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Diane Sawyer Briefs Intelligence Director James Clapper On British Terror Arrests

Intelligence Director James Clapper was apparently previously unaware of the London terror arrests, which, when you consider that his job is to brief the President daily on national security, is sure to inspire lots of confidence in the administration. He learned about it from Diane Sawyer in this interview, around 3:40 in: SAWYER: “I was [...]

Who Briefs This Man?

Let’s assume Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs,  knows his way around a battleship. However, he clearly doesn’t know his way through the Koran. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have made such a fool of himself this past weekend at the Hoover Institution where he pressed literacy as a “new” deterrent to jihad because the [...]

Forget ‘Boxers or Briefs?’ President Obama Faces Tough Questions at MTV Town Hall

ABC News’ Sunlen Miller reports: There were no “boxers or briefs” questions at this MTV town hall. Rather, President Obama faced challenging, informed and thought-provoking questions over the course of his hour-long town hall MTV hosted with CMT and BET… Political Punch

Ninth Circuit Lets Foreign Governments File Amicus Briefs in Challenge to Arizona’s Immigration Laws

(Eugene Volokh) Politico reports on this, and on the Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s reaction: Republican Gov. Jan Brewer on Tuesday asked a federal court to disallow foreign governments from joining the U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit to overturn the law.  The move comes in response to a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling issued Monday, allowing [...]

Jan Brewer: Why are foreign governments submitting briefs in the DOJ’s lawsuit against Arizona?

Interference. Maybe I’m mellowing with age but this strikes me as less unreal now than it did a few months ago. A question for the lawyers in the audience: There’s nothing unusual about foreign nations chipping in with amicus briefs on U.S. legal matters, is there? In two minutes of googling, I found this Supreme [...]

In First Briefs Of Prop 8 Appeal, Gay Marriage Opponents Focus On Procreation

Same-sex marriage opponents have filed their first briefs in their appeal of a federal judge’s ruling this year that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional. Judge Vaughn Walker ruled in August that Proposition 8, which amended the California state constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman, violates the U.S. Constitution. Supporters of Prop [...]