Dan Riehl on Hannity loaded for [grizzly] bear

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By Sissy Willis of sisu

Yes, I’m a passionate person. When somebody attacks my family — my daughter! — I don’t get over it too easy,” New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino tells a Capital Tonight anchor over the banner “Yesterday’s altercation with reporter.” You’ve probably seen the video. The details are out there if you’re interested, but for us it’s the mafiosoid dynamics of the race that intrigue:

Fred Dicker is doing the dirty work of [Paladino's opponent] Andrew Cuomo. He’s out there, uh, he’s a senior editor at the New York Post, his reporter that went to the house was there on instructions, and Fred Dicker wants to deny his involvement.

We just got word from Carl Paladino himself via Twitter that he’ll be on Hannity tonight at 9:30. Not sure whether it’s a one-on-one interview with the host or part of the “Great, Great, Great American Panel.” We’re hoping it’s the latter ’cause our own New Joisey-born-and-bred, street-fightin’ Master of the Riehl World Universe Dan Riehl will be there loaded for [grizzly] bear.

Update: Listening to the full Paladino vid (above), we were smitten with the authenticity of the candidate’s voice, not unlike that of Dan Riehl himself:

I’m not a politically correct person. I’m me.

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