You the Reader Proves Facebook Talks Versus You the Reader Proves Facebook Stalks

Before you read this article and discover if you do or do not have the tendencies to become a Facebook stalker check that this is actually the article you want to read and not You the Reader Proves Facebook TalksYou the Reader Proves Facebook Talks is a poorly written phenomenal article which receives thousands of reads everyday and has done so for over a year. This article (i.e. You the Reader Proves Facebook Stalks) if you are too stupid to have noticed (we will now point it out for you) replaces the word Talk with Stalk in its title. You the Reader Proves Facebook Stalks is also relatively well written, original, relatively interesting and, because its writer uses the spellchecker, contains no spelling mistakes

How Stalkers Use Facebook to Stalk

Non corporate stalkers firstly identify their target. Their target is usually but not always a Facebook member who shares personal details. The next step is to become their friend but if not a friend of one of their friends. 

Making Friend with Someone You Do Not Actually Know on Facebook

it is quite easy to become someones friend on Facebook even if you do not know them. For example, Sarah Palin will accept friendship requests from anybody and everybody. “The more the merrier” she allegedly said re Facebook friends or Twitter followers (there is disagreement about which). However, it is also possible to become the friend of someone you do not know and who has no political pretensions. This is because there are many people on Facebook (Lilly Allen before she was mainstream famous for example) who see it as some measure of their social success to have hundreds and thousands of friends.

Taking Further Stalking Steps on Facebook

Stalking on Facebook is fortunately not quick to develop and most people notice and do something about it. You can always close down your account. Also, most people understand that they should not share details on Facebook. Never publish your telephone number, address or place of work or education. This is the information the Facebook stalker craves and enables them to make th next step.

Last Warning About Facebook | Advertisers Stalking You!

No matter what Facebook was first developed to do it is now beyond that. Facebook is evolving into an advertising medium and the experience of its members is not of importance. After all, membership of Facebook is free but there is a charge to advertise and target members according to their age, gender, interests, musical and literary tastes and geographic location.

Image via Wikipedia Sarah Palin will be your friend on Facebook

Sarah Palin and Lilly Allen

Sarah Palin and Lilly Allen are mentioned in this article as examples only. On this occasion we do not wish to insult either.

Sarah Palin is Clueless

Sarah Palin’s Christmas Decorations

Sarah Palin’s Style and Political Adviser answers your questions Free of Charge!


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