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Oct 10

Dan Riehl on Hannity loaded for [grizzly] bear

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By Sissy Willis of sisu

Yes, I’m a passionate person. When somebody attacks my family — my daughter! — I don’t get over it too easy,” New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino tells a Capital Tonight anchor over the banner “Yesterday’s altercation with reporter.” You’ve probably seen the video. The details are out there if you’re interested, but for us it’s the mafiosoid dynamics of the race that intrigue:

Fred Dicker is doing the dirty work of [Paladino's opponent] Andrew Cuomo. He’s out there, uh, he’s a senior editor at the New York Post, his reporter that went to the house was there on instructions, and Fred Dicker wants to deny his involvement.

We just got word from Carl Paladino himself via Twitter that he’ll be on Hannity tonight at 9:30. Not sure whether it’s a one-on-one interview with the host or part of the “Great, Great, Great American Panel.” We’re hoping it’s the latter ’cause our own New Joisey-born-and-bred, street-fightin’ Master of the Riehl World Universe Dan Riehl will be there loaded for [grizzly] bear.

Update: Listening to the full Paladino vid (above), we were smitten with the authenticity of the candidate’s voice, not unlike that of Dan Riehl himself:

I’m not a politically correct person. I’m me.

Liberty Pundits Blog

Sep 10

KFF/HRET Survey, Part III: Employers Can’t Shift to Workers a Cost that Workers Already Bear

By Michael F. Cannon

In a previous post, I promised to address the negative spin that the Kaiser Family Foundation put on its annual Employer Health Benefits Survey, released this month.  I do so in an op-ed that ran today at the Daily Caller.  An excerpt:

The Kaiser Family Foundation recently issued its annual survey of employer-sponsored health benefitsdeclaring: “Family Health Premiums Rise 3 Percent to $ 13,770 in 2010, But Workers’ Share Jumps 14 Percent as Firms Shift Cost Burden.” That’s half-right — but the other half perpetuates a myth about employee health benefits that stands in the way of real health care reform….

[Y]ou pay the full cost of your health benefits: partly through an explicit $ 4,000 premium and partly because your wages are $ 9,770 lower than they otherwise would be.

Kaiser therefore claims the impossible when it says that firms are shifting costs to workers.  Employers cannot shift to workers a cost that workers already bear. Yet this year, as in past years, the Associated PressBloombergCNNKaiser Health NewsThe Los Angeles TimesThe New York TimesNPRThe Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post uncritically repeated the cost-shifting myth.

The bolded sentence is Cannon’s Second Rule of Economic Literacy.  (Click here for the first rule.)

I have also collected a series of excerpts from past Kaiser Family Foundation surveys showing this is a persistent issue.  Here are a few:

1998: “Workers in small firms bear a much larger share of the financial burden for health benefits than employees of larger firms.”

2005: “The average worker paid $ 2,713 toward premiums for family coverage in 2005 or 26% of the total health premium.”

2007: “Annual Premiums for Family Coverage Now Average $ 12,106, With Workers Paying $ 3,281”

The folks at the Kaiser Family Foundation were exceedingly gracious when I approached them to discuss this issue.

KFF/HRET Survey, Part III: Employers Can’t Shift to Workers a Cost that Workers Already Bear is a post from Cato @ Liberty - Cato Institute Blog

Cato @ Liberty

Sep 10

Muslim children ‘bear the burden of 9/11′

What about the children orphaned in the attack?
American Thinker Blog

Aug 10

Cutting Spending is Sexist! WaPo Headline: ‘British Women to Bear Budget Pain’

Liberal Democratic strategists reading today’s Washington Post are probably taking notes, preparing talking points for a future which may hold a Republican Congress in the cards.

"British women to bear budget pain" cried the page A6 headline. "Report says austerity plan mostly cuts into women’s livelihoods," added the subheader for London-based Post staffer Anthony Faiola’s  story.

Faiola noted that "[t]he Fawcett Society, a leading women’s rights group here, filed an unprecedented complaint with the nation’s high court this month, arguing that the government failed to consider the effect on women of its leaner ‘emergency budget.’"

