Shameless: Kathy Griffin Insists Calling Scott Brown’s Daughters ‘Prostitutes’ Was a Fantastic Career Move

September 4, 2010 · Posted in The Capitol 

Liberal "comedian" Kathy Griffin thinks there is no line of rudeness she can’t cross, including calling the daughters of Sen. Scott Brown "prostitutes." On Monday’s Joy Behar Show on CNN Headline News, Griffin proclaimed "But yes, whenever a statement is issued against me, I`m in heaven. I feel my next special is half written for me. And then I get to read statements allowed in my live shows which you can go to and see the many, many cities I`ve picked up for my current tour."

Not even Rep. Barney Frank could make her feel bad about it:

BEHAR: So you’re really feeling bad about it all? Okay, I mean, when Barney Frank turns on you, one of your gays, you have to start to wonder.

GRIFFIN: Hey, the gays, look, there is — that’s — there is a reason that that flag has colors. There’s many levels and colors. There’s not just — I mean, I make the joke about the gays, but there’s many, many kinds of gay people like there are many, many kinds of straight people. And you know, he’s one of my gays. He just doesn’t know it because he doesn`t know, you know, who I am, as usual.

Behar had the same conversation with liberal "comedian" Margaret Cho on August 25, but Cho had no idea who Scott Brown was. So Behar told her (incorrectly) that Scott Brown posed for Playgirl magazine — when it was really Cosmopolitan. 

BEHAR: And he also introduced his daughters in one speech that he gave saying they’re available and he posed for them in bikinis. They were in bikinis. People felt that they were easy targets and available. But she got into trouble because he didn’t like that she called them prostitutes.

CHO: Yes, well, I don’t know. I think she can say whatever she wants. And part of her appeal and her glory is that she does. She doesn`t really care.

BEHAR: She doesn’t care, the more you criticize, the more she loves it.

This logic of Griffin’s doesn’t always work — CNN did bump her off their New Year’s Eve program as she incessantly tried to embarrass Anderson Cooper. - Exposing Liberal Media Bias


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