Obama’s Message to Nobel Peace Winner “Congrats, But Lets Talk About ME”

Sometimes the hubris of our Barack Obama is astounding. He believes that in the end, it is all about him because he is perfect.. Just take a look at the way he handled the public’s rejection of his health care program. The public could not possibly reject his program…they just don’t understand it. When a pundit attack his policies he fights back because they are rejecting him personally. Congressional objections to his tax compromise led him to call both sides of the aisle names.

Lets face it the man is a narcissist, as Byron York points out, all we need to do is to take a look at the statement he issued congratulating Liu Xiaobo who was awarded the Nobel peace prize today.

So on this notable occasion, the White House released a statement from President Obama on the awarding of the prize to Liu in absentia. And this is how Obama’s statement began:

One year ago, I was humbled to receive the Nobel Peace Prize — an award that speaks to our highest aspirations, and that has been claimed by giants of history and courageous advocates who have sacrificed for freedom and justice.

Critics have often said of Obama that “it’s all about him,” that he has a tendency to reference himself no matter what subject he is discussing.  Could he do any more to prove them right?  But just to show that he is, in fact, humble, the president followed his opening sentence with this:

Mr. Liu Xiaobo is far more deserving of this award than I was.

In the rest of his statement, Obama writes that “We respect China’s extraordinary accomplishment in lifting millions out of poverty, and believe that human rights include the dignity that comes with freedom from want.”  But of course, Liu wasn’t at the Nobel ceremony in Oslo because of the Chinese government, so Obama adds, “Mr. Liu reminds us that human dignity also depends upon the advance of democracy, open society, and the rule of law. The values he espouses are universal, his struggle is peaceful, and he should be released as soon as possible.”  And then, before closing, the president makes one more reference to himself:

I regret that Mr. Liu and his wife were denied the opportunity to attend the ceremony that Michelle and I attended last year.



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