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Johnnie Walker Blue vs. Single Malts

A Washington Post story I was just reading had an ad for Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the venerable distillery’s finest blend.

I’ve never had it, largely owing to the fact that it goes for $ 225 for a 750ML bottle and $ 550 for 1.75 liters. But I can’t understand why anyone would drink a blended whisky that costs radically more than some of the finest single malts.

The Blue doesn’t come with an age specification but the Black is a blend of 12-year-old malts, the Green 15′s, and the Gold seems to be bottled as either 15 or 18.  Let’s assume then that the Blue is at least 18-year-old.    Considering that the Black is quite good, I’d imagine the Blue is superb.  But, again, The Macallan 18 can be had for much less, going around $ 150 for 750ML.   The Oban 18 goes in the same range.   Can the Johnnie Blue be better than those fine whiskys?

I should note that I seldom drink Scotch in this price range, having settled on Dewars White Label over The Famous Grouse as my everyday drink and The Macallan 12 as my keep-in-stock indulgence.  But I’m curious to get reader input into this important topic.

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