Elections Can’t Cure America’s ‘Disease’: The Beijing Times, People’s Republic of China

November 7, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

So what’s the view of Beijing to the recent 2010 midterms? Not only do the U.S. elections appear unlikely to encourage China to set aside dictatorship for pluralism, according to this article by Mao Yingying for China’s state-run Beijing Times, America itself would be better off reconsidering how its ’so-called democracy’ should run.

For the Beijing Times, Mao Yingying writes in part:

Americans appear disappointed with more than Obama, for despite the bad report card for Obama and the Democratic Party and Republican success at harnessing the “anger vote,” Republicans don’t seem to know or want to know how to resolve America’s great problems, like how to reduce the ever-increasing unemployment rate. In the words of a certain Republican leader [Mitch McConnell], the most important task for his party in the next two years is to “ensure Mr. Obama is a one-term president.”

Defeating Obama and the Democratic Party may be a victory for Republicans, but one party’s victory over another has precious little meaning to ordinary American people. Long and intense disputes over trivial matters between the two parties will deliver none of the things that people want. On the contrary, when the change in power is reduced to two election machines attacking one another, so-called democracy becomes a farce - and one that demands the spending of a lot of dollars.

American scholars have pointed out that “replacing a few chess pieces on the board” (after the midterm elections) will bring very little change to the United States. In fact, “replacing the most important piece on the board” (presidential election) is unlikely to bring much change, either. Because the rules of the game haven’t changed, i.e.: “whoever Wall Street money flows toward, wins” and “behind the verbal wars are a mountain of advertising and packaging fees.” Lying to the people and writing “blank checks,” dumping dirty water over opponents, and finding “scapegoats” and “punching bags” in the international community haven’t changed either. Under such rules, the elections were quite lively, but the “show,” rather than reflecting reality, shows that the American disease continues to spread.

The reality is that amidst an economic and financial crisis, the U.S. doesn’t have a superior or credible political system for improving the economy or people’s livelihoods. Expecting America’s self-styled democracy to reform itself to overcome its economic difficulties can only be called a fantasy.

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The Moderate Voice

2010 Midterms: The View From Beijing

November 1, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

Evan Osnos encapsulates the Chinese reaction to the election and the tea party:

Take “The Chinese Professor,” the political ad produced for the Citizens Against Government Waste, that depicts a Chinese lecturer, twenty years in the future, cackling over the red-white-and-blue and crowing, “now they work for us.” This might seem like prime red meat for China’s “angry youth,”—and, indeed, it has attracted its share of predictable comments in that spirit—“This sounds great! It’s going to be the reality,” as one Chinese commentator put it, on the video site Tudou. But after six days, in which the video has attracted 548,271 hits and four pages of comments, most Chinese viewers seem not to have the remotest idea that this ad is related to the election. (They have a point.) They are interpreting it as either 1) anti-Chinese propaganda put out by the U.S. government; 2) evidence that Americans are really scared of China’s rising power; 3) a nationalist video made by people who believe in the future of China.

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The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

Rand Paul Protester’s Shady Past: From Beijing Olympics to NY to NOLA

October 27, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

From the Associated Press/FOX News on Tuesday afternoon:

A Rand Paul supporter is apologizing after he was seen on video stepping on a liberal activist’s head.

Tim Profitt, a volunteer with the Republican’s U.S. Senate campaign, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the camera angle made the scuffle Monday night appear worse that it was. He criticized police for not stepping in and says other supporters warned authorities about the activist.

Lauren Valle, a 23-year-old with the group MoveOn.org, was wrestled to the ground by Paul supporters when she tried to confront the tea party favorite with a fake award. Valle said Tuesday she was sore and swollen.

The Paul campaign cut ties with Profitt, removing him from his role as Bourbon County campaign coordinator and banning him from campaign events.

Let me start this post by saying, I denounce unnecessary physical aggression.  Violence of any sort against a woman is especially repugnant.  I commend the Paul campaign for taking the appropriate course of action in this case.

Not surprisingly though, some on the left are already holding Valle up as a martyr.  Just graduated from Columbia University with a bachelor’s degree in Religion.  Recently finished a solar installation project.  Environmental activist.  She was just there to exercise her right to freedom of speech …


The truth is, this is not Lauren Valle’s first brush with controversy as a professional protester.  Nor is it her first brush with the law.

Ms. Valle of course did not deserve the physical attack that was inflicted upon her, that’s not even up for debate here.  But is it possible that perhaps the picture the left is presenting is a bit, say, out of proportion?  Let’s put this incident into perspective.

