Obviously, the Association of Flight Attendants can’t take a hint. Nor can it accept a “no” either. Not even three times within ten years. Sheesh.

From WSB Radio:

One day after Delta’s gate and customer service agents decided not to join the International Association of Machinists, airline flight attendants are on the march, asking another union to leave them alone.

Mathew Palmer and dozens of other Delta flight attendants are in Washington, DC to picket at the Association of Flight Attendants headquarters after last month’s union vote.

On November 3rd, Palmer says the AFA lost its effort to unionize his co-workers. “Fifty-three percent of us said ‘no,’” he told WSB.

But the AFA is protesting the vote, saying Delta unduly influenced flight attendants. Enough says Palmer, “it’s time (for AFA) to go.”

No Way AFA charges that a federal government group, the National Mediation Board, is biased towards organized labor. Considering the pro-union and anti business mindset of the Obama administration, I believe them. Still, the union keeps losing these elections.


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