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The US Observer Enters Mark Turner’s Case

Posted by admin | Posted in The Capitol | Posted on 05-01-2011

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Some of you may remember my articles about Mark Turner. Mark was sent to a Florida prison in September, after losing his appeal. He and family live in Pensacola, Florida. The charges are confusing, but the main conviction was money-laundering [his own money]. Looking at all the court documents - a mountain of them are available online - Mark was framed…or said another way, knowingly unjustly convicted.

Mark Turner

A few months ago, a reader, whose name I will not disclose yet, sent me the name of an investigative group that specializes in false criminal charges. US Observer has taken Mark’s case. I believe I am correct in saying hey will be writing Mark’s Post Conviction Appeal, and taking the case to federal court.

My main writings about Mark can all be found among the black menu buttons just under my banner at Maggie’s Notebook - or click here: Mark Turner Case. Those articles will lead you to others.

Read the US Observer’s first article on Mark Turner.  And while you are reading, keep in mind that all the court documents are online. You’ll find links to them on my blog or on Mark’s website. Mark’s page may take a few seconds to load. What you read among my writings comes from those documents. If I give an opinion, I state that it’s my opinion. It appears the US Observer has read the same documents I have spent hours culling through.

The US Observer article ended with this:

We have just got our feet wet concerning this investigation – with full intentions of getting to the bottom of this apparent travesty of justice. We have been warned to “watch our backs,” that people involved in this case are fully capable of “getting rid of us.” We have one response – we are coming…

Anyone with information on this case is urged to contact Edward Snook at 541-474-7885 – all sources will be held strictly confidential.

I’m asking, again, for prayers for Mark, his wife Nancy and their three boys. This is a critical time.

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Stop The ACLU

Obama Enters 112th With Little GOP Support For Dream Act

Posted by admin | Posted in The Capitol | Posted on 23-12-2010

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While Pres. Obama declared at his recent news conference that he will not give up on working with Republicans to pass the Dream Act, come January he isn’t likely to find much support among the GOP ranks.

Only four Republicans who voted this month for the bill that would create a pathway to citizenship for children of illegal immigrants will be members of the 112th Congress: Sens. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Latino Florida Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart (R) and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R). Meanwhile, Obama loses six senators that voted for the Dream Act to more conservative replacements.

Without winning over any new senators, Obama will start the 112th Congress with only 49 members of the Senate supporting the Dream Act.

Six out of eight House Republicans who supported the Dream Act are either retiring at the end of the 111th Congress or lost re-election bouts. That group includes Reps. Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.), Joseph Cao (R-La.), Mike Castle (R-Del.), Charles Djou (R-Hawaii), Vern Ehlers (R-Mich.) and Bob Inglis (R-S.C.).

Cao, Castle and Djou are being replaced by Democrats while Mario Diaz-Balart ran unopposed in his brother Lincoln’s district. Inglis lost a primary challenge from his right to Rep.-elect Trey Gowdy (R) in a runoff while Rep.-elect Justin Amash (R) succeeded the retiring moderate Ehlers. Sen. Bob Bennett (R) met a similar fate to Gowdy as he failed to emerge from the Utah GOP’s nominating convention while facing two challengers from his right, including Sen.-elect Mike Lee (R).

Hotline On Call


Posted by admin | Posted in The Capitol | Posted on 17-12-2010

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Middle East Monitor
Linan’s health “has deteriorated as a result of the hunger strike and there is a threat to her life because the prison administration has placed her in solitary confinement as a punishment”.
Intifada Palestine

Gender politics enters Oversight race

Posted by admin | Posted in The Capitol | Posted on 15-12-2010

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Top feminist leaders are rallying behind Rep. Carolyn Maloney to serve as the ranking Democrat on the key Oversight and Government Reform Committee as she and Rep. Elijah Cummings battle for the high-profile spot opposite Chairman Darrell Issa.

"She knows how to fight and how to foil an unfair attack," the leaders of eight groups wrote to the members of the  Democratic Steering and Policy Committee today in a letter reviewing Maloney’s record on issues in general and women’s issues in particular. "In short, Congresswoman Maloney is a strong and effective fighter, a prolific legislator and a hard worker. She is precisely the sort of person that should be leading OGR at a difficult time. She has never backed down from a fight and we are proud to support her in this one. We urge you to make Congresswoman Maloney Ranking Member of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee."

The letter’s signers include Feminist Majority President Eleanor Smeal, NOW President Terry O’Neill, and the leaders of the Women’s Campaign Fund, National Women’s Political Caucus and four other groups. 

The letter does not make the case for Maloney as a woman, but that issue lurks just below the surface: The Democrats currently have no women chairing House committees, and some complain that the DCCC didn’t spend enough backing women candidates this cycle. Women’s groups were also stung by the White House and Congressional leadership’s willingness to compromise on abortion in the health care bill. The choice of Steve Israel over Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to head the DCCC means one less woman in leadership.

Of course, Democratic women do hold top positions on the Hill, notably Speaker Nancy Pelosi and incoming DSCC Chair Patti Murray.

Full letter after the jump.

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“The Lid” Enters Stage Right

Posted by admin | Posted in The Capitol | Posted on 09-12-2010

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Early this morning I had the Joy of being on the Stage Right Show Hosted by Larry O’Connor, who among his other skills runs Breitbart TV.  If you would like to listen to my appearance, click play on the show called Keeping Republicans Accountable (below)

Listen to internet radio with The Stage Right Show on Blog Talk Radio


Nation’s last Senate battle enters a new arena

Posted by admin | Posted in The Capitol | Posted on 08-12-2010

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Washington (CNN) - When will the nation’s last, nasty Senate battle end? Based on one side’s determination, there may actually be no end in sight.

Over one month after Election Day, the bitter back-and-forth between Republicans Lisa Murkowski, the incumbent senator, and opponent Joe Miller enters a new arena on Wednesday: a state court.

CNN Political Ticker

Priebus, former Steele ally, enters RNC race

Posted by admin | Posted in The Capitol | Posted on 06-12-2010

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Washington (CNN) - Calling for a “need to unify the RNC,” Wisconsin GOP Chairman Reince Priebus officially jumped in the crowded race to replace Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele on Monday.

“For me, being State Chairman isn’t a title - it’s a mission,” Priebus wrote in an email to committee members and provided to CNN. “As Chairman of the RNC, I will assume that same laser focus. Less drama, more hard work, more results and more focus on winning. That is my pledge to you and I humbly ask for your support.”

Also Monday, Priebus filed papers with the IRS forming a 527 committee - “Reince for RNC Chairman” - allowing him to raise and spend money on his campaign.

Priebus had been one of Steele’s top lieutenants on the committee until recent weeks, when some RNC members disgruntled with Steele’s leadership began approaching him about seeking the job. Priebus resigned his post as RNC General Counsel over the weekend.

Party insiders supporting Priebus believe he can put together a coalition of old guard RNC members and Steele loyalists to move the committee past the chairman’s divisive tenure.

He enters an already crowded field as a frontrunner for the post. Others pursuing bids include Michigan Committeeman Saul Anuzis, former Missouri GOP Chairwoman Ann Wagner, former RNC Chairman Mike Duncan, former RNC Political Director Gentry Collins, former Bush administration official Maria Cino and Connecticut GOP Chairman Chris Healy.

Steele has not announced his plans. Former Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman has said he will not challenge Steele if the chairman decides to seek another term, but he is keeping his name in the mix.

RNC members will elect their next chairman in mid-January.

Read the Letter:

Dear Fellow RNC Members,

After careful consideration, prayer and encouragement from many, I have decided to run for RNC Chairman.

The RNC must be at its best during this next election cycle. There is too much at risk for our Party and, more importantly, for our country. That is why I am running for Chairman.

It is not just Republicans that have a lot at stake. This next election is about the entire direction of our country. Our country cannot afford a second term of President Obama and Democrat control of the U.S. Senate and possibly the House. Fortunately, our victories in 2010 put us in a position to put a stop to the Obama Administration’s liberal agenda. We must capitalize on the 2012 election cycle in order to get our country back on the right track. However, this won’t happen without significant changes at the RNC.

It is not just about fundraising. It is not just about communicating our message. It is not just about standing up for our conservative values and Party Platform. It is not just about putting together successful victory programs. It must be all those things to win in 2012.

As Chairman of the Wisconsin GOP, I did all those things and more. We built coalitions. We brought in Tea Party activists and we worked well together. I assembled and led an exceptional team in Wisconsin. We recruited good conservative candidates who are reflective of the GOP Young Guns sweeping our country. We raised the money needed for victory.

In this historic election, Wisconsin Republicans also achieved tremendous success. And the Party was an integral part of victory in all of our campaigns. Simply put, Wisconsin enjoyed one of the biggest Republican victories in the country and we flipped just about everything from blue to red.

When I took over as Chairman we started with just about nothing and now we just celebrated arguably the greatest Republican victory in the history of our state.

I will run a tight ship at the RNC. I will keep expenses low. I will put in strong and serious controls. We will raise the necessary funds to make sure we are successful. We will work to regain the confidence of our donor base and I will personally call our major donors to ask them to rejoin our efforts at the RNC.

I will continue to maintain and build good relationships with RNC Membership, House and Senate Republican Leadership, Republican Governors and all Republicans from the grassroots, local and national levels.

I will promote our Party Platform. As a fiscal and social conservative, I strongly support our Party’s core principles. I will fight for our Party and work to strengthen and grow it.

We need to unify the RNC. This campaign for RNC Chairman is about all of us. I plan to run a “member-to-member” campaign. And I will come out and see as many of you as I can personally. Together we can bring back strong leadership at the RNC and continue to help change the direction of our country.

I thought hard about whether now was the time to run. My mother was born in Sudan and my father was a union electrician. They both taught me to be honest and that nothing was more important than faith in God and working hard. I grew up in Wisconsin where the Republican Party was born.

My wife, Sally, and I met in high school and our first date was a Lincoln Day Dinner! We have two young children - Jack (5) and Grace (9 months). America’s future is their future too. I want you to know Sally and the kids are on board and will move with me to Washington for the two-year term so that we can do this as a family.

For me, being State Chairman isn’t a title - it’s a mission. As Chairman of the RNC, I will assume that same laser focus. Less drama, more hard work, more results and more focus on winning. That is my pledge to you and I humbly ask for your support.

Best regards,

Reince Priebus

CNN Political Ticker

UNRWA strike enters second month; UNRWA and PA still silent

Posted by admin | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 14-11-2010

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UNRWA workers in the West Bank have been on strike since October 14th - and that fact has been completely absent from UNRWA’s website the entire time.

Not even a word about a UNRWA worker who went on a hunger strike and is now being hospitalized.

Even though UNRWA is paid for with donor money from throughout the world (mostly the US and EU), it apparently does not feel that it has the obligation to tell the whole truth to its donors. The strike is well-known in the territories, of course, but the world media has been largely silent on the matter.

So garbage is piling up, schools are closed, medical clinics are closed, and food distribution has stopped in all the so-called “refugee” camps.

The residents generally support the strikers, who are demanding pay from a previous strike.

Most of these camps are in PA-administered areas. Even though UNRWA provides services in the camps, they do not administer them. Which means that the PA can easily send in people to pick up the garbage and take up some of the slack from the strike. Moreover, the PA could have created a plan years ago to close the camps altogether and mainstream the residents into the areas it has control over.

Most governments’ major responsibility is to take care of their citizens.

Instead, the PA is silent, letting the trash piles grow and letting the poor people get more and more miserable. Because if the PA would take actual responsibility for its citizens who live in the camps, UNRWA would happily divert resources elsewhere - and the PA is more concerned with money than with the well-being of its people.

So we have a UNRWA that is trying to hush up the whole situation.

And a supposedly institution-building government that refuses to lift a finger to help people under its control.

And a world that is utterly clueless about the dysfunctional situation of a quasi-state that threatens to unilaterally declare its independence but that refuses to act in even the most minimal way as a state should - to protect and support its people.

The reason is the same as always - if the dynamics of how Palestinian Arab leaders are willfully negligent towards their own people were known, the world might realize that Israel is not the problem. And that piece of information is the one that all the parties agree must be kept absolutely hidden.

Elder of Ziyon

Rumsfeld enters Twitterverse

Posted by admin | Posted in The Capitol | Posted on 19-10-2010

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(CNN) - Donald Rumsfeld may soon encounter the world of known tweets, known unknown tweets, and unknown unknown tweets.

The former Defense Secretary is the latest celebrity of sorts to join Twitter, three months ahead of the release of his memoir, “Known and Unknown.”

The account - with the handle @rumsfeldoffice - has already amassed close to 200 followers. While it appears to be more of a public relations organ than a personal account of Rumsfeld’s, a spokesman tells CNN the former Defense Secretary will tweet himself “from time to time.”

“He’s deeply engaged in all the possibilities of new media,” said spokesman Keith Urbahn.

CNN Political Ticker

Charlie Crist Enters the Hall of Fame…

Posted by admin | Posted in The Capitol | Posted on 07-10-2010

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…of bad first pitches. Crist did the honors at the Tampa Bay Rays game today. It appeared to be the first time in his life he has ever thrown a baseball:

Some of us still have fond memories of President Bush’s first pitch in the 2001 World Series. Marco Rubio attended college on a football scholarship and, while he didn’t turn out to be a star football player, it is safe to assume that he could pitch a baseball without looking like he had never hurled an object before. I don’t believe there is any scientific study analyzing the correlation between first pitch competence and electability, but I have no doubt that at some level, the correlation exists.

Power Line

Campaign enters new phase

Posted by admin | Posted in The Capitol | Posted on 10-09-2010

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Dems come up with new plan to save themselves.
American Thinker Blog

“Whoever Kills A Police Officer Enters Paradise”

Posted by admin | Posted in The Capitol | Posted on 24-08-2010

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“In their neighborhoods, state authority holds no way. Muslims are the ones who decide. The consequence: violence, vandalism, burning automobiles, attacks against police, firemen and paramedics.” Eurabia Update: “Whoever Kills A Police Officer Enters Paradise,” from Politically Incorrect, August 20 (thanks to Fjordman):

This statement is on the wall in the Göteborg suburb Hisingen. It is not randomly painted there, rather it is part of a program. In this video, young Muslims say that the police “should not play Allah.” In their neighborhoods, state authority holds no way. Muslims are the ones who decide. The consequence: violence, vandalism, burning automobiles, attacks against police, firemen and paramedics.

This TV report from Swedish television was broadcast back last spring. But the conditions described therein are good examples of the developments in all of Europe…

There is much more. Read it all.

Jihad Watch