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Open Thread: Sarah Palin and Rand Paul Talk Tea Party on Freedom Watch

Tweet For general discussion and debate. Possible talking point: Sarah Palin and Rand Paul were Judge Napolitano’s guests on Saturday’s "Freedom Watch" on FBN. First part below (relevant section at 5:20), rest available here: Thoughts?  NewsBusters.org - Exposing Liberal...

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Is The Honeymoon Over on “Parker/Spitzer?”

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I think everyone always knew that CNN only recruited Kathleen Parker for “Parker Spitzer” as an effort to somehow make it socially acceptable to introduce a man known nationally only for prostitutes as a TV personality and anchor envisioned to match O’Reilly and Olbermann.  After all, a CNN source quoted by New York Magazine said Parker was chosen because “a young, beautiful co-host wouldn’t work” with Captain Black Socks.  Someone forgot to tell Kathleen Parker, who apparently has been increasingly frustrated by producers allowing Spitzer to dominate the program.

The New York Post reported Wednesday that Parker “actually stormed off the set of the ‘Parker Spitzer’ show during a pre-taping a few weeks ago — furious that her co-host is continually allowed to take charge of their nightly CNN chat-fest, the insiders said.”  More importantly, she’s threatening to leave the program.

Apparently CNN doesn’t think much of her either: “’Her weaknesses are felt internally,’ a source said,” while Spitzer is “smart, tenacious,” and “exceeding everyone’s expectations.”

If the pair along with the show haven’t gone the way of Crossfire within a few months, it appears likely Kathleen Parker will go the way of Alan Colmes.

Bad news: Kathleen Parker allegedly walks off set of “Parker/Spitzer”

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Too good to check.

Three possibilities. One: It’s all true. Two: It’s a lie planted by CNN brass who are upset about the show’s horrific ratings and looking for a pretext to dump her. Three: It’s a lie fed to the Post by righty bloggers who are desperate for content and who know only too well that their readers [...]

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Video: “Parker/Spitzer” debuts — with a critique of Palin

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“She flirts. She’s a tease.”

Looks like the detente is over. This particular criticism, that Palin’s trying to advance herself professionally by being flirtatious, is an old favorite of Parker’s but it seems newly ironic after CNN’s flirty romcom-esque promo for her own show debuted last month. Even New York mag picked up on the vibe in its big tell-all [...]

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