Who killed Rafik Hariri?


Israel Matzav has posted the video of Neil Macdonald’s CBC report on the UN investigation into the February 2005 assassination of Rafik Hariri. The CBC has posted Macdonald’s report in four parts with this summary:

Among other things, CBC News has learned that:

* Evidence gathered by Lebanese police and, much later, the UN, points overwhelmingly to the fact that the assassins were from Hezbollah, the militant Party of God that is largely sponsored by Syria and Iran. CBC News has obtained cellphone and other telecommunications evidence that is at the core of the case.

* UN investigators came to believe their inquiry was penetrated early by Hezbollah and that that the commission’s lax security likely led to the murder of a young, dedicated Lebanese policeman who had largely cracked the case on his own and was co-operating with the international inquiry.

* UN commission insiders also suspected Hariri’s own chief of protocol at the time, a man who now heads Lebanon’s intelligence service, of colluding with Hezbollah. But those suspicions, laid out in an extensive internal memo, were not pursued, basically for diplomatic reasons.

Here is the video that briefly summarizes Macdonald’s report linked above. The investigatory materials summarized by Macdonald identify Hezbollah as the responsible party and point a finger of suspicion at the man who is the current head of Lebanese intelligence. BackSpin comments: “I hope the BBC — which timidly shelved its own documentary on the assassination — watches this video.”

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