At no point did Faiola find a critic to allege that the social welfare system in Britain itself was "sexist" or at least that it victimizes poor Britons, particularly women, by creating a culture of dependency on the state.

Indeed, among his 19 paragraphs, Faiola quickly dispatched the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition’s defense with a brief quote from finance minister George Osborne in paragraph 13. Faiola quickly got back on track two paragraphs later by noting that "[s]ome Britons… see the cuts as anything but fair," and then turning to the lament of one Joanne Morgan "a divorced mother of three teenagers" who works for the state and "is set to lose $ 285 a month in child-assistance payments."

Of course, Faiola failed to balance out Morgan’s tale of woe by finding an average bloke in a pub to dismiss as poppycock the argument that budget cuts are sexist. - Exposing Liberal Media Bias

Aug 10

Monday Cave Bear Blogging

(Ilya Somin)

New scientific studies suggest that the extinction of cave bears was caused by humans rather than climate change, as previously thought [HT: Instapundit]:

The cave bear started to become extinct in Europe 24,000 years ago, but until now the cause was unknown. An international team of scientists has analysed mitochondrial DNA sequences from 17 new fossil samples, and compared these with the modern brown bear. The results show that the decline of the cave bear started 50,000 years ago, and was caused more by human expansion than by climate change.

“The decline in the genetic diversity of the cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) began around 50,000 years ago, much earlier than previously suggested, at a time when no major climate change was taking place, but which does coincide with the start of human expansion”, Aurora Grandal-D’Anglade, co-author of the study and a researcher at the University Institute of Geology of the University of Coruña, tells SINC.

According to the research study, published in the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution, radiocarbon dating of the fossil remains shows that the cave bear ceased to be abundant in Central Europe around 35,000 years ago.

“This can be attributed to increasing human expansion and the resulting competition between humans and bears for land and shelter”, explains the scientist, who links this with the scarce fossil representation of the bear’s prey in the abundant fossil record of this species.

However, the learned scientists apparently overlooked an important alternative possibility. The new timeframe for the extinction of the cave bears falls in the same period when, according to other recent scientific findings, prehistoric hobbits “travelled half a world” (no doubt on their quest to destroy the Ring of Power). Perhaps the cave bears were minions of Morgoth and Sauron who — like the orcs and (non-internet) trolls — could not survive once the Ring was destroyed. More research is clearly needed. 

The Volokh Conspiracy

Aug 10

Analyst: the US may be the Next Bear Stearns

Given a few of the striking parallels, the federal government has a short window to change course
American Thinker Blog

Aug 10

Monday Bear Blogging

(Jonathan H. Adler)

No pictures today, but an interesting bear story.  A Cleveland area man was mauled by a captive bear last week.  Sam Mazzola owned the bear and used to make money hosting “bear wrestling,” but his license was revoked, so he just kept this bear and other dangerous animals as part of personal menagerie that reportedly included two white tigers, two Bengal tigers, an African lion, eight bears and twelve wolves.  Mazzola may not have thought this bear was dangerous (it had not been one of those he had used for wrestling), but it mauled one of Mazzola’s employees nonetheless.  Mazzola says he will now euthanize the bear if that is what the victim’s family wishes.

The Volokh Conspiracy

Aug 10

The Kevlar Bear

by Conor Friedersdorf

The Atlantic Wire highlights this story:

The Wall Street Journal's two-plus million print subscribers got a nice surprise on Monday: a front-page Journal article
with the headline, "Near Lake Tahoe There's a Bear So Tough, Bullets
Bounce Off His Head." As if that wasn't enticing enough, it runs with
the deck, "'Bubba' Is Blamed for at Least 50 Home Invasions and His Crime Spree Isn't Over." Who is this bear's publicist and how can the Atlantic Wire hire him?

Journal's Marie Baca travels to Incline Village, Nevada, to chronicle
the hunt for "a 700-pound black bear dubbed Bubba," who has "broken into
at least 50 homes in search of food the past year, causing more than
$ 70,000 of damage" in the rural Lake Tahoe community.

Last Thanksgiving, he ate 20 jars of peanut butter.

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