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Charlie Wilson’s FBI File Released

The Hill has obtained the lengthy FBI file on the late Rep. Charlie Wilson (D-TX), which includes details of “protection by bureau agents from Sandinista rebels who had threatened him with death” and an “investigation for allegedly taking personal loans from his campaign war chest.” Some of the more colorful portions are highlighted by TPM, [...]

Inside Charlie Wilson’s FBI File: Sex, Drugs And Foreign Wars

In life, Rep. Charlie Wilson was surrounded by legends of his high living, but it was never quite clear where the reality ended and the legend began. The feds seemingly had a similar problem figuring that out, if the late congressman’s recently disclosed FBI file indication, as it mentions a rumored photo of Wilson on [...]

Leaker upset that his police file was leaked

The concept of irony appears to escape Assange. American Thinker Blog

From the “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” File

“Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of Russia joining a Funkadelic saxophonist in an ice hockey arena to sing "Blueberry Hill" to Sharon Stone, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Kevin Costner, Gerard Depardieu and Mickey Rourke." (source) No, really:   h/t:  The Monkey Cage. Outside the Beltway

Daily Commentary – Monday, December 6th, 2010 – The Wikileaks Insurance File

Julian Assange has distributed an encrypted file to thousands of supporters which he claims contains sensitive data, and which he has threatened to release if governments attempt to curtail his activities. Daily Commentary - Monday, December 6th, 2010 - The Wikileaks Insurance File [2:09m]: | Download Share This Scared Monkeys

Wikileaks Founder To Release Doomsday File If Punished

Originally, I wrote that using “terrorist” to describe Julian Assange was hyperbole. Of course, this was before he double-downed. After this stunt, it’s difficult to argue that he’s not behaving like a terrorist: The founder of WikiLeaks has warned that his supporters are primed to publish a ‘deluge’ of leaked government documents should his activities [...]

Sheriff Lamberti: There is no Wheeler file

Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti said it’s unfair to accuse Broward Sheriff’s Office of withholding public records in the investigation into undersheriff and longtime friend of his Lt. Tom Wheeler. Why? Because no file exists, he said. (Click here for a memory refresher.) Here’s what Lamberti said about his agency’s purported investigation of Wheeler and his [...]

Sheriff clears Wheeler in Rothstein case, but refuses to release file

Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti has cleared one of his top leaders of wrongdoing in the Scott Rothstein matter. This happened a few weeks ago; we’ve been awaiting the investigative file to find out more. We still don’t have it. After the Sun Sentinel published this photograph of BSO Undersheriff Tom Wheeler on a jet with [...]

Should States Be Able To File For Bankruptcy?

Instapundit surveys those who say yes. Here's David Skeel: When the possibility is mentioned of creating a new chapter for states in U.S. bankruptcy law (Chapter 8, perhaps, which isn’t currently taken), most people have two reactions. First, that bankruptcy might be a great solution for exploding state debt; and second, that it can’t possibly [...]

35 Economists File Brief In Health Reform Challenge: Individual Mandate Is ‘Necessary’ And ‘Appropriate’

Thirty-five economists have filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the Florida-led multi-sate state lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. The Florida case alleges that the law’s minimum coverage requirement — also known as the individual mandate — represents an “unprecedented encroachment on the liberty of individuals living in the Plaintiffs’ respective states” and [...]

Pawlenty Tries To File Amicus Brief Against Health Law

Back in April, Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson (D) rebuffed Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s (R-MN) request to challenge the constitutionality of health reform and filed a friend-of-the-court brief supporting the federal government. “Having carefully reviewed the applicable Supreme Court precedent and other legal authority, it is my legal opinion that health care — which comprises over [...]

Hyatt Hotel Housekeepers in 12 Cities File Injury Complaints with OSHA

      When you check into a luxury hotel you expect a clean room and a nicely made bed. But the work it takes to make that room sparkle often is back-breaking and dangerous for the housekeepers who do it. Today, housekeepers at 12 Hyatt hotels in eight cities across the United States, with the assistance of [...]

Oakland Riots After Mehserle Sentencing; Family To File DOJ Complaint

Joshua’s Army members may recall a piece I did back in July on the Johannes Mehserle case in Oakland. To briefly recap, Oscar Grant was coming home on the BART after celebrating the New Year and participated in a violent altercation at the West Oakland BART Station involving a dozen people who were described as [...]

Log Cabin Republicans File U.S. Supreme Court Appeal Of DADT Overturn Stay

Today the Log Cabin Republicans turned to the U.S. Supreme Court in an attempt to overturn the Ninth Circuit Court’s indefinite stay of Judge Virginia Phillips’ overturn of DADT. From the LCR’s law firm of Dan Woods, White & Case: “We have today filed an application with the United States Supreme Court asking it to [...]

Late Sen. Wellstone’s FBI File: Vietnam Protest Arrest, Death Threats

The FBI’s file on the late Sen. Paul Wellstone — the progressive anti-war senator from Minnesota who was killed in a plane crash in 2002 — shows that the FBI tracked the progress of his arrest after an anti-Vietnam War protest in 1970, long before he became a senator. The FBI also investigated death threats [...]