By her own admission, Valle was there at the Kentucky event as a paid employee of the liberal organization, MoveOn.org, with a specific mission she was expected to achieve.  As CNN reported,

“Her purpose was to try to get a picture with Rand Paul with this [RepubliCorp] sign so it could be used to embarrass Rand Paul in commercials,” [Lexington police Lt. Edward] Hart said, recounting what Valle told officers. She described herself as a contract employee with MoveOn.org.

…Valle told WDRB that she was there to present Paul with an award from RepubliCorp. The MoveOn.org-created group focuses on what it calls the merger between corporate America and the Republican Party. Its slogan: “Buying Democracy, One Race at a Time.”

Disguised in a blonde wig and donning a sticker on her sweatshirt that read “I’m a Rand Fan”, Valle is said to have initially blended into the crowd in an attempt to get close to Rand Paul.  Apparently, when she lunged toward the direction of Paul, supporters surrounded and attempted to block her from getting near him.  As CNN affiliate WDRB-TV in Louisville, KY captured, bystanders held Valle down on the ground and shouted, “Get the cops. Get the police out here.”

In the flurry of the chaos in an attempt to hold her at bay, as WDRB describes, Tim Profitt “stomps on her shoulder with his foot, which then lands on the side of her head ”  It was an unfortunate - and inappropriate  -response.  Everyone’s condemned it.  And as of this afternoon, police say that Profitt is being served with a criminal summons ordering him to appear before a Fayette County District Court Judge.

At the same time, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for one to examine and question the motives of a paid activist from MoveOn.org who disguised and then planted herself in the middle of an already large and passionate crowd, and then tried to get up right next to Rand Paul.

As I’ve noted, this is not Ms. Valle’s first brush with the law.


Lauren Valle has already faced felony charges after being arrested in May along with six others in Louisiana for her antics in a Greenpeace activism stunt.  The group of activists had already been repeatedly warned by law enforcement to stay away from the area, after being spotted in the area the week leading up to the incident.  The incident was serious enough that it drew the attention of the New Orleans Joint Terrorism Taskforce, which also reviewed the case.  (I might add, this is also very similar to the work of The Ruckus Society, another organization funded by George Soros).

Such shenanigans are something we often like to refer to as “media bait.”

In a similar stunt, Valle and four other protesters were arrested and detained in China in August of 2008 after illegally hoisting a banner just outside the National Stadium (the “Bird’s Nest”) in Beijing’s Olympic Park.  Progressives praised the action as part of a carefully coordinated effort amongst multiple activists organizing from multiple locations.


In April of 2008, Valle was also arrested after chaining herself to Citibank’s headquarters building in New York as part of a protest related the RainForest Action Network’s “dirtymoney.org” campaign.  Dressed in costume as a “Billionaire for Dirty Energy”, Valle demanded with others that Citibank shift away from its large-scale investments in coal-fired power plants.

Valle told WDRB at Monday’s incident,

“We’re here to present Rand Paul with the ‘Employee of the Month’ award. However, his supporters were not very nice to me and my message, which is the same as everyone else — just wanted to get out here with a sign,” Valle of East Falmouth, Massachusetts, told WDRB. “I got my head stepped on, so I have a bit of a headache.”

Given her past record of showing up at protests and getting arrested, one could easily speculate that Ms. Valle had no intention of leaving Monday’s event without the occurrence of a public spectacle of some sort.

I could go on with more examples, but I think you get the picture. Because it certainly wouldn’t be right to speculate or blow that out of proportion, now would it?

Big Journalism

A ‘Beijing FR’

October 20, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol · Comment 

Rich Miller gets an internal Kirk campaign document (apparently the campaign has been "plagued by strange internal leaks"), with this oddity:

Pay close attention to the May 27th event: Bejing FR. “FR” is a standard campaign abbreviation for “fundraiser.”

* The Kirk campaign says that the candidate held a “Skype” fundraising meeting with American businesspeople in Bejing, China. I’m told that 12 people participated in the event.

FEC records show that Geoffrey Enck contributed $ 1,000 to Kirk that day. Enck is the CEO of ITI China Holdings. One of the things the company does is investment banking for Chinese manufacturing plants.

* And then the next day, Kirk voted “No” on a bill to close a tax loopholes that would prevent companies from “using current U.S. foreign tax credit rules to subsidize their foreign activities .”

Miller notes that, in Kirk’s defense, this was hardly an unexpected vote, but rather the party line.

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