obviously, the congresswoman would never condone anyone comparing Kinzinger or any candidate to Hitler” DeAngelo said.  Perhaps, but does that go for the congresswoman’s campaign workers?  More on that later.

When Big Government showed video evidence that several members of the protest returned to Halvorson Campaign Headquarters as soon as the protest disbanded, it was time for another denial.  This time it was a bit more creative:  ”Some of the protesters stopped by the Illinois Victory office after the protest to say hello and get some water,” reported the Illinois political blog CapitolFaxBlog.

So, the story from the Halvorson campaign is that they did not stage any protest, would never condone Hitler posters and the folks who stopped by their campaign office after the rally were protesters getting water and saying “hi”.  At least, that was their story right up until Sunday afternoon when a new version of events appeared at Media Matters.

Ironically, in a post intended to debunk Big Government’s story, the Halvorson campaign went on the record (at a left-wing site no less) disclosing more information than before about this protest they had nothing to do with.  Campaign Director Julie Merz now tells Media Matters that Halvorson’s campaign had nothing to do with the signs, but, it turns out the protest is another matter:

Merz tells Media Matters that several staffers for the Illinois Democratic Party’s coordinated campaign held a rally protesting both the AFP event and what she called Kinzinger’s support for outsourcing. Indeed, the video shows one of the protestors who later returned to the Democratic headquarters leading a chant of “outsource Adam, not our jobs.”

This story began merely as an example of the double standard that exists for all political groups except the Tea Party.  And the double standard was re-emphasized by Media Matters in their apologia for the Halvorson campaign.  They actually defend the campaign by maintaining that the palin and Beck as Hitler posters were brought by an individual not affiliated with the campaign therefore the campaign should not be held responsible or accountable for the posters.  Isn’t that exactly what the Tea Party organizers have been saying for the past year about the occasional obnoxious sign discovered at their rallys?  And has Media Matters or the NAACP or Think Progress ever accepted that defense?  Go to for your answer.

But now this story is much bigger.   It has turned into a serious case of misleading obfuscation if not outright lies from the Halvorson campaign.

The protest that Halvorson’s campaign had nothing to do with was organized by the Illinois Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign?  That organization, as the name would suggest, is a coordinated effort of the various Democratic campaigns in the State of Illinois, including the Halvorson campaign.

Welcome to the complex shell-game that is today’s Democratic Party.

By creating entities that all work in conjunction with each other, trade staff back and forth, do each other’s dirty work and work hand-in-hand with big labor, the organized left have created a smoke screen of deception over their daily practices.  This way, offensive, coordinated, astro-turf protests can “organically sprout up” without any one candidate’s finger prints being on them.

gladney sr 2

We first noticed this when dissecting what happened to Kenneth Gladney at a Town Hall meeting on ObamaCare in St. Louis last year.  We discovered that the SEIU, Health Care for America Now (HCAN), ACORN, Organizing for America and the Democratic National Committee were all working with each other, planning events with each other, donating funds to each other, trading staff with each other and, in the case of Kenneth Gladney, intimidating opposition on behalf of the party.  But, the efforts appear so far removed due to the elaborate structure of the organizations involved, they allow plausible deniability for candidates and elected officials.

smoking egg

We saw this again earlier this year in Searchlight NV.  When the Tea Party arrived in Sen. Harry Reid’s home town for a rally, members of the local IBEW showed up with signs mis-directing traffic, heckling protesters and even throwing eggs at the bus carrying tea party members.  Again, we start to delve into who the individuals were at the scene and captured on video and we discovered that they were not only the leaders of the union, the guy calling the shots and lying to police on the scene was Brian Dimarzio, Field Director for the Nevada Democratic Party.

Same pattern:

  • State party coordination
  • Big labor
  • Noisy protest
  • Rehearsed chants
  • Offensive behavior
  • The actual activity is at least an arms-length away from a local politician who directly benefits from the activity

We even saw it this past weekend outside the Sears Center in Chicago.  A “prayer group” showed up in buses to protest the crowd gathering for the Right Nation Conference.  They carried signs with either the same phrase, or slight variations, drawn with the same three colored markers.  When asked by Andrew Breitbart what they were protesting, they had no answers.  When asked their affiliation, many remained silent, one acknowledged that they were coordinated by OFA.

More questions from Breitbart illicited taunts of “Homosexual” and even spitting.  As he continued to engage them in conversation, coordinators came to the stray sheep and herded them back away from the single, intimidating figure of Breitbart.  As they handed in their signs and American flags and boarded the bus some shouted “SEIU!!!”.

Carnahan’s Town Hall with Gladney getting accosted, Searchlight NV with the egg throwing, Chicago with the spitting… meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

But, with the Palin-as-Hitler rally, the usual arms-length diversion that absolves candidates from any direct link has broken down a bit.  No one accused the Halvorson campaign of printing, distributing or holding the signs, we were righteously indignant that people affiliated with her campaign would stand idly by and lead protesters who were holding such signs.  And we called on the Democratic Party leadership to repudiate the behavior of the individuals involved in this offensive behavior, after all, this is the new standard created by the left led by the NAACP, is it not.  We had no idea that the Halvorson campaign would continue to attempt to mis-lead and say they had nothing to do with the protest itself.

But, they did.

Meet Anna Markowski.

She first hit the scene as a Deputy Regional Field Director for the Obama for President Campaign.  After President Obama was elected, the Obama Campaign infrastructure was transformed into Organizing for America, a project of the Democratic national Committee.  With OFA, Anna Markowski was a busy staffer in St. Louis.  Here she is at the exact same health care town hall meeting that ended with Kenneth Gladney lying on the pavement writhing in pain.


And now, here is Anna Markowski, about fifteen feet from the Palin-Hitler sign, benignly smiling and participating in the rally.


So, when the Halvorson campaign says the rally was the product of the Illinois Democratic Party Coordinating Committee and the folks who came into their headquarters after the rally were just protestors getting water, they can’t possibly overlook the fact that in April of this year, Markowski was redirected from OFA to work on the Halvorson campaign.

In an obscure article at Hotline Oncall the staff transfers were described as a reward for votes on ObamaCare:

“Several staffers once with Organizing for America, Pres. Obama’s political wing, have left in recent weeks to hit the trail, sources tell Hotline OnCall.

Reps. Betsy Markey (D-CO) and Debbie Halvorson (D-IL) recently picked up OFA staffers…

…OFA mounted a major push to get wavering members of Congress to vote in favor of health care legislation, an effort that some credit with helping persuade a sufficient number of members to vote for the bill.  Now, an OFA official said, the members who voted in favor of the bill have been rewarded. “

One of the comments on the article states:  ”Debbie Halvorson, a rising star, got a real catch in OFA’s Anna Markowski.”

So, Anna Markowski went to the Halvorson campaign from OFA in April.  She is captured on video participating in a protest with no sign of consternation or outrage that someone would have a Palin-as-Hitler poster (we always thought that not condemning such behavior is the same as condoning it, right?).  And later she returns to the Halvorson campaign headquarters.  And the Halvorson campaign continues to maintain they had nothing to do with the protest and that the people in their office were just stopping to say “hi” and get some water.

It’s time for the Halvorson campaign to come clean with the people of the 11th District in Illinois and stop the obfuscation and word-games.  Who were the people in the headquarters that night?  Who do they work for?  What affiliation do they have with the Halvorson campaign?  And why did they continue their protest as those offensive signs were held up and passed around?

We eagerly await statement #4 from the Halvorson campaign.  Perhaps this time, Rep. Halvorson herself will make the statement instead of continuing to rely on her clearly befuddled staff.

Big Government