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might ensue, but…who knows what evil lurks in the actions of these bat shit crazy Republicans?…

Senate Majority Leader decided court order only applied to Secty of State and ordered Legislative Reference Bureau to publish Walker’s End Run anti-union legislation.

Rules? Laws? Hey, they’re Republicans!

The Republican running to retain his seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court is also a fine speciment of a bat guano Republican. He voted with the rest of the conservative justices to allow judges to not recuse themselves in cases brought by their most generous donors.…

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information that things which are very much fiscal matters were there, along with the removal of pubic employee union bargaining.…

Like: Sale of the state owned power/heating/cooling plants — no bid contracts.

Like: Elimination of University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Board

Like…so many more. Commenter TasteofFreedom provided the link for the Legislative Fiscal Bureau memo on the new bill.…

Per Dayen:

…theLegislative Fiscal Bureau produced a new analysis of the bill, changed from the previous night, which includes more elements of the original budget repair bill. Nobody could produce a copy of the actual legislation in time for the conference committee session yesterday, leading to speculation that it was being written while the session was going on. The Director of the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, Bob Lang, said that these omissions were just oversights, and the bill language remained the same throughout. Mm-hm.

Can you say “legal challenges,” readers?

Those recall petitions and the upcoming WI Supreme Court election are looking extremely important.